First Day of the Year

There was no better way for me to spend Sunday afternoon on the first day of the year than baking.

I spent Sunday afternoon at my desk editing.

And then in my kitchen and baking.

With lots of butter…


…And chocolate

…And peanut butter

…and peanut butter cups.

And oh boy, it was a very productive afternoon.

How did you spend your Sunday and the first day of 2012?

How did you spend New Years Eve?

I went wild and crazy with Jello Shots.  Or something like that.

Happy New Year!

22 comments on “First Day of the Year”

  1. Hey girl! En route back home from the Caymans. Loving that kitchen of yours! Happy new year! XOXO

  2. Love all of these ingredients :-) Baking seems like a great way to ring in the first day of 2012!

  3. Happy New Year! I’ve just been catching up on your posts, your beautiful home in Aruba and your delicious recipes – no hope of cutting out the sugar now! Look forward to seeing what the above ingredients are going to be…

    Thanks for being so positive and inspiring. :)

  4. your kitchen is so beautiful! and clean! perfect lines! i spent the day practicing yoga, writing, and walking with my dog! oh yes, and i visited my parents. it was lovely. :) x

  5. New Years Eve was the IU basketball game, crab legs, and a fancy bottle of Champagn at home with my honey. It was lots of fun, but required that the year begin with a day of rest (and packing for my upcoming cruise). With windy weather outside, it is nice every once and awhile to have a day of mostly nothing (I didn’t even put in my contacts). What a calm way to start the year.

    Everything above looks so good. I love anything with peanut butter and chocolate. Thanks for all of your inspiring and mouth watering recipes. Have a Sweet new year!

  6. I spent Sunday at a PACKER GAME!!! It was great. Perfect way to start the new year!

  7. okay my mouth is watering. I ran, worked a bit and did yoga. I also had to visit my ill parents but all in all was a good day. Happy new year!

  8. Happy New Year! I think baking is the best way to go spend the first day of the new year. Especially because yours seemed to involve peanut butter and chocolate. :) Who says January has to be tasteless?

  9. I spent the day blogging, going to a movie with the hubby, watching a movie at home, eating leftovers from last night … and that is about it!

  10. I spent my Sunday organizing piles of bills and paperwork that got neglected from the busy holiday. What a great relief to get that out of the way. Now I can start the new year with a clear mind.

  11. I can’t wait to see what you made today! Sounds like it’s going to be deeelicious! Glad to hear you had a good New Year… and got a couple of shots in ;)

  12. I managed a super-tasty first day! My agent threw a party -he is Japanese and cooked all sorts of veggies I never get to eat like burdock, daikon, lotus root and Japanese yams. He also made a refreshing sake drink with lime that rocked.
    For new years eve I invited people over and made classic champagne cocktails, veggies with vegan ranch dressing and salsa, herb seasoned popcorn, and my specialty, apple-cranberry-streusel pie.
    Your start to the new year is making me hungry for chocolate and peanut butter now though;)

  13. Sunday was a pretty lazy day, I have to admit but I’m hoping to get back in the kitchen today! Can’t wait to see what your latest creation is…!

  14. I should have spent a little time in the kitchen, instead it was a workout, lunch with friends, taking down decorations then being super lazy sitting on the couch. I even let Jason make dinner ;-)

  15. Ok, your day was definitely more delicious than mine. I was snacky from all of the laying around I did, but I didn’t eat nearly enough chocolate. ;)

  16. I spent New Year’s Day with fresh juice and the boyfriend. Perfection!

  17. Sounds like a fun New Year’s day, I love playing in the kitchen! We took down Christmas decorations and caught up on housework before heading over to my sister’s for an informal 2nd New Year’s celebration.

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