Friends and Fitness

On Tuesday afternoon I met up with my dear friend, Marla.

We met at our usual hangout.

A place where we can gab and get wired up on caffeine.

Sounds perfect, right?  And it was.


It’s always a joy seeing Marla and I had not seen her since before the holidays.

Since then, we had both traveled to warm sunny places.

And we’ve both lived lots of life the past few months and had plenty of stories to swap from life to blogging to husbands and kids.

After that I came home and learned that my Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes

…were featured by Fitness Magazine in their 11 Ways to Wake Up Oatmeal feature.

I haven’t made a microwave oat cake in ages but this reminded me to make my own recipe.

Naturally gluten free, vegan, microwave-able and ready in less than five minutes.  They’re also portable so you can make them ahead of time and wrap them up in plastic wrap and toss them in your lunch or into your purse for a snack.

In the fitness front, I had a lovely early-ish morning run.

Now that Skylar is in a new school that starts earlier than her former school, I can get my workout done earlier because we’re up and at ’em, bright and early.  Whether I want to be or not.

But it does feel great starting the day with a run.  Four miles, sunshine, 66F, no wind, beautiful flowers.

Followed with 10 to 15 minutes of light yoga stretching at home and that’s that.

All in under and hour and done by 9:30 am with the whole day ahead of me.  Gotta love that.

Have you done anything friend or fitness-related lately?

Are you a morning, evening, or anytime you can get it in workout person?

I’m the later and as a busy mom with no two days ever being the same, being flexible and adapting my workouts to fit into my life is the only way I can be.

I naturally have the most energy about 5pm but it’s too dark in the winter to start outdoor runs at that time.

I don’t naturally have as much energy in the mornings and it’s a chore to get out of the house (and not get sucked into a cup of coffee. Or three. And my Google Reader…) but the feeling of having my workout accomplished and done for the day is a great feeling.  I wrote a post almost exactly one year ago with a few of my Morning Workout Tips.  I should read my own advice.


  1. I realized that it’s hard to motivate myself if I workout past noon, so I have my 10:30 AM pilates, and then some cardio time. I’m still trying to train the yorkies not to lick my face off when I do home workouts. Downward dog is not downward dog kisses!

  2. i feel like i know marla now. I like that! we should all meet at starbucks some day, after a 4 mile run in sunshine. Oh ya, i’m all about that!

  3. Your blue skies look amazing! So lucky to live in such a vibrant part of the world :) I too am a 5pm awake/work out person. I tend to do my yoga then, and then go for a run with my boyfriend when I get home. I love running at night, the air feels easier to breathe and there are less people to dodge (I live in London).

  4. Hooray for your oat cake feature …that’s a great recipe!
    As for working out, I’d love to get mine done mid-morning (you’re right about getting the workout done and still having the whole day ahead), but my desk job forces me to muster up the energy to workout from 7-8 p.m.

  5. I had to chuckly when you said “not get sucked into coffee, google reader.” I hear ya! My last kid isn’t out the door until a little after 9, so that’s when I get moving around here. Although, if it’s decent enough to get outside and exercise, I may wait a little later for it to warm up. Those little oat cakes are lovely too!

  6. I love your yoga mat! And how fun getting to see Marla! I PLANNED on doing yoga, but doing my nails got in the way. Go figure.

  7. Congrats on the feature, that’s awesome!!

  8. Sounds like a lovely day! Congrats!! I’m training for a marathon right now. It’s a bit hard to get started with winter in full swing, but I’m keeping motivated :)

  9. I saw that feature – congrats. Guess it’s a sign I really really need to make them huh ;-) Glad you were able to get out with your friend for a bit. I really wish I was a morning person for workouts. But I am sooooo not. If I didn’t go to work so early, it might be different. If I could workout at 10am every day, that would be ideal.

  10. I love the tone a morning workout gives to the rest of the day. then I can just shower and move on. Lately my workouts have been around 5pm and it sort of throws off my day because I never feel like “getting ready” for the day until my workout is over.

  11. You live in such a beautiful place :) I used to do jazzercise with my friend but we stopped :( congrats on the feature!! go you!

  12. Congrats on being featured in Fitness Mag! That is so exciting and those oat cakes look amazing. I am going to have to make those soon.

  13. Glad you got a good workout in– morning workouts are my favorite, although I have a feeling I’m about to fall into the “any time I can” category in a few months :-)

    Congrats on the recipe feature!!

  14. Congrats, how exciting! I am adding your oatmeal cakes to my menu as well! Looks yummy. I agree, as a mom the morning is the only time to squeeze in a workout! Wish I was running in San Diego with ya!!

  15. Mmm, I love me some banana oat cake with peanut butter on top. I put peanut butter on anything!
    I haven’t done much friend stuff lately, but I’m definitely a mid-morning exercise girl, earlier in the summer when it’s lighter. My energy plummets in the evening, especially when it’s dark, but I love to go for evening walks in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Activity spaced throughout the day is my best bet.

  16. Congrats on getting featured in Fitness Magazine!! Thats awesome! :) I feel great when I exercise in the morning but I am the same in that I can get sucked into studying/blogging and before I know it the morning is gone!

  17. Congrats on the feature. You deserve it! As for morning workouts, as much as I love extra pajama and coffee time, I really like getting my workout out of the way. I’m all about sweaty mornings and “earning” my shower. :)

  18. I love working out in the morning, but only after I’ve been up for an hour or so, fully caffienated. That only works on weekends, with teaching an 8 am class this semester, but I get it in when I can. I usually go after work now, around 6 pm. It seems to be a nice compromise between the before and after dinner crowds. Its the during dinner lull. Since I eat late, it works perfectly for me.

  19. Oh, and congrats on the Shape feature! Did they ask or just take?

  20. You and Marla are CA-RAZY with your before 5 wake up times! What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall during one of your caffeine inhaling meet-ups! Sounds like a pretty great day, by the way! :)

  21. I always THINK I like working out in the afternoon better than the morning… but every time I do it in the morning, I feel so fantastic for the rest of the day, it makes me want to ONLY work out in the mornings, haha! It’s the motivation factor ~ er, caffeine factor, probably ;-)

  22. Congrats on the recipe, that’s awesome! I do a lot of fitness related stuff and wish I could workout in the morning on weekdays, but it’s just too early in the morning. I do like morning runs on weekends.

    I been spending time with sisters and family lately, but not much with friends, need to change that.

  23. Oh congrats on being featured! That recipe looks yummmayyy and awesome. And yay for Starbucks get-togethers, nothing quite like it!

    I’m definitely a get-it-in-where-I-can workout-er but it usually ends up being after work. On days when I’m really organized to put a gym bag together I can sneak in a workout on my lunch but I hate being rushed – the tough part is getting to the gym; once I’m there I get really into it and want to do as much as I can, so rushing out a workout on my lunch break doesn’t’ always feel great!

  24. Congratulations on your feature – that’s exciting!!!

    I am much more motivated to do an early workout. I love getting up and getting it out of the way so the evening is all mine. I don’t always enjoy the getting out of bed part, but once I’m up and at the gym I’m a happy girl :-)

  25. I’m an afternoon exerciser. Between noon and two is my prime energy time. I am not a fan of blueberries, but I made your other microwavable banana oatcake and it was so delicious. Congrats on getting featured!

  26. Congrats on your recipe feature! I am going to have to try that, sounds quick and delish. I tend to have more energy in the morning becuase if I come home after work there’s no way I’m getting out that door again lol I am pretty flexible though and play it by ear. What kind of yoga mat do you use? Do you like it? Is it skid-proof and cushy? I’m in the market for a new one and have seen so many mixed reviews for most that I’ve looked at so far. Thanks!

  27. Congrats on being featured by fitness magazine!!! Friend catch-ups are the bomb diggity especially after you’ve been away having adventures and are filled with stories to tell!! On the fitness front I am gearing up to put on a little more muscle this year. I’m gonna up the weights and protein factor, but not let it rule my life or anything. And I think I’m more of an anytime workout person. It depends on my schedule and how I feel energy-wise. How often do you tend to workout yourself?

  28. Congratulations on the feature!!! You are famous Averie!!!!

  29. Averie, it was so FUN seeing you yesterday. We could have gone on for hours! Love that you got that work out over with by 9:30am. A freeing way to move on with the rest of your busy day. CONGRATS on the mag feature. Those oat cakes look awesome & that is such a great achievement to be in Fitness! We need to plan our next get-together soon :) xo

  30. I agree, the ultimate is being done all the ‘essentials’ before 9-10am! I love working out & getting in a run before the kiddies are awake!
    I desperatly need to get more friend stuff in….

  31. Morning workouts win! I haven’t been able to do them on forever, luckily in a few weeks my schedule will allow it again.

  32. I think I have that issue of Fitness magazine! I will definitely make your oatmeal cake! Congrats for the article. That’s awesome!!

  33. Congrats on having your recipe featured on Fitness Mag’s site..though it’s not the first time for a pro like you.

    I am a morning workout person, but since my current job allows us to go to the gym during lunch, I’ve also come to enjoy lunch workouts. I think the main thing is, I like to workout before any big meals.

  34. I wake up at 6am every day for school so sometimes it gets pretty annoying but in the summer and on weekends I usually wake up at 7/7:30 because I don’t like wasting the day :) Last year my tennis class was moved to 5:15 AM before school. I actually loved it, except I had to go to school after. You’re so lucky that you can basically run outside all year long!

  35. Congrats on the fitness article!
    Looks like a delish breakfast option.

    I am all about the monring workout and even got in a 30 minute run almost every morning on my cruise!

  36. Once upon a time, when I wasn’t (still) getting up twice a night with a baby, I was a morning workout person. I never worked out in the evening. After trying for months to fit in workouts at some point earlier in the day, I now do weights at home around 8:30 or 9 p.m. Kind of a bummer, but I just can’t seem to find any other time.

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