Oh Gorgeous

Oh, Gorgeous.

That’s what I said when I opened the mail took a look at this bag from Cassey, who is the founder, creator, and owner of oGorgeous.com.

Cassey is also a Pilates and Group Fitness instructor, she has a great website called Blogilates, has a a new YouTube Channel called Blogilates TV and has her original POP Pilates on YouTube

To say she’s busy is an understatement and in all her spare time she managed to design a line of fabulous bags.


I received the Pleated Pocked Gym Bag in Chrome Dazzle

And I love it!

I’ve been stuffing it full of all my gear.  The intended use is gym gear but I’ve used it as a daytime and around-town bag that holds snacks, gym clothes, items from my purse that I’ve thrown in, and my Macbook, too.  I can also put camera gear in it or use it as a carry-on travel bag.  It’s big enough to be versatile but not huge that things disappear into the bag hole of abyss.

It’s sparkly but it’s not one of those bags that the sequins will flake off and then all of a sudden you’re missing a row of sequins.

The workmanship on this bag is awesome.

It has handles and a shoulder strap, tons of pockets and zippered compartments with a nook and cranny to stuff everything.

You can even stuff a yoga mat in it.

Cassey has offered a discount to my readers. Use code “LOVEVEGGIES” to receive 10% off your order (code expires in one week)

And any fitness instructors/trainers can email Cassey with a copy of their ID, certification, or schedule and will receive 20% off all oGorgeous orders, forever.

I’m quite the Bag Lady

I have a post about some of my favorite bags

And I have camera bags

Camera Bag from Etsy

Re-purposed vintage bag

And most recently, I picked up a camera and laptop combo backpack.   This backpack saved me running through airports and trying to manage gear, a child, snacks, other carry-ons and more on our last trip.

I cannot recommend this camera and laptop combo backpack highly enough and the price is right.

From black and clunky to sparkly and fun, I love bags and am thrilled with the oGorgeous bag.

You can even stuff snacks into the bag; imagine that.

A few Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies Smores Bars wrapped in plastic have found their way into the bag; imagine that.

Do you have a favorite bag?  Do you have any bags on your wish list?

Weekend Plans?

It’s going to be gorgeous here and I won’t be watching the Superbowl but I have 25 Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes just in case.

Maybe I’ll be shopping or baking…

TGIF and enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a great bag. I could even see that working as a stylish diaper bag! I refused to buy the standard diaper bags on the market when my son was born in August because they look so drab. I have just been using my purse.

    Speaking of workouts, in addition to your runs do you still do at home weight and yoga workouts? We finally have a garage in he new house we moved into and set up a home gym with a few items, plus we have sidewalks right out side our door now and am loving it. Such a time saver!

  2. That bag is perfect to stash diapers and my gym clothes. I think I need it. I also think I need those bars. You can just bring the bars to brooklyn, right?

  3. LOVE the O Gorgeous bags and Cassey! I follow her and love her videos. Thanks for posting this Averie, you just gave me inspiration for a Valentines “want” ;) Have a great weekend!

  4. That is one gorgeous bag! Much classier than sequins and I love that they won’t fall off.

  5. Had I not purchased my lululemon bag a few months ago, I would get one of Cassey’s bags. My bag doesn’t hold my yoga mat but it’s the perfect color: a minty green!

  6. I am SUCH a bag lady too – forget the shoes, it’s all about the bag for me! That sparkly bag is gorgeous, and thanks for the heads up on the camera bag, I was needing one!

  7. Holy Moly! That is quite a bag! I am not a bag lady, I am more of a shoe gal, but that bag is just spectacular! Oh and those Smores bars look super amazing :)

  8. Nice bag indeed and I also really like your camera bag from Etsy. I checked out the o.Gorgeous website– I really need a new gym bag so that just might be the ticket for me!

  9. Love bags too. My sister and I were just discussing with a friend that we needed to do a bag/accessory swap party.

  10. I am SOOO jealous. I’ve wanted one of these bags since I saw them a few months back. I have an underarmour bag that gets the job done, but I love the idea of all the zippers and the fact that this looks like a girl’s gym bag.


  11. LOVE Cassey, her bags and her pilates videos!
    And your bag is totally fitting for you, I would say :)
    Thanks for the discount :)

  12. great bag! I really need a good laptop/camera bag. When I travel, I stuff both into a Burberry tote bag which is neither safe for the items or my shoulders!

    happy weekend!

  13. I own exactly four bags. One medium, one large, one clutch and my gym bag. I’m just not that really into them I guess! I love oohing and aahing over pictures, but I just wouldn’t use them if I ever had them. I stick to my medium one daily and only use the others for special occasions.

  14. Oh my goodness, I think I found a new item to add to my “must-haves” list. That bag is so freaking purty! I love how shiny and glitzy it is. Especially with the purple lining on the inside. Seriously, does it get better than that? I want I want I want that bag! Better go tell the hubby we might be cutting back a bit this week cuz Mama needs to buy herself some new bling. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you, Averie. I’ll thank you when I receive it in the mail and then curse you when I get my credit card bill :)

  15. I NEED a new gym bag like mad. I have several, but they are all the wrong size or don’t have pockets/zippers/whathaveyou. I keep saying I’ll make one, but clearly time is not on my side there. but everytime I see one I want, I think to myself…I can make something.

    Right now I’m using a canvas Trader Joe’s bag. Classy.

  16. I NEED a new camera bag. Super super bad!

  17. Oh yea, I do have a bag on my wish list, the camera bag/computer bag. It’s not a wish, it’s a NEED one. I clicked on the link and your amazon page wasn’t available. What brand is it? I love the orange!

  18. Oh dear Lord, I just feel in LOVE with that bag. The Yoga mat portability feature…oohh la la! WANT!

    Just sent a belated bday shoutout to you to share with Skylar ;-)

  19. That camera and laptop bagpack is amazing!!

    Oh, gorgeous!! Want :)

  20. I bought an oGorgeous yoga mat bag before my training and still absolutely love it without a single complaint to this day. Whenever I have to drive to a studio, that’s what stores my mat, towel, and yogitoes. I get compliments on it all the time too! Glad you like yours too!

    Haha no Superbowl for me either ;)

  21. Cuuuuute!!! I love how many different ways you could use it!

    I’ve never seen that camera/laptop bag– I need one of those!!

  22. Love the bag…like a magpie I’m drawn to sparkly things! Thanks for the discount offer…on my way!

  23. My gym bag is soo boring! Who knew you could get one with sparkle. Love all the bags…will have to check out the website.

    Happy weekend!

  24. Your not kidding, that bag is gorgeous!! I need to get one!

  25. Ah wow that bag is AWESOME!! I love the sparkles…I simple do not have enough sparkly things in my life.

    I am digging your re-purposed vintage bag too. Nothing like vintage!

  26. Wow! I love it. What a stylish workout bag! And I love that you can slip a yoga mat in the back.

  27. That new bag is gorgeous! Thinking about getting one and using it as a bag for school; purse isn’t big enough to hold my books, lunch + purse stuff, and backpacks aren’t really my thing. Thanks for sharing this awesome product :)

  28. My favourite bag is a Louis Vuitton that I got on my honeymoon. I want to get a new designer bag when I go to NY in April.

    Weekend plans = friends’ wedding tonight!!!!

  29. Love love LOVE that bag! I’ve been in search of a really beautiful, but still functional gym back for MONTHS now – and have come up short! This bag is obviously gorgeous and looks like it fits everything, even a yoga mat! It’s a bit pricey, so I’m gonna have to save up, haha!

  30. Averie, this entire post is just drool worthy. Bags, bars, KitchenAids… YES YES YES! :)

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