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TGIF!  I hope you have some fun things planned for the weekend.  I know that I’ll be spending plenty of quality time at my desk.

Yesterday I was organizing my photos and found some pictures I’ve taken in the past week when I’ve been out and about:

This Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend coffee.

Do Blondes have more fun?  We should ask Marla, a brunette.  We actually spotted this coffee together on our last meetup.


I like the sound of “delicate nuances of cocoa” but something tells me this coffee would be lighter and like drinking brown tinted water more mellow than I prefer.

My latest coffee find is this one.  Inexpensive and it’s been around forever, but it’s new to me and I like it.  For now, this blonde is having fun with that blend.

I saw this spatula when I bought the KitchenAid Bowl-Scraping Blade, which I am loving, and it almost negates any need to scrape down the mixing bowl.  If you do need a spatula, this one has a handy measurement conversion chart on it.

Because real quick off the top of your head and before you’ve had coffee and have someone asking you why the sky is blue and can they have a snack and can dogs tell time,  try to quickly think about how many cups is 11 tablespoons of butter?  This is important because you need to know how many sticks of butter to take out of the fridge to soften.

Or how many squares of baking chocolate should you break off if a recipe calls for one third of a pound of melted baker’s chocolate plus two tablespoons reserved for drizzling, knowing first of course, that baking chocolate squares come in ounces.

Truthfully, I’d rather bake than do math.  Especially before coffee.

I forgot to buy the spatula because I was so excited to take a picture of it.  Looks like I better brush up on my fractions.  That, or just eyeball the dough and hope for the best.

When I make brownies, bars, or cookies, I try to create recipes that either use a half stick, 1 stick, or 2 sticks of butter and not mess around with those 1 and 5/8ths of a stick recipes plus reserve 1 tablespoon.  Gah!  No.

Because let’s face it, we want cookies, not math.

I saw these ice cube trays in the Target “dollar” bins for $2.50 for a pair.  I snatched up a pair of these on the hunch that they will make perfect chocolate molds for Valentine’s Day candy making.

The dollar bins (or $2.50 bins) tend to have great cookware finds.  One year before Easter, Target had pastel-colored silicone muffin liners, 6 for $1 dollar.  Those tend to be pretty pricey at places like Williams-Sonoma or at Bed Bath and Beyond, and the same goes for silicone chocolate molds.

Whatever I make, I’ll be using this chocolate because I love the way it melts.

And l Iove the way it tastes in Ritz Cracker Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups (No Bake)

Friday January 20 is also National Granola Bar Day.

Maybe I’ll make Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bars which only take 5 minutes to throw together in honor of the holiday today.


How good are you at kitchen and recipe math?

I can do math.  I just prefer not to.  I’d rather be cooking than converting fractions, cups, ounces, pounds, sticks, tablespoons.  This is why the metric system would probably be so much easier.

Any good Target Dollar Bin Finds?

Have you seen anything interesting out and about lately?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Averie, I hope you timed this post and are not up already in California. I’ve been working today for a couple hours in the cold Maryland air and can’t wait to sleep in Saturday. I plan on baking a Valentine’s Day cookie tomorrow as well. These ice cube trays are too cute, may have to change to making candy instead if I can find them here. I did see so really cute Valentine’s plates at CVS for a couple bucks a piece and may use those too. Thanks so much for sharing what you found. Have a warm day there in California. B-)

  2. I don’t really have a choice to do maths when I’m baking especially when I’m using an American recipe! I tend to do all the maths before I get going and write down the numbers and hope for the best!

    Hope you have a happy weekend, I look forward to seeing the results of your time at your desk!

  3. I tried the blonde blend and I don’t really like it – it’s too watery for my liking! You know how there’s a total different between the roasts in starbuck’s and dunkin’ donuts? This is more of a dunkin donuts blend – too light for me!

  4. I work with kids so I must admit that many of my socks come from the dollar bins at Super T. I have the BIG heart shaped silacone cake mold which is so much fun. I think I will pick up some of the ice cube trays to try with fudge for our upcoming Valentine’s party. Just saw a sweet looking fudge (with white chocolate) on cookies n cups!

    Great idea!

  5. Look at those cute little heart shaped… thingies! You could do so many things with those. Have a great weekend Averie!

  6. I love to peruse the Target $1 area. Usually find stuff for my niece and nephew mostly. My only complaint it the way ours is set up in 2 of the stores, makes it really difficult to get through when everyone pushing a cart into that area.

  7. Hi Averie. I just wanted to say I love your new photo! It’s totally you and shows your fun loving personality. Your apron is adorable :)

    I love my new citrus squeezer. It makes squeezing an orange, lemon or lime a breeze. It use to take me 3 lemons to get 1/4 juice now it only takes 1.5 lemons! Easy breezy!

  8. After trying a sample of the Verona blonde roast at Starbucks, I went ahead and bought a bag. I like it just because it’s so different from the darker roasts I usually drink. When I can’t decide if I want a mug of coffee or tea, it’s perfect.

  9. Blonde coffee, how cool! I’ve been a blonde and brunette and really couldn’t answer that age old question! Those candy molds are so cute. I bought a bunch last year after Valentines so I could go all out this year but I’ll be in India! Sooo those molds will just have to collect more dust until next year. Have an awesome time editing pictures this weekend, Averie :)

  10. I want those ice cube trays!
    If I start playing around with recipes and trying to “half” them, I need to write all the ingredients out and half them before I start otherwise I’ll end up forgetting to half something while I’m in the middle of baking and then end up with everything halved except one ingredient (which has already made it’s way into the mixing bowl of course) and end up with a total flop.

  11. I totally think blondes have more fun! (Not bias or anything hehe) but that coffee is a must-try!! Happy Friday!! xoxo

  12. I’m a math teacher so I kind of like doing all the fractions in my head… I regularly 1/3 or 3/4 recipes or that sort of thing depending on how much of something I have (or I want), and so a lot of conversions are needed on the fly. Math and baking = two of my favorite things!

  13. I’m great at math, or I should say I was great at math in high school. But I tested out of having to take any in college so it’s been years! I prefer cooking where I can just throw things in, taste, throw more in etc. Easier than numbers for me! Have a great weekend!

  14. Love those heart trays. Too bad there is no Target close by. :(
    I almost bought that chocolate at a recent trip to TJs- now wish I had. The peanut butter cups look soooooo good. My favorite combo- pb & choc!

  15. I’m with you: I can do math, but prefer not to. :)
    I tried the Blonde roast for the first time at an airport Starbucks. I thought it was pretty good!
    And also- I have more fun when I am blonde. :)

  16. I am so happy you posted those ice cube (read candy) trays at Target, I was planning on going to Target this weekend anyways!

    My best Target Dollar Bin find was an adorable preppy corduroy fall jacket for my son (read puppy). You just can’t go wrong for $2.50!

  17. Those ice cube trays are adorable! I want to buy some cute freezer moulds to make some fun fruitsicles… just a craving I had the other day haha. I think a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond is required…any excuse!

  18. I’m not a math lover at all but for some reason I don’t mind doing kitchen math because the process involves creating something and the end result usually tastes good!

  19. First of all, can I just say that reading your blog makes me think of happy days in my 20’s, living in San Diego? (I’m now in my 40’s and living in San Francisco. Still happy, lol!)
    A few years ago I baked ALL the time. These days I do a lot less, and my math skills, never great to begin with, have suffered. Maybe I should start baking again.

    • I love SF and would live there if it wasnt for the weather. It’s too cold. But we have friends in Marin and I adore the wine country…and Tahoe, the city, the whole Bay area. But glad you are living vicariously in S.D. through my blog :)

  20. Our Starbucks was handing out free sample bags of their new Blonde coffee….my husband said it tasted like Maxwell House…so yea, it’s pretty mild.

  21. I’m totally going to have to look for those silicone molds at target. Or at least something similar, because making my own Valentine’s day candy sounds too amazing to skip!

  22. I grew up always being more reading/language (and writing!) than math. I can certainly do it…but I prefer not too :) Love those molds…perfect for Valentine’s Day! Happy Friday!

  23. Fun post, not a fan of weak coffee either. But I will look for those ice cube trays, how fun for raw chocolate molds. I haven’t seen too much out and about, my last trip to Rarget was rushed.

    Usually my iPhone is my friend for measurement conversions, Siri does pretty well with that.

  24. I am pretty good at kitchen and recipe math … I have to do it all the time, as I am always reducing or increasing recipes. We don’t have a target in my city.

  25. so I have a question — you said on one of my instagrams that you have the same lens as me (24-70) and in this entry you said that you snap pictures while you’re out..actually, I know you do cause of your blog posts..but my question is: do you carry around your 24-70 with you when you go out? do stores let you take pics of stuff?? i ask this because in the past, i’ve tried to take pics in stores and people will say to me ‘you can’t take pictures in here’ or ‘no pictures allowed’ so honestly, every time i want to take pics in a store, i’m petrified now cause it’s embarrassing to get shut down (that’s just me, i guess)..haha so yeah, that’s my long question :) thanks in advance!

    • iphone when I’m out in public in stores

      blog pics of food, my recipe posts, 100% 24-70mm

      No, I don’t haul my 24-70mm out in stores or around with me attached to my 5D. It’s about 4 lbs worth of gear and huge..would never just trot into Target like that :)

  26. I picked up the same heart trays from target and thought the same thing! lol I haven’t tried the blonde coffee, but the day it came out all the people in my Starbucks had blonde wigs on. It was cute!

  27. Hi, I love your blog, recipes and ideas! I just have to mention, however, that I also bought those plastic heart ice cube trays from Target and made some chocolates with them but they apparently leach chemicals b/c our chocolates tasted like PLASTIC! Ick!! Beware please! I think they’re best used for play dough maybe.

  28. I’m pretty good at kitchen math because I am always reducing recipes.
    I am so excited by the idea of using the silicone ice cube trays to make chocolate! I have some skull and cross-bones ones and that would be pretty appropriate for Valentine’s Day in my state of single girl-ness, haha.

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