KitchenAid Stand Mixer

After years of wanting one, it finally happened.

The kitchen appliance Gods came through for me with a KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer in Nickle Pearl.

I also had a coupon that helped offset some of the cost, helping to make my new BFF a reality.


The only thing I’ve made so far in it is frosting.

But since I am no stranger to baking, rest assured there will be…


Peanut Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

And Brownies

Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

And pans of Bars being made in it…

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars

Samoas Bars (Vegan & GF options)

Now, let me go hug my lover.

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance or most used appliance?

I have a Favorite Kitchen Appliances & Items post where I discuss hits, misses, and over-rated appliances, in my opinion.

Also, my favorite Baking Supplies

My Vita tops the hit list and so does a good knife and a cutting board.  I have my knife and cutting board out umpteen times a day slicing something.  A good knife is just as important as anything else.

Do you have any kitchen appliances on your wish list?

I have wanted this for years and suffice to say I bake.  A lot.  I know I will use it.

Up until now, every single recipe on my site for the past three years, I have made by hand.  I really can’t believe it, but it’s true.

With rare exception, I don’t even bother taking out my little cheapie hand mixer.  Anything more than egg whites and it can’t handle the dough and smells like burning plastic.  My biceps, triceps, and elbow grease have been my appliance of choice.  Until now.

I want a Beater Blade, too, for it as many people just rave about them.

There are amazing deals to be had on stand mixers on the KitchenAid site in their Outlet Store section; from Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon, on Ebay, Craigslist,, and online.

Various department stores like Kohl’s or Macy’s will run specials and sales on stand mixers (and other higher ticket appliances) and will also offer coupons or money back if you spend a certain dollar amount, making the 5 quart KitchenAid mixers in the low $1oo range.

Persistence and online deal-trolling is key.

Happy Baking!

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  1. WOOHOO! Congrats on the new “baby”! She’s a beaut. ;)

  2. YAY! Congrats! I’ve wanted one for forever too!


  3. CONGRATS! I know you’ve been wanting one of these forever… :D

    I love mine, but honestly it’s one of my least used appliances these days… I do use it and it is definitely functional and efficient. You really should get one of those spatula paddles you talked about recently – they are AWESOME indeed.

  4. Yay!!! I’m glad you finally got one, you deserve it with all of the baking you do! I’m feeling inspired to bust mine out!!! :)

  5. Even though I have a KitchenAid mixer, I still drool over that one. I have no use for one either. What’s wrong with me?

    Let’s see, favorite appliances… My mixer, my KitchenAid immersion blender, my giant steamer, my bread machine. This could go on forever, so I’ll just stick with my top four.

    I think I am running relatively low on things on my wish list, but I do want a candy coating drum for my mixer… someday.

  6. I can’t believe with all the baking you do that you didn’t have a stand mixer! I used to have one, but seem to prefer my hand mixer nowadays. A Vitamix is #1 on my kitchen wish list!!

  7. be forewarned that you may have to tweak your recipes a bit now. my stand mixer got me all confused in baking…i ended up going back to old fashioned hand mixing because i was overbeating things and cookies were going splat. the trick i use now is chilling the dough before baking with it.

    • Thanks for the info and yes, chilled dough is KEY. Even without the stand mixer, I always try to chill my dough b/c chilled dough = puffier and chewier cookies rather than paper thin crunchy little flat pancake cookies. Interesting that you went back to hand mixing.

  8. Thats awesome! Thats also my favorite kitchen appliance. You did right by yourself to get the model you did- the other one is just not as powerful and you are a serious baker so it will stand up to all the goodies you make. I learned that little tid bit from my mom who’s a chef. I make everything from baked goods to mashed potatoes (yes really) to bread in that mamma jamma. Enjoy!

    • Oh I know plenty of people who make mashed potatoes in it…why not! I mean, save the elbow grease. And thanks for the affirmation on the model I selected. I was also looking at the new 7 qt but that’s SO HUGE i didnt want the storage issues…and another couple hundred, too.

  9. Congrats! It’s going to change your life! I love my mixer, and I’m already loving my new Vita and my juicer, and my newish dehydrator!

  10. You’re gonna LOVE it. Period. :-)

  11. YAY!!! This is the SAME EXACT ONE I got for Christmas! I love it so much and I know you are loving yours too! :D

  12. My kitchen aid mixer is definitely my absolute favorite appliance. My hubs got me one for Christmas a few years back (before we were even married, he must love me :) ), and I remember hugging it when I opened it. You will love it so so so much!!!

  13. Gorgeous :) I can’t even believe you didn’t have one before with all the baking you do! I love mine.

  14. Oh my, I just got one 3 days ago for my birthday! I have also been waiting FOREVER. Its so much fun I love mine. Have fun! :)

  15. Yah! I wouldn’t know what I would do without my mixer. It’s my favorite tool & I use it every day :). Those pictures of your cookies and bars are making me hungry — I think I’m going to make those Samoas Bars!

    • I know I was reading on your site that when you travel w/ your hubs…you bring it with :)

      If you make the Samoas Bars, they get better with time and don’t be alarmed if they seem a little oily…it will re-absorb within 24 hrs and freezing/thawing the bars can also help if there’s oil. Coconut flakes have oil and some people get concerned so just mentioning it :)

  16. Congrats! My KitchenAid mixer is by far my favorite kitchen tool. Enjoy!!

  17. My food processor and rice cooker get a lot of use. I don’t know what I’d do without the food processor, especially. I used to have an immersion blender, but my ex took that when he moved out (ok, technically it was his), and I’ve been missing it. That’s on my wishlist now, along with a juicer—I’d love to get in the habit of making my own green juice, as it’s way too expensive to justify buying it every day!

    • juicer is mentioned in my appliances roundup post i linked..for me personally, the CLEANUP time means I don’t/won’t juice. It’s 5 mins to wash the produce, 5-10 mins to juice it, and 10 mins to wash it all and dry it and put it away. We’re at a half hour for a glass of juice…not happening for me :(

  18. Congrats :) I know that’ll be put to great use in your kitchen. I think in mine it would collect dust, so it’s not something necessarily on my wish list but I can definetely appreciate a quality piece of cookware. For me- I just got a couple of great knives that I use daily like you said, and a le crueset cast iron that I’ve fallen in love with!

  19. Whooooop! LOVE mine! Can’t be without now that I have one!! Like the color a lot! Other appliances I use a ton? Um my grind and brew pot!

  20. Congrats, I don’t think I would bake without one. Okay, probably exaggerating, but I know I wouldn’t bake if I didn’t have a dishwasher, haha!!

    And I LOVE my stoneware baking pans. I do all my cookie baking on them, so no need for parchment paper!

  21. Love it. Bout time too; if there is anyone I know who will put this bad boy through its paces and then some, it is you! A well-deserved purchase. Where did you end up getting it? Love the color you chose too!

    • Thanks for saying this b/c I feel that way!
      “if there is anyone I know who will put this bad boy through its paces and then some, it is you! A well-deserved purchase.”

      I got it from Wayfair (linked in post) and the color was the only one they offered in that model but I like it!

  22. You are going to be having a love affair with this mixer. I loooove my kitchen aid!

  23. Oh-so-pretty! You lucky gal! I LUST for a vitamix. My blender gets a workout daily, for smoothies. I would love to retire it and get a vitamix, but talk about expensive, and they never have coupons for those babies! oh well.

  24. Holy mother of yummy-ness! I almost licked my computer screen looking at all the pics of your cookies and bars. Especially those Peanut Butter White Choc chip cookies. I think if I made a batch of those right now, I could die (fat) and happy. Thanks for the great recipe once again, Averie. You are the yoga/cookie Queen!

  25. Yay! I’m so happy for you. Congrats and wishing you many happy moments with your new “baby” ;)

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