Never Turned It On

As most of the rest of the world was settling in to watch the Super Bowl, I was pumping gas at 3:15pm Sunday afternoon.  While my tank was filling, this was my view.  Gotta love iPhones.

There as no way I was going to watch grown men ram and slam into each other when I could be doing far more productive things.

Like doing some online banking and bill paying, organizing my closet, folding laundry, mindless Pinterest surfing, and mindless eating.


This beats tailgating food in my book.

Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars (Vegan & GF options)

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

I didn’t watch it and I had to look online just to see who won because I didn’t even turn the tv on all day until I hit up some recorded DVR shows.  I haven’t seen any of the Super Bowl commercials, either.  I wonder if I missed any good ones.

Scott went to Transcendental Meditation after listening to the game on his computer, which is a far cry from the man I met 13+ years ago, but I loved it when he told me there was a TM ‘party’ he wanted to attend.  He went and TM’ed and I closet organized.  We’re such party animals.

What was the best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

On Saturday, Scott wanted to take Skylar to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, which is the first movie she’s ever seen in a theater and in 3D no less, which just blew her away.  The glasses make you feel like you’re really there and she’d try to talk to Belle.  It blew me away that my husband wanted to sit through a Beauty and the Beast movie just to see the joy on Skylar’s face.  That’s a Best Of.

The weather was glorious here all weekend, 70-75F and sunny, no clouds, light breeze, just perfect.  That was definitely a best of.

The Homemade Twinkies were also a best of.

Hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. Oh love that he wanted to sit through that movie just for Skylar. So sweet!

  2. I was thinking of all the things we could have done last night while so many people were watching the game. The movie theaters were probably almost empty! :)

  3. The only time I seem to be able to meditate is when I’m doing dishes, organizing, etc. Ram Dass calls it
    “the mindless quality of total involvement that comes only when the Ego is quiet.” Love that.

  4. This is the first time I’ve ever been really aware of Superbowl. This is because, for once, it coincided with a public holiday here in NZ. I could hear all sorts of yelling and partying going on in the houses around ours and wondered what was up. In my own lounge I found my guy glued to the TV. He looked at me and said “to complete this experience I need a hotdog with fluoro orange cheese and mustard”. Haha.

  5. wow, that is so sweet of Scott! I bet Skylar loved it!
    The best thing that happened this weekend was that it was snowing here in London. Everything was white and it was just magical.
    Best thing I ate: peanut butter cookies!
    Speaking of which, I have made this recipe before I went vegan and I thought it was right up your alley.
    I am sure you would love it. Very sweet, white chocolate AND peanut butter :D

  6. I never watch the Super Bowl either! I love Super Bowl Sunday though b/c the stores are empty!!! My hubby and I went out to eat and Valentine’s day shopping! The best thing I ate was homemade rise krispie treats with reese pieces! Yum :)

  7. That’s so sweet, I love Beauty and the Beast! We watched, but I watched just to spend time with my hubby, and for the food! :-)

  8. That was such a sweet moment to read about Scott and Skylar. I am sure she will remember it forever, her first movie, and in 3D. Perfect!
    We didn’t watch super bowl, we have tv only for Xbox and Netflix, no antenna, no cable.
    I did make some rolls that I’ll be posting tonight, so come check it out! And Thank you for the link to a camera bag.

  9. We didn’t turn it on either– and there’s no WAY I’d be sitting in front of the tv if such a blue sky was waiting for me outside!!

  10. iphones really do rock! They capture so many awesome memories so easily. Golden grahams are delicious. I did watch the super bowl because I love the pats! Sadly, they lost :(. Week is off to a good start- taught Body Pump, cleaned, went for a walk with Kaylin & my Aunt, quick errands and now we’re playing

  11. Aww, its so sweet that Scott wanted to take Skylar to the movies!

    I watched some of the Super Bowl and spent the rest of the time baking vegan, gluten free coconut macaroons. Of the commercials I saw, there was a hilarious Doritos commercial involving a great dane- google it!

  12. Would you believe I didn’t turn on the game either? I got rid of cable the day after the Packers lost and my old tv doesn’t get any channels. I spent those three hours grading papers instead. Talk about party animals…

  13. We went to a SB party, but I didn’t really pay much attention. I was too busy smearing my head into my friend’s TODIEFOR buffalo cheese dip.

    Seriously, I can’t think about it right now without getting sad.

  14. haha, love it! superbowl wasn’t even on tv here. WE actually stopped by an american sports bar just to catch the last quarter and it bar was empty! hehe. I need to make these twinkies. i’ve starred them 2x.

  15. Good call on the movie – love that!


  16. Ha ha, I skipped out on the Stupid Bowl, too. Zero interest. ZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ!

    Best thing I ate were some homemade French macarons that my friend taught me how to make. Seriously amazing little treats.

    Glad Skylar liked the e-card ;-) And that awesome about Scott taking her to the movies.

  17. Oh my… you sure know how to make people happy!

  18. I watched the half time show but not much else. I feel a little guilty–the game was in my home state 2 hours from where I live. But…I’m just not that into it. I would rather see Beauty and the Beast than a football game and so nice of Scott to take Skylar!

  19. Nope, didn’t watch the Super Bowl. The best thing I ate over the weekend was BBQ ribs at my friends’ wedding.

  20. Kinda stayed in the kitchen during the superbowl but did catch Madonna! The best thing I ate: gingerbread cake- YUM! and those twinkies- CRAZY……………goood!
    Thanks for the blue sky- needed some of that. Cheers!

  21. I am completely apathetic about the Super Bowl. The best thing I ate this weekend was the lentil burrito from Ranchos in North Park. Man, that is my new favorite restaurant.

  22. I love how your hubby has turned into a zen guy since moving to California. Since moving here I have gotten into the whole spiritual and meditation groove. There’s just something about California :)

    Zoe and I skipped the game and took advantage of deserted downtown SF and shopped :) We had to get her a dress for her cotillion dance. Didn’t find anything but had a great time anyway. Makes me realize I need to get in the city more.

    • The city is nice but Marin isn’t too shabby :) And yes, life in CA does change people; so does age and wisdom and an overall greater consciousness about all things Zen that you just find here more often than you find in say, rural No-WheresVille USA, so to speak :)

  23. You are too cute. I knew the big game was coming up, but we aren’t big football fans, so the day went by without a notice yesterday. The TV never turned on here. We’re finally getting that CA sunshine up north! So excited to have it and to go back south when it leaves :)

  24. Did not watch the Super Bowl. Gag me.

    Best thing I ate this weekend? Hmmm…probably zucchini spaghetti with pesto and a yummy green smoothie sweetened with DElicious NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia and cinnamon. LOVE that stuff.

    I can just see Skylar’s face. How awesome that her first movie was a 3D version of Beauty and the Beast. What a perfect movie for a little princess who just loves princess movies! :-)

  25. We had the game on in the background, but my husband got called out to work, and I had other things to do. So I didn’t really watch. But then again, I don’t usually watch football, anyway!

  26. LOVE that he sat through it…so sweet. You and Skylar are blessed. :)

  27. I did watch, although I didn’t pay much attention to the football. I did watch the commercials though! I loved the yogurt commercial with John Stamos. Hilarious through the very end :)

  28. I’m not a huge Superbowl fan and the commercials weren’t even that great. But it was fun hanging out and drinking with friends. So sweet of Scott to watch that movie for Skylar, I liked that one as a kid.

    The best thing for me over the weekend was the VegFest.

  29. I did watch the Super Bowl – I’m a huge football fan, and my team was playing so I pretty much had to :) Sadly, not the outcome I wanted, but ah well.

    How sweet of your husband to take your daughter to the movie!

  30. Oh.My. Gawd. Homemade Twinkies??? You blow me away! I didn’t watch the game either. I went and got a tattoo! Good conversation with the artists who couldn’t care less about the Superbowl either, and a quiet peaceful art session. :)
    Love your blog!

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