Cascadian Farm Cereal Giveaway

Cascadian Farm has two new cereals they’ve just launched: Purely O’s & Honey Nut O’s

They want to give away one box of each to two of my readers.


To Enter the Giveaway:


1. Tell me your favorite breakfast cereal of all time

(I mentioned a new one I am dying to try here that involves peanut butter)


Tell me about a Cascadian Farm product you’ve tried or want to try.

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow LV&Y and and then tweet the following:

“I entered to win Free Food in the @LoveVeggiesYoga @cascadianfarm Giveaway″

3. For extra entries and you must leave a separate comment for each:

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Contest ends Sunday, January 22, 2012 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to continental U.S. readers only

Comment below to enter!


  1. Honestly, Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, though I haven’t eaten it in ages!

  2. I want to inhale large quantities of Kashi GoLean Crunch or homemade coconut almond granola…all the time!

  3. I like LVY on FB.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Quaker Oatmeal Squares! They are so so so good. Love this giveaway!

  5. We like Cascadien Farms frozen veggies!

  6. I have to admit.. I have a serious, deep love for Reese’s Puffs. My body hates me for it… but I can’t resist the peanut buttery goodness!!

  7. I have tried the Cascadian Farm Cinnamon Toast one. I grind it up and use it as a base for my pies.

  8. I click like for Cascadian Farm on FB, I already like you!

  9. My most favorite cereal is either Reeses Puffs or Honeycombs straight from the freezer! Yummy with milk!!!! Oh my I think I am hungry now for some!

  10. My favorite cereal is peanut butter puffins!

  11. I “Like”. Lv&Y on FB

  12. I love cinnamon toast crunch and can’t wait to try the organic version!

  13. Hmm, it’s probably a tie between Frosted Mini Wheats (for obvious reasons) and Lucky Charms, which my mom NEVER bought because they were too expensive, but which my best friend always had and I always chose for breakfast when I slept over.

  14. i FB like you

  15. i FB like cascadian farms

  16. I love love cocoa puffs. Although it looks like dog food..

  17. Uncle Sam’s is a long time fav but my new found friend is Nature’s Path crunchy vanilla Sunrise….Yum:)

  18. I LOVE Rice Krispies…especially with blueberries!

  19. It’s a tie betwenn Cocoa puffs – I would go through an entire box in one sitting – and
    Captain crunch – my entire roof of my mouth would be torn up, but I couldn’t stop eating them – lol 

    Ps. Your new profile pic looks so pretty!

  20. cheerios have always been my go-to cereal. And like you I’m dying to try the PB ones!

  21. i like you on facebook!

  22. i follow you on pinterest!

  23. I follow you on instagram!

  24. Peanut butter Puffins :)

  25. I like you on FB!

  26. I like Cascadian Farm on FB!

  27. The fiancee and I are in looooooooooooove with Cascadian’s dark chocolate almond granola cereal!!!

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

  28. Followed and tweeted!!/LaurenBear220/status/160602441459572736

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

  29. Liked LVY on FB!

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

  30. Liked Cascadian on FB

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

  31. Following Cascadian on twitter

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

  32. Pinterest followed and repinned

    Lauren Bear
    laurenbbear at gmail dot com

  33. Totally going to look for these cereals!! My favorite cereal of all time? Hmmm either mini wheats or cheerios

  34. you look fab on your profile picture Averie!

  35. Jumbo rice krispies!! They’re hard to find, but something is just so satisfying about them.

  36. I love trader joe’s high fiber cereal (ESP with oj instead of almond milk)

  37. I Facebook like you

  38. I love Crunchy Nut Cheerios. So addictive. I also love Cascadian Farms granola (all flavors). Yum.

  39. I LOVE Cascadian Farm’s Cinnamon Crunch! MMMM!!!

  40. I love cereal, my all time favorite are Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins…I can polish off a box in a matter of a couple of days by myself (and that is when I am trying to use self-control!) so I don’t buy it often, but yum! Cascadian Farms has a chocolate cereal that my husband and I love too

  41. I liked u on fb

  42. I love cocoa krispies… Now I buy brown rice and add choc almond milk:) not as good, not as guilty!

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