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It’s been a rainy and dreary weekend in San Diego, all weekend.  It figures that it was gorgeous all week; sunny and in the mid to high 70sF and then come Saturday and Sunday and just in time for the weekend, the weather turned colder, rainy, and ugly.

My kitchen was looking a little ugly, or shall I say messy, for awhile this weekend.

Turning on the oven and baking was my solution to turning on the heat.  A little oven heat tends to be my favorite way to heat up the house.  If I can make bake and heat things up with cookie-making or baking, that’s a happy day.


I made cookies similar to Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, except I stuffed them with something else.

Stay tuned for a sweet and pink recipe in the morning.

What was the best part of your weekend?  Any fun foods or fun times with family or friends?

Do you ever use the it’s not quite cold enough to turn on the heater but it’s a little chilly so I’ll turn on the oven instead approach?

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  1. I seem to have the opposite problem with my oven. Guaranteed the weekend I decide to bust out a new lasagna recipe is the weekend we’re having a heat wave, and there I am in a warm kitchen when it’s 80+ degrees out.

    The best part of my weekend just happened – my husband and I went for massages. I usually opt for the cheaper student option, and I lucked into a GREAT practitioner. One of the best massages I’ve had there!

  2. Your weather looks great to me, our high was only 35 today, bbbuurrrrr! I made some yummy chili and tried a gluten free corn bread recipe. Kept us warm but I’m sure I’d rather have had some of those Snicker Bar cookies…….looking forward to seeing your pink surprise! Thanks Averie.

  3. I do use that approach! I’m married to a “don’t touch that thermostat” kind of man (grew up with one, too) so I have to get creative to stay warm! And you call that messy? I don’t even see a single crumb! Those cookies look yummy. Looking forward to your pink project!

  4. Oooo I see coconut!

    I’ve never put the oven on to keep warm, but I definitely take a ridiculously hot bath and then get dressed in everything I own.

  5. I like the multi-purpose of oven heat when it’s chilly too! It’s also why I hate turning it on in the summer, lol.

    I love stuffed sweet things. I need more of them in my life. :)

  6. I see pink, which means my little girl will be getting involved with that one, her forever favorite color :-). To stay warm I have so many pairs of long socks and leg warmers, if I can just keep the feet warm the rest stays warm too

  7. Best part of my weekend was finishing my ruby ring and playing in the kitchen. The temps took a dive here and my brave (crazy) stepdaughter participated in a “polar plunge” for a Special Olympics fundraiser. I can’t imagine jumping into freezing cold water in 12 degree temps!!!

  8. The best part of my weekend was this morning’s yoga class with my mom which is closely followed by booking a trip to LAS VEGAS!

  9. In my opinion, the best way to turn a cold, rainy day around is to make lovely little goodies in my kitchen. Since I live in Oregon, those days happen more often than not. Since I can’t play outdoors, I can at least stock my pantry with a bunch of cookies and cupcakes… hmm, probably not good for my physical health, but definitely increases my mental health. I can’t wait to see your recipe for those cookies stuffed with some pink stuff :) I’m going to miss when Valentine’s Day is over and there aren’t as many heart-shaped and pink treats floating around the blog world

  10. Well, this weekend I walked 4 miles, grocery shopped, made key lime bars for my spouse for V-day, make au gratin potatoes and kale…and then sat down on the couch with aching legs and feet. Turns out I don’t have as much energy pregnant as I used to.

    Then we went to a friend’s house for dinner (haven’t seen them in ages – busy holidays). Had a ton of fun. Today it was swimming and I made rolls. Didn’t feel up to making homemade soup, so it’s soup from a box tonight, rolls, and kale chips.

    Rest of the weekend was chores and prep for our camping trip next weekend. Joshua Tree. Hub’s sister’s family (5 of ’em) are flying out from NY and will be joining us camping for a night, so we had to gather/borrow extra gear from friends to outfit them. Fun!

  11. It was snow storming out here in Buffalo, NY, so I fired up the oven and tried out your French Toast Sweet Potato Fries…they turned out wonderful! We even picked all the leftover sweet crunchies that were left on the pan. Delicious!
    I also made a lentil, butternut squash, and coconut milk stew. That one turned out okay; it was my first time making it. It could use a few tweaks for next time.
    Looking forward to your pink recipe!

  12. I bake when it’s cold.

  13. Snickers in cookies? My husband would be putty in my hands!

  14. It was 3 degrees outside yesterday. Not that I would know from actually feeling it though. I stay inside when it gets that cold out. I did have to shovel on Friday and that was enough “playing” in the snow for me. It’s supposed to get warm again this week. And by warm I mean 35. That’s practically a heat wave around here!

  15. LOL – yes, when it gets chilly I am all about making something that requires the oven to be on!

  16. I try to avoid the oven as much as possible in the summer, but in the winter I can always justify cranking it up! Baking is a great excuse for heat. Right…because of course I’m not actually going to eat whatever comes out…no, it’s just for the heat. Oh who am I kidding? lol

  17. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to bake something in attempts to keep warm. I generally bundle up in an extra sweater, socks and blanket (or 2) when I get chilly.

    I did make your caramelized chickpeas over the weeken and they were so good! I thought I would experiment trying both the regular version and the version with peanut flour at once, which didn’t really work out very well considering they are supposed to cook at different temperatures. At least I know which flavor I prefer :)

  18. Yeah, occasionally we will leave the oven open after we have cooked (and we have turned the oven off) to heat the house up a bit if it is not cold enough to turn the heater on.

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