New Coffee Maker

I mentioned on Monday that I had a really hard time getting out of bed, that it was raining, and that it was just one of those mornings.

But the show went on and I dropped Skylar off at school, went for a run, did errands, handled life, blogging, cooking, photography, phone calls, and before I knew it, it was 2pm and I hadn’t had coffee.

And I was in caffeine withdrawal.

I turned on my coffee maker and it wouldn’t make coffee.


Surely this was a very cruel joke played by the Coffee Gods on a rainy Monday to someone who’d only gotten through her day on mental promises that a cuppa ‘joe was just around the corner.  And yes, I play mental mind games with myself such as, Respond to these 20 emails, then you can have a second cup.

After begging with my old coffee maker, asking it nicely, and pleading gently with it to just make me one more pot, I realized it was dead.  Recently, I sensed it was on its last leg because it was loud, clicking, and seemed a little temperamental.

It was an older version of this model and I made thousands of pots in it in the four years I had it.

I liked the carafe-less feature (no glass to break or stainless pots to get spots on i) but just pushing a lever and having coffee dispensed didn’t work out as easily because I usually put my coffee in a tall to-go-cup, and the go cup didn’t fit under the lever dispenser so I’d have to pour coffee into a cup into a short cup and then dump two short cups into my one tall go cup.

After it was evident that my machine was a goner and wasn’t going to brew just one more pot for me, I drove to Coffer Maker Heaven, aka Bed Bath & Beyond.

Good thing I hoard a stash of BB & B coupons and they never expire.  (Most stores will allow you to cash them in but it is up to the store’s discretion.  At probably over 20 BB & B stores in about 10 states, I’ve never been denied.  I have been told by a few readers their store is a stickler for rules and won’t redeem expired ones, but that neighboring stores allow it.)

Coffee Maker Overload.

So many choices.

Just what I didn’t need was shopping for an appliance when all I did need was coffee.

It was an ironic twist seeing all the coffee makers but not a drop of coffee.

There were more expensive ones that ground beans and gave you a foot massage while you waited for your coffee.  Or something like that.

But I really didn’t want anything too fancy.

The shorter the height of the machine, the better given my limited kitchen storage space.

I wanted a 12-cup maker, but didn’t care if it had a glass or stainless carafe, nor if it was program-able, or had autoshutoff.

So I debated between these three

And I got this one.

With a coupon, after tax, it was $25 bucks; which is 4 or 5 trips to Starbucks.

It makes 12 cups, is shorter in stature than most and fits underneath my cupboards on my countertop much better than my old one did.

Plus, I like that it’s not too fancy.  I don’t need a high tech coffee pot because when I need coffee, I don’t want too much tech.

I just want coffee.

I’ve only made one pot from it, but the coffee was just fine.

This is what I brewed.

And I slurped it down.

x 2

Ironically, I just did a post about coffee last week

And I have a Coffee Reviews Post

Excuse me while I have a Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Square (No-Bake, Vegan, GF) and enjoy some more coffee.

Do you have a coffee pot that you love?  Do you think brand, price paid, or other factors impact the taste of the coffee?

I bought an espresso maker (which also makes coffee but it’s not as convenient as just making a pot of coffee and I rarely use it; along with the juicer and dehydrator I rarely use.

For me, it’s the type of coffee more so than the brand of coffee maker that seems to make the most difference.

What’s the last appliance you bought?

This Lovely Lady was my last prior to the coffee maker.

P.S. I hope you’re celebrating National Peanut Butter Day

Maybe with a Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint (No-Bake, Vegan, GF)

Thanks for the Chobani Yogurt Giveaway entries


  1. A day without coffee is always so hard! So glad you found a new coffee maker. If that one dies in the next 5 years–a Keurig is a fabulous piece of appliance. Simple. Quick. Coffee when you need it. :)

  2. Not a bad price. I’m with you – coffee makers should never be complicated.

  3. do you know i have so many coffee makers in the house (from the sponsored posts) and I don’t use any of them. I stick to my Starbuck Via’s? Wild i know, but those via’s are perfectly strong for me.
    I’m hoping that Keurig will come calling soon. lol

  4. Hey girl! I love my capresso. We have had it for 8 years and it still brews a perfect pot of coffee. It has the thermal carafe so the coffee stays warm. I just bring the thermos to the dining room table in the morning and keep it pouring. I need my morning cup of joe and the darker the beans the better. It’s not that I really need the caffeine as I am a total spaz, but I just like the taste of it with my breakfast (my grapenuts of course because I am a creature of habit).

    The last two things I bought that I am in love with are my 2 cast iron pans. I have a 10″ and a 12″ and I am using them all the time. They are also priced so well, $28 and $22, can’t beat that!

  5. Oh my, oh my! Congratulation on your new coffee maker! I make coffee the very old fashion way, oh wait, it’s Turkish way actually… in something similar to this And I don’t drink that much coffee anymore. A funny story comes to my mind. In my office back in Seattle, whoever came first to the office would start a coffee maker. Because I and a few other people started very early in the morning, it would’ve been one of us to add coffee, water, etc. One morning I came to the kitchen, started a coffee maker, put my cup in line, and left. When coffee was ready, one of my co-worker poured it into my cup and brought it to me (we had great and caring people!). I looked at the cup, smelled the coffee and… realized I don’t want coffee anymore!!! Since I’ve been drinking coffee two-tree times a month, no cravings… My latest purchase was yogurt maker, and I love it!

  6. Oh man I’m not sure I’d make it that far into the day without my beloved coffee. I used to use a french press but my roommate recently brought home a mini one cup coffee pot, really cheap, but it works just fine and I really love the fact that I can just set it and forget about it until whenever I’m ready (unlike a french press that takes more attention). I don’t think the kind of maker affects the taste at all either.

  7. Smart move. I always go for the cheap ones, since NOTHING is made like in the past! I don’t care if it’s a $500 vaccuum or a $25 vaccuum, they are all cheaply made crap!!

    Do you have to use the BB&B coupons with YOUR name on them? If not, I can mail you some…I don’t have a store too near me and rarely go. I can start saving them for you if they work.

    • The BB&B coupons dont have to have a name on them, mine or anyone’s. They just accept them :) Most stores don’t seem to care.

      And yes on the el cheapo for many things…I’ve learned that a $30 hair dryer is just as good as a $150 tourmaline ionic this or that; same with coffee makers or toasters. Other things, well, a Vitamix really is worth it. But most things…I’m with you!

  8. You mean you actually did without a cup of coffee until you bought a new maker and brought it home?! I’d have definitely made a trip to Starbucks beforehand!

    I got rid of a Mr. Coffee because it never brewed at a high enough temperature, and it always came out tasting like warm, dirty water. I doubt that they’re all like that; I think I just had a lemon. I’ve been using a Cuisinart (with a 12-cup glass carafe) for the past couple of years and I love it.
    We have a Keurig in the break room at work, and that’s good, too. (They provide a nice selection of pods for us.) I like how speedy it is so I’m not wasting precious coffee-break time waiting for a cup to brew.

    • This Mr Coffee actually brewed hot, nice and hot. And the coffee tasted better in it than in the $120 other machine I had (Cuisinart), granted it was 4 yrs old now.

      And I think I was in a brain fog from lack of caffeine; clearly should have just gone to Starbucks as my crutch.

  9. I go always for Cuisinart 1200, so I buy my bold grinned from Starbucks and I am ready for the day. The deal is to keep clean the coffee maker, I do not believe in tassimo coffee makers with a little cups is a waste of money, paper not green at all.


  10. I don’t need a fancy coffee maker either, but if you find the one that gives you a foot massage, clue me in! ;)

  11. First off, I commend you for making it that long into the day without coffee – you’re a better lady than me! I would have died. I have a fancy Cuisinart coffee maker… in my closet! I’m a college student and my roommate doesn’t drink coffee so I have a little GE 4-cupper the does the trick every morning! My Cuisinart takes up too much room for just one person.

  12. Aw wow, you’re one patient momma. I would have given up and driven to the nearest Starbucks within seconds of figuring out the machine was a goner. That WAS a cruel joke though, of all days! Glad you were able to find a nice machine, it’s so cute!

  13. Congrats on your coffee maker!! My latest appliance was my Keurig coffee maker. It broke on Saturday night and we got to Macy’s before they closed to exchange it. Other wise it was a Big Crockpot that I got for Christmas, that I still haven’t used. Maybe tomorrow I will?

  14. That’s the same one I have. The cheapest one Mr. Coffee makes :) Our water is so horrifically hard that even cleaning it with vinegar every few weeks, our coffee maker ends up dead within a year so cheap it is! And you know what…it totally tastes the same as any other one. I think expensive coffee makers are a complete rip off.

  15. How did you make it to 2 pm without coffee?!?! I’d have died long before that.

    That’s the same coffee maker I have, but mine’s white. I got it for $4 at a thrift storea bout 10 years ago. Still works like a champ. I’ve had other fancier ones in the intervening years, and they’ve all died. I think less complicated is best. Coffee shouldn’t be hard. That’s just a cruel twist of crap irony to make something to make coffee, before you’ve had coffee, hard to make.

    I usually use my french press though. Boil water, pour over grounds, stir, wait 5 min, and then plunge. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

  16. A day without coffee is not okay. Thanks for the link for the no bake PB thumbprints. YUM.

  17. Ah, coffee, my life’s blood. My coffee maker looks similar to your new one. I like VIA too, and that instant espresso stuff in the Italian flag bottle. Glad you’re back in the caffeine game!

  18. Nice! Love new appliances. Looks like you found a great one! And I LOVE BB&B’s coupons! I don’t buy anything unless I have one those suckers.
    Hope you’re enjoying your new toy! Have a great night!

  19. I love our coffee maker. It’s a Bunn and we’ve had it for…wow, maybe 5-6 years? I am usually pretty frugal/cheap so paying $100 for a coffee maker seemed really frivolous at the time, but it was so worth it. Like you I NEED my coffee. I still need to make those chocolate PB oat squares. I’ve had the recipe magneted (that’s not even a word) to my fridge for a week.

  20. I go for cheaper coffee makers because the more expensive ones don’t seem to last any longer. My last appliance purchase was my juicer. I have to make big batches and freeze them as regular “juicing” is waaaay too time consuming and I must admit some of the excitement/novelty has worn off a little on that one!

  21. I use a French press every morning and I think it makes the best coffee!

  22. Mr. Coffee is the My fiance and I are so addicted to coffee that when we wake up in the morning we say (in a Borat accent) “It’s time to wake up Mr. Coffee”. Really for the price, it can’t be beat.

  23. Mr. Coffee has never steered me wrong…we even bring it camping in the fall when we get a cabin. Haha. They’re tough little buggers.
    On an unrelated note, I made a version of your avocado puff pastries (I used hickory-smoked vegan cheese in mine with black beans, avocado, and salsa) and they turned out wonderfully. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. I have just a basic, no bells and whistles coffee maker and I think it works pretty good :)

  25. love these posts! I hope your week is going well!

  26. I am still reeling from the fact that you made it halfway through the day without a cup of coffee! Wow! I used to have a coffee maker, but now I brew it by the cup each morning. I boil water in my teakettle and grind my Organic Papua New Guinea roast and put a few spoonfuls in a melita filter over my giant mug and voila! I also steam a bit of organic, unsweetened soymilk to put in it. I have been doing it this way for years and the flavor is just unsurpassed this way, in my opinion.

    The last appliance I bought was actually my Vitamix, which I have had for several years now. I use my KitchenAid, Vitamix and food processor on a regular basis.

    Your peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies are adorable. I just bought all the ingredients…making them today. My boys are gonna love them! :-)

    • Enjoy the PB & J thumbprints… I can’t believe you actually had to go buy the ingredients but thank you in advance for making them! Other than the jelly, I don’t think there was anything too unique in them ..I know your boys will love them.

      Your method sounds perfect, actually. Melita filter. Need to try that. A paper Melita or a wire/mesh one? I love the idea of this. It’s easier cleanup than a french press and probably delish coffee!

    • I had just run out of jelly (this morning!) and needed a new package of powdered sugar. Super excited for the boys to try these!

      As for the Melita filter, I use a paper filter inside of a plastic Melita filter and set that on my cup. It is super easy cleanup and has awesome flavor!

  27. I love coffee but I try not to drink it too often. Please don’t think any less of me when I say this…. I actually prefer instant (but it has to be folgers)! I find that most the time the people in my office don’t know how to brew coffee correctly and it turns out very bitter and burt tasting. The instant allows me to make the perfect cup whenever I want it; any strength, any size with NO clean up. We have actually gone through several fancier coffee makers at my office (probably 3 coffee makers in 3 years?) and recently purchased a no thrills glass coffee pot similar to the one that you purchased. So far it has been great!

  28. My husband is a huge coffee maker collector. We have four different presses, some weird looking shot thing, a reg coffee pot and a Keurig. Fav tasting coffee comes from the stainless steel press but for pure ease i looooove the Keurig. Nothing beats pushing a button and 10 seconds later having coffee when you are half asleep. I don’t find the more expensive or techie a coffee maker is, the better the coffee. In fact – too many buttons and I just get confused!

  29. I had a panic a few weeks back when my 2-day old coffee maker stopped working. Thankfully Target took it back and I ended up buying a Mr. Coffee – a little 5 cup programmable with a stainless carafe. It’s perfect. Unfortunately I just need a small coffee maker and I went through a couple of Cuisinart (thankfully BBB has a good return policy) coffeemakers that would last less than 6 months!

  30. I have a pretty basic Toastmaster that I got for $18 in a clearance. I like it because I can program it the night before to brew coffee before I even get out of bed, and during the morning rush I don’t have to worry about turning it off (auto shut off). I’m a college student, so it has saved me many mornings, including today! I also have a french press for weekends or evenings. :)

  31. Since I don’t drink coffee I’ve never been shopping for a coffee maker. But I like the low tech version of things. I don’t want anything too complicated when I’m hungry or thirsty. I can’t even remember the last appliance I bought. It’s been a long time!

  32. K those chocolate PB oat squares look AMAZING. I’m definitely making those this week sometime.
    I don’t have my own coffee pot and actually, I’ve never even had coffee believe it or not. It’s against my religion but I REALLY want to try it. I think it smells divine.

  33. We have a Cuisinart coffee pot that we got as a wedding gift and I love it! If it ever breaks I will buy the same one again. The last appliance that I got was a food processor.

  34. Coffee pots always die at the worst time, ours died on Christmas Eve morning last year, luckily we made it to Lowes for a new one. I have a basic Cusinart with a stainless steal pot that works well, I like that it keeps coffee hot without having to keep the heating element on. Sweet deal on you new one and it looks great.

    • Isn’t the truth about them dying at the wrong time. The one before this died when I was a new mother, was not sleeping at all, and desperately needed coffee. I remember driving to BB & B like a complete zombie after a sleepless newborn night!

  35. Mine died one morning too! It was awful!

    I like my carafe less coffee maker…a lot :)

  36. Much respect you made it to 2pm without the first cup of Joe…I would have been in the headlines for java rage long before then LOL

    When our coffee maker died (Cuisinart, saw the model in your pics above acrtually :-) ) we got a Tassimo. The only pods we would get were the Starbucks Verona blend, but Tassimo stopped offering seemingly all Starbucks blends last Summer (that might not have been the case in the US but here in Canada they did). None of the other Tassimo blends appealed to me so we abandoned the Tassimo and went for a Keurig.

    Been LOVING the Keurig…not only do they have every brand / blend one can imagine, they also have a holder that you can use your own preferred ground coffee and brew it right from the Kuerig. That sure came in handy when Starbucks had their Christmas Blend out this past season lol

    Coffee lovers unite!

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  38. I’m in need of a new coffee maker, as well. Except I kind of want one of the one’s that grinds your beans while simultaneously giving you a foot massage. Sounds like the BEST COFFEE EVER. But in all honesty, I love the idea of not having to grind my beans, then make coffee. But I’m sure those makers are expensive, yeah?

    • I grind all my beans at TJ’s or buy pre-ground beans. Some say they prefer to grind daily, and I get that, but for me, just not worth it (I don’t care that much and can’t taste a difference) so no need for those pricier coffee maker/grinders for me.

  39. Just curious but do you get a kickback or any blogging incentives from Bed Bath & Beyond? It seems like you take a lot of pictures of the store’s products.

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