Pour Another Cup

Happy Martin Luther King Day and maybe you were fortunate enough to get the day off from work or school.

Or maybe you were fortunate to pour another cup of this coffee, Cafe Bustelo, which is what I did earlier.

It’s my latest coffee find and I am loving how it puts hair on my chest how packed with flavor it is.  Very full-bodied and intense, which is preferred for me and the only way I like coffee.

Brown-tinged water that is called coffee and served on airplanes or the free “coffee” that’s sometimes served in office waiting rooms is simply colored water, not really coffee.


If you’re the type of person who likes a lighter, more mellow, “breakfast blend” middle-of-the-road type of coffee, this isn’t that.

It’s bold and I poured a cup or two, which went down so easily on this gloomy, overcast and very lackluster Monday.

A perfect coffee-slurping day.

The price is right, too.  I got it at my local Ralph’s grocery store for less than $4 dollars for a 10-ounce can, or you can order it.

I have been swapping it in place of my other daily go-to favorite coffee, Trader Joe’s Dark Sumatra, which is currently $5.99 for a 12 ounce can.

The Sumatra went up in price about six months ago after the worldwide coffee bean shortage but still very affordable and a fantastic coffee.

I have nothing but praise for most of TJ’s coffees, especially considering the price; you can’t beat it.

I have a coffee reviews post where I’ve mentioned dozens of coffees:

From the more expensive and fancy

to niche microbrewed blends

to the more humdrum.

I love coffee in all forms…

With extra Bailey’s non-alcoholic coffee creamer and that stuff is a dead ringer for the alcoholic version of Baileys.  If you like Baileys, but don’t want to pour booze in your coffee on Monday morning, I highly recommend the creamer.  Or course, use real Baileys in your morning coffee if you’re looking to spruce up your day.

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can chug Vanilla Iced Coffee without shivering for an hour or two afterward.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes were a favorite in the fall.

…And just drinking my ‘joe with a splash of half and half is my usual way.

Coffee is best used to wash down a Magic Eight bar.

Or a No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffle because cake (batter) + chocolate + coffee just go together.

Do you drink coffee?  Tea?

Do you have a favorite kind or brand?

I hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. I also love Trader Joe’s coffee. I like that you can get organic coffee there because I’ve been reading a lot lately on all the pesticides used on coffee.

  2. I pretty much only drink coffee in the morning. Just one cup and that’s it. At work it’s nothing special. At home we get something like pumpkin spice or vanilla.

  3. Hey Averie, love your new profile picture. I don’t drink coffee but do love Cafix.http://www.enjoybettercoffee.com/CAFIX-instant-drink-p/24ge30.htm?gclid=CNrtnIXF1a0CFegSNAodqz8Nnw&Click=2753 Made from Barley and it’s tastes a lot like coffee when you mix it with some cream and hot water or some cocoa powder even. I could use a cup right now, only in the mid 30’s here today. I’m ready for spring!

  4. mmmm coffee! I love coffee, especially drinking it from a cool cup! I am a dork and get excited for really fun coffee cups, makes it taste so much better! I am excited to try my Hawaiian coffee I just bought, Kona coffee is yummy! Happy MLK day!

  5. I love coffee and drink it just about every day. Cafe Bustelo is one of my favorite brands! It’s nice to see it getting some blogger love lately. :) I know Jenna posted about it on Eat, Live, Run recently too. I like my coffee nice and strong, and Cafe Bustelo certainly delivers. I also like the big bags of beans World Market sells, and I’m a sucker for any kind of flavored coffee.

  6. I just got my first coffee maker a few weeks ago (used a french press for years) and have the bug to try some new varieties of coffee. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  7. Mmm my kind of post here. I’ve never tried that first coffee you mentioned. I will look out for it though. I want coffee to grow me a beard by the time I’m done drinking it! ;) You know what I mean. My favorite TJs coffee is the Bolivian and I also love the Peet’s Colombian. My parents drink Dunkin’ Donuts which is surprisingly well roasted I just need a couple extra spoonfuls. Clearly I’m kind of a coffee snob!

  8. I’ve been digging coffee from Cost Plus World Market. I just finished a bag of Texas Turtle – so good! – and now I’m drinking Caramel Creme. Pecan Pie is next.
    Speaking of pecans, my favorite coffee of all time is probably the Southern Pecan Creme from Cafe Brazil in Dallas. I can almost smell it just thinking about it!…

    • Pecan Pie Coffee. I got sent some from Godiva that was pecan pie flavored. Target has a couple good really dessert-ey one; their own line. Chocolate, maple, smores, maybe a pecan? It’s not really my thing so I don’t pay attention but maybe worth a peek next time you’re there.

  9. I’m much more of a tea drinker, but I’ll have coffee about once a week. Cafe Bustelo is extremely popular here in NY. Friend of mine says she’s tried many of the expensive coffees, bought Bustelo on a lark once, and now it’s her fave.

  10. I’m a coffee girl too. Absolutely love it. I’m breastfeeding right now so I’m limiting myself to one small cup a day, but that one cup totally makes my morning.

    • I drank tea when I was pregnant b/c it was the one time in my life where coffee gagged me but tea (with caffeine) was a staple. Constant Comment orange wrapper, cheap and been around forever, from the groc store. Ahhh, memories. When I was nursing, I drank coffee. Not tons but yes, some :)

  11. i have never tried TJ’s coffee (which is funny because i’ve tried literally every other product they make), but will have to pick it up soon! i’ve been spending waaaayyy too much $$ at starbucks lately and need to switch to a home brew asap!

  12. I drink both coffee and tea, depending on the situation. Sometimes I make some iced coffee for the fridge and will drink that for a few days, some days I’ll have multiple cups of hot coffee, and some days, coffee is just too bitter for me so I just stick with water or tea!

  13. I go back and forth between some local roasters and Starbucks Christmas blend for most of the winter. I just bought TJ’s French Roast coffee today – no grinder at the store and the French Roast was the only one that came pre-ground. I hope it’s good and strong!

  14. I LOVE Trader Joe’s Peaberry coffee! I haven’t had it in so long, but this reminded me that I need to find it again!

    I actually just got a Keurig for Christmas from my parents (total surprise and I basically had a heart attack haha), and I’ve been loving it. I started having coffee every day when I began college and haven’t looked back since. :)

  15. I love that new pic of you!! You look gorgeous.
    I actually don´t drink coffee, but I love the smell of it. I really like herbal tea, though.

  16. Oh, how I MISS getting buzzed on coffee :-) I guess the good news is, when I finally do drink it again, it will probably only take about .2222 of a cup to get me feeling PRETTY good :-)

    • Take it for what it’s worth but I do not think it’s a big deal to have one, maybe two (small) cups a day. Or at least a cup a few times a week…seriously. I drank tea when I was pregnant b/c it was the one time in my life where coffee gagged me but tea (with caffeine) was a staple. Constant Comment orange wrapper, cheap and been around forever, from the groc store. Ahhh, memories.

  17. I used to be a coffee whore — big time! Now I’m all about tea… mostly green tea; however I was just introduced to DAVIDsTEA annnnnd I’m hooked! If you haven’t heard of or tried yet — you definitely should!!

  18. I’m a Dunkin Donuts coffee girl all the way! I love it. As far as tea… I’m not picky and like a lot of brands!

  19. Ahhh–cafe bustelo has been my go to fave for several years now and you just can’t beat the price. Definitely inexpensive but not “cheap”. I’m also a fan of vanilla rooibos tea and teeccino herbal brews (especially chocolate mint). Love your new profile–very fitting for a dessert focused blog.

    • It’s a new find for me and I am loving it. I like what you said “Definitely inexpensive but not “cheap”.” <-- I feel the same way. Thanks for the compliment on my pic and that I'm a dessert-focused blog. I am definitely moving in that direction (or have)...somehow need my URL and name to reflect that. But thanks for noticing the pic and the focus :)

  20. I gave up on coffee recently because it was giving me headaches, but this morning, for a treat, I had a big ol mug of it with heavy cream and sugar, and oh my. I forgot how much I loved it. Sorry, Chai tea, but you are just not as sexy as that creamy cup of coffee.

    • Oh I’d get wicked bad headaches if I didnt drink coffee (caffeine withdrawals, big time). It’s not usually that day…it’s the next day..I feel out of it and awful! Your last sentence, 100% true. I like my coffee with real cream and real sugar…mmm good!

  21. Heart coffee! Honest to goodness- 8 oclock!!

  22. do I have to answer this ;) I think you know haha!

  23. Im pretty sure i bleed coffee. I drink it continually through out the day. Usually we brew Starbucks French Roast, or theirs a few flavored ones i get at Sprouts that are really good.

  24. I’m putting Cafe Bustela on my grocery list! I loooove, a dark roast and currently spend too much on Starbucks French Roast Whole Beans, which I brew with a cinnamon stick in the pot. I could use a less pricy alternative though…

  25. yum!! I love flavored coffees! I actually have been drinking Godiva peppermint mocha ground coffee that i bought a few weeks ago during christmas time. oh man, it is SOOO good! taste like a very chocolatey candy cane. even though christmas is passed, i’m still loving this coffee! i want to try some other godiva flavors next- it’s expensive though!

  26. Love coffee, and always will! I love rich strong roasts as well and hate watered down blends.

  27. You know it’s funny. I thought there wasn’t a coffee out there that I wouldn’t drink, but unlike you, Cafe Bustelo is apparently the one. I can’t stand that stuff. Maybe I just had a bad batch, but it smelled just like month old gym socks when I opened up the canister. And then the taste… well let’s just say, the smell wasn’t far off from the taste. I guess the Bustelo is not for everyone. I’m glad you like it though :)
    What I do like though, is those vanilla cake batter chocolate truffles. I made a batch of those little babies yesterday, and oh my goodness, they made my taste buds do a major happy dance. Sadly, they were polished off before the end of the night and now I’m left truffle-less. Guess I better some more :)

    • The way you just describe it…it sounds spoiled! That does not sound good or right and mine smelled nothing like that, just like really good, strong, bold coffee. Yikes; I think you got a bad batch! At least you didn’t get sick!

      Thanks for LMK you made the truffles! I just went to your site and saw the coconut muffins…they look great!

  28. I am a coffee addict and I hate to admit but I am also a bit of a coffee purist. I like a well roasted Arabica bean that is a good balance between sweet and bitter. I prefer to grind my own beans and my favourite drink is either a cafe latte or the good old cappuccino with no flavourings.

  29. mmm, will have to try TJ’s coffee next time we are there! love finding new coffees :)

  30. I am a coffee drinker (decaf now though because of breastfeeding). I go to dunkin donuts mostly but I honestly can’t really tell the difference between different at home coffee brands. As long as my husband doesnt make it, I like it (he drinks it like sludge!)

  31. I’ve never drank coffee, and have tea every now and then, but definitely not a regular drinker. I do love a glass of hot water with lemon in it!

  32. I am taking this a rhetorical question; I think you know my answer. I got a container of the dark Sumatran and the Bolivian from TJs for X-mas. I haven’t busted into them, because I also got two pounds from a local roaster. I have a serious stock of coffee on hand right now.

    Never heard of or seen this stuff, but I like my coffee super dark. I am finishing a lighter roast right now….it isn’t great. I’m thinking about bringing it to school and pawning it off on students. :D

  33. I drink both coffee and tea, and don’t have any specific favourites. I do like flavoured coffees and I like to grind my own beans. Not sure what type of roast I prefer as I haven’t ever taken the time to keep track of what type I am drinking when I enjoy or do not enjoy a particular cup of coffee.

  34. I am a tea lover, but this days have been chugging a whole lotta coffee. Wowser :D

  35. I love a good coffee! Make mine fresh everyday. I’ll definitely put Cafe Bustelo on the list. My criteria is that it’s fresh ground and not too strong or bitter, I’ve had some that reminded me of cigarette smoke. Yuck! My faves in Texas at the HEB Central Market is roasted Texas Pecan and at Cafe Brazil the Brazilian blends and one called French Toast. Can’t stand the stuff they make at the office, looks like dirty dish water after it “cooks” on the hot plate all day.

  36. Sometimes, I get UP for coffee! :-) My favorite: Monterey Bay Papua New Guinea Roast Organic Coffee. I buy it by the case from our local health food store and freshly grind it every morning, boil water in my little tea kettle and then brew it in a giant mug. Always by the cup…it’s extra hot that way and has PERFECT flavor. I drink a little bit of warmed up Unsweetened Organic Soymilk in it, too. Mmmmm…..Oh – and please pass the Magic Eight Bars! ;-)

  37. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do loooove the smell of it! Weird I know. totally in love with tea though, green tea with mint, or just plain peppermint are my faves. I also like hot water with the juice of half a lemon and ginger slices in the morning. so cleansing!

  38. I’m a tea gal and love it all. I have had some cinnamon chai tea that was way spicy though. Yogi’s Egyptian Licorice may be my favorite. It was a surprise that I liked it so much. It’s naturally sweet!

  39. I love your blog! I just found it by chance and since I’m a coffee lover, enjoyed your post. Trader Joe’s is my coffee supplier. At thanksgiving I picked up a cinnamon flavored red can, it was great. I also enjoy a cup of Earl Grey daily.

  40. I love a strong, flavorful coffee. I saw that exact one you have in the first picture at the store just the other day. I like the bold colors on it too haha

  41. I love them both. It’s coffee in the morning for me (oh and maybe in the afternoon again!) and tea by night. The darker the coffee the better for me too!

  42. Oh, yeah ~ LOVE coffee. The darker the better! I buy Trader Joe’s coffee, too ~ I’m a huge fan of the Organic Fair Trade French Roast… but you are winning me over with the Cafe Bustelo description. Sounds right up my alley :-D

  43. I hate coffee with an absolute passion. I don’t even really know why. But it doesn’t matter how mild the roast is, or how much flavoring or milk is added, it tastes horrible! More for everyone else :) Oh and tea – I just can’t get down with tea. I’ve tried various teas and the only one I have ever liked is chai with non-dairy milk. But not actually the chai tea that comes in packets, only from those Oregon Chai cartons. I don’t know what’s in it, but it is palatable.

  44. I was in Jamaica a couple of years ago and twice then and discovered Blue Mountain coffee, it’s very expensive in the states ( like 25.00 a pound)but we bought it at a grocery store CHEAP when we were there. IT IS WONDERFUL, almost chewy is the only way I can describe it.

  45. Finally catching up on my Google Reader! I totally drink coffe and I LOVE Bird Rock Roasters. I don’t get to go there too often, so when I do, it’s like a little treat.

    Love the picture you selected! Great smile :)

  46. Hey! I, too, love Trader Joes coffee! My favorite is the House blend. It is a dark roast, and the price of it went up for 26 oz container. I am now paying 14.99 instead of 12.99… As of late last summer. I live over a hundred miles from the nearest store, but truly love Trader Joes!!! I wish they would open a store in Springfield Illinois… I also agree about the free coffee thing…I feel like coffee should stand at attention! I definitely like the bold coffee the best.

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  48. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your rockin’ review. I bought Cafe Bustelo for my Fella’s birthday after reading your post. He is a wonderfully un-snobbish coffee snob and I wanted to get him something truly great. He was so pleased and impressed by “my” good taste (thanks again!)

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