Pretty Sky

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Diego today.  Almost 80F degrees in January and not a cloud in the sky.

One of those days that makes me happy to be alive and thankful to live here.

Here was the sky at dusk with the crescent moon in the center of the frame and a star to the left of it.


Both pictures were taken with my iPhone.

Although the skies were lovely today, I am also posting this post as a test to see if Google Reader wants to cooperate and pick up this feed.

It didn’t seem to like my previous post, Thursday Things, where I ironically discussed my love for where I live, and today’s weather reinforced that.

I just got the dinner dishes done and now it’s time for dessert.


What did the sky look like in your area today?

Have a great night and if this feed showed up in your Google Reader and you want to let me know that, I’m curious to hear about it.

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42 comments on “Pretty Sky”

  1. Gorgeous bright and sunny skies today…but temperatures only in the low 40sF. Definitely no palm trees and exotic flowers to be seen around here right now :-(
    Lovely photos!

  2. Averie all of your posts show up in my Google reader! Love your blog!

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