Makes It Better

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups make good things even better.

I made brownies similar to Fudgy Nutella Brownies, added some Reese’s Cups, and continued to doctor them up even more.  Suffice to say they’re “pretty good”.

Sunshine and blue skies make a Saturday even better.


And so does time with my family, yoga at home…

…and baking.

However, dirty dishes do not make things better.  Excuse me while I clean up the baking dishes and then start on dinner.  And then the dinner dishes…

It’s a revolving door of dishes, but they were for a very good cause.

What did you do today?

What made your day good?  Or better than good?

Enjoy your Saturday night and the football game tomorrow, if you’re watching it.  I won’t be, but here are 25 Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes in case you have any last minute needs.

37 comments on “Makes It Better”

  1. Today ilk made. Some 5 minute Blondie from a blog I found. Did yoga super early then went for a bike ride! Feeling good!

  2. Dishes are a perfect example of the futility of life! Ha! But luckily we have lots of examples of the beauty in life, too! Those brownies do look “pretty good!” Yum!

  3. guess what averie? i’ve had my eye on those zak confetti mixing bowls for quite some time after seeing them on your blog and i just ordered some today… that made my day great! and yes, reese’s make everything look better. :)

  4. That first picture…drooooool. :-) Have a great rest of the weekend, girl!

  5. Mmm how good do those reeses cup look?? And yes, nice weather makes all the difference. Today i ran, walked with kay and josh, shopped a bit, baked and went to dinner with friends

  6. I know I’ve said it before, but I really need to learn to love yoga. Today I hit the gym for cardio since I couldn’t get out and run. Then the rest of the day was spent with friends. I call it a good Saturday.

  7. Do we get to see the brownies that first drool worthy picture went into? ;)
    Today I went to visit my brother and his new fiance, tried on a bridesmaid dress and talked about weddings! fun, fun :) have a great rest of the weekend!

  8. mmmmm drool that first picture looks amazing!

  9. Swoooon! I’ll have to get back to Costco to stock up on Reese’s :D

  10. couldn’t agree more with your first line… “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups make good things even better.” aaaand those brownies look incredible. i wouldn’t be able to keep my fingers out of that pan…

  11. i love all your sweets that you make but I’m curious.. what do you do with all of them?! You are very healthy and fit looking so I can’t imagine that you are the one polishing off all the brownies ;)

  12. Ugh. How come there is always a load (or five) of dishes to do? They never end!

    Sometimes, though, dishes are well worth it. Like that Reese’s cup creation. Totally worth it.

  13. Good Day= 11 mile run followed by an evening with my closest friends and some delicious food. I heart spinach dip!!!

  14. Had a great day today! made wonderful birthday pancakes for my step-daughter, got pedicures, made birthday cupcakes and had Hibachi Grill for dinner. finally had a day where I wasn’t sitting at home!

  15. I read a quote once that was along the lines of “A clean house is a sign of a boring life…”; it made sense to me. So I say, dirty up those dishes and work that creativity! Yesterday, we created a lo mien dish with chili orange-sauced veggies! It got messy, but it’s always worth it :) Have a great weekend!

  16. I want you to come over and clean my floors; they never look that good! While you’re at it, my yoga mat needs a good wipe-down, too, since I take it out to the track for boot-camp and never remember to wipe it down.

    Boot-camp was excellent; I was full of fire and *almost* able to keep up with the young Coast Guard studs!

  17. Oh those brownies look incredible–I’m sure many of us are anxiously awaiting that post! A good Saturday for me included a productive wt. lifting session, fixing a great dinner, and staying up past my bedtime to see a local band perform.

  18. So try on Reese, a dangerous thing for us to have with my hubby around. :-P My kitchen has been a disaster zone lately too, starting to feel like I’m always doing dishes and loading the dishwasher lately.

    We’re going to a friend’s Superbowl gathering, but I’m looking forward to creating and taking raw vegan dips more than the game. :-)

  19. love the blue sky!!! thanks girl!

  20. Played tennis for 2 hours this morning. Anything with Reese’s PB Cups is terrific, whatever you made looks heavenly!

  21. I have made the first batch of everything I’m making for the Super Bowl and I already had a full load of dishes. I need to deal with those and then to a second round. Then I actually have to make the rest of the food! It’s definitely a never-ending cycle. But the good food shared with family and friends is totally worth it. Have a great Sunday!

  22. Yoga at home, in spite of being such a simple thing, also makes me really, really happy. Heartwarming post.

  23. Mmmmm, peanut butter cups are pretty good!! I haven’t done anything today. Just lounging around :-)

  24. Oh my goodness, I want your mixing bowls!!

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