Chobani Yogurt Giveaway

Do you like Chobani Greek yogurt?

They have new flavors and one lucky reader will win a case of each of the following:

0% Apple Cinnamon

0% Blood Orange


2% Passion Fruit




To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Tell me what you’d bake or make using yogurt other than just eating it plain, which is great, too.


Tell me your favorite yogurt brand and flavor, and you can be honest.

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow LV&Y and and then tweet the following:

“I love Yogurt and I entered to win @Chobani Yogurt in the @LoveVeggiesYoga Yogurt Giveaway”

3. For extra entries and you must leave a separate comment for each:

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Contest ends Friday, January 27, 2012 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to continental U.S. readers only

Comment below to enter!



  1. I love Yoplait Light Fat Free Harvest Peach yogurt ! Paired with Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, it’s delicious.

  2. With Chobani, I love to make overnight oatmeal! I combine oats, greek yogurt, soy milk, and whatever else my little heart desires.

  3. I pinterest follow you & pinned something of yours

  4. I twitter follow Chobani

  5. I facebook liked Chobani

  6. And finally, I facebook liked Love Veggies & Yoga!

  7. definitely chobani pineapple!

  8. I absolutely love the new Chobani Apple Cinnamon flavor! It’s perfect to pair with my homemade cinnamon walnut granola for quick a breakfast!

  9. I love to use plain chobani instead of sour cream on potatoes and in mexican dishes!!

  10. I twitter follow Chobani!

  11. Chobani vanilla yogurt is my favorite, the thickness, taste, and texture is unbeatable. I love eating it plain, with berries, or substituting it for water and cooking oatmeal with it.

  12. i facebook follow you!

  13. I just “liked” Chobani on Facebook!

  14. I really like Fage greek yogurt! I put it in my oatmeal, or eat it with granola.

  15. Chobani 2 % or the strawberry banana flavor!

  16. I facebook follow you as well!

  17. Chobani is one of my favorite greek yogurts!! I know its boring, but I like eating mine plain with a little granola on top :)

  18. I “like” you on facebook

  19. Fage 2% plain is my favorite (doctored up with jam or honey or cereal stirred in!). I have wanted to try the new Chobani flavors but no luck yet at local stores.

  20. i love chobani’s 2% pineapple – SO GOOD! i really want to try the apple cinnamon!

  21. I would make yummy yogurt and granola bowls! I have been dying to try their new flavors but I can’t find them anywhere!

  22. I actually love Chobani and eat it all the time. The mango and pomegranate flavors are delicious! Nothing like yogurt, fruit, and homemade granola…YUM!

  23. I love plain non-fat Chobani yogurt! I usually mix it with frozen blueberries, unsweetened coconut, vanilla extract and cinnamon- delicious snack that keeps me full for hours!

  24. My favorite yogurt since a few months ago is the one I make. I’ve read it somewhere that when you make you own, you’ll fell in love with a real yogurt. It was a little suspicious, but then for Christmas I got a yogurt maker and… have to admit, I fell in love with the real yogurt. And I love it topped with blueberries… :)

  25. I love to use yogurt instead of sour cream when making cakes.

  26. Love yogurt! I would use it for smoothies or bake a cake/bread. I love the extra moistness yogurt gives to baked goods. Awesome giveaway!

  27. I would love to use the apple and cinnamon in my oatmeal for breakfast. My favorite kind is publix no sugar added vanilla. I sub it for sour cream in all my burritos. Even my husband will eat it that way!

  28. I twitter follow LV&Y and and then tweeted.

  29. I Facebook Like Love Veggies & Yoga.

  30. I Facebook Like Chobani.

  31. I Twitter Follow Chobani.

  32. My favorite brand is actually Chobani, and I absolutely LOVE their new Apple Cinnamon. The Lemon is also incredible. Love this giveaway!!

  33. The top recipes I’d make with yogurt are smoothies and pancakes! I’m a breakfast lover!

  34. I like Love Veggies and Yoga on Facebook!

  35. I follow you on Instagram!

  36. I Pinterest Follow you & Re-Pin Something of yours.

  37. Yummy! I’d totally use the apple flavor in some shredded apple yogurt pancakes. I can taste them now…. :)

  38. ohhhh i love chobani greek yogurt! i love making parfait out of them…with granola, fruits on different layers. also love mixing almond butter and protein powder in them, and of course in smoothies!

  39. The truth is…. I love chobani flavored yogurts (nope, not plain… bring on the sugar!). My addiction is so bad, if my store is all out I won’t buy another brand. I’ve tried a few other brands and have always come back to chobani. My favorite flavors right now are pineapple and mango, but have been wanting to try out the new flavors. What a great giveaway!! Thanks for hosting Averie ;)

  40. I like Chobani on Facebook!

  41. LOVE greek yogurt. i usually buy fage.

  42. I Stumble Follow LV&Y & Stumble This.

  43. I follow you on twitter & tweeted!

  44. i like lv&y on facebook.

  45. i follow chobani on twitter!

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