Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie

What should you do with a surplus of yogurt, a big and awkward gallon-sized jar of spiced apple cider taking up valuable refrigerator door space, and a hot 79 degree day in the middle of January?

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

Make apple pie smoothies of course.

Creamy and sweet with a little tang from the apple cider and the yogurt.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!


If you have time and you’re not in a rush to blend ‘n chug this immediately, pop one in the freezer and you’ll have apple cider frozen yogurt on your hands, which was perfect to eat while I was watching Top Chef Texas.

I have to have a snack or something to slurp while I watch that show.  Watching food shows translates into wanting food.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

These went down so easily, especially because we were having a little hot snap in San Diego in the middle of winter a few days ago.

Nothing like a fall-themed drink, in the middle of winter, when temps were middle-of-summer-like.  A drink for all seasons.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

 Skylar loved these.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

 I loved that they used up various odds and ends in my fridge.

And that I used enough cinnamon to really taste it in the finished smoothie, which was nice because I’m a cinnamon fan and many times it just gets lost, but not in these.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

Thirsty yet?

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) - Sweet, creamy & you know what they say...An apple pie smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, gluten-free)
Prep time
Total time
Smooth, creamy, refreshing and tastes like a slice of spiced apple pie in a cup.
Serves: about 16 ounces, 2 generous smoothies
  • 1½ cups apple cider or apple juice
  • 1 cup yogurt (vanilla, plain, or apple cinnamon; use regular, vegan, soy, coconut milk, or your favorite yogurt)
  • ¼ cup milk or non-dairy nut milk, optional (omit for a thicker smoothie)
  • 1 medium ripe banana (previously frozen is ideal but not required)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch nutmeg and/or cardamom, optional
  • sugar or sweetener (agave, stevia, maple syrup, etc.) optional and to taste
  • 2 cups ice, optional and as necessary
  1. Combine all ingredients, except ice, in a large blender or Vita-Mix and blend until smooth and creamy, taking care any sweetener used has dissolved and is well incorporated. If desired, pour over ice or blend ice into the smoothie noting that this will water it down a bit; if time permits refrigerating or freezing smoothie to chill is recommending.
  2. Tips: Pour excess portion(s) into glasses and freeze ahead for later (30 seconds in the microwave is what I do to thaw in a hurry); pour excess into bowls and freeze for apple pie frozen yogurt; or pour into Popsicle molds, paper cups, or ice cube trays and freeze for homemade frozen treats.
  3. Optional: Add 1 to 2 ounces of Rum, Vodka, Marshmallow Vodka, Apple Vodka, Apple Schnapps, Gran Marnier or similar, per smoothie portion, or to taste. Or add 1 to 2 scoops of vanilla or plain protein powder. Use caramel sauce in the mixture or drizzled over the top before drinking.

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Do you like apple pie?  Apple juice?  Apple cider?

I’m a fan of all of the above but I don’t have any of them very often.

Apple juice and apple cider I tend to only buy in the fall but had unopened plastic jugs of them in the refrigerator and decided to play a game called Operation Use Up This Random Food and the smoothie helped take care of both my thirst and my refrigerator storage issues.

Apple Crumble (No-Bake, Vegan, GF) was a recipe I made over and over a few years ago but forgot about it.  I like it better than most traditional baked apple pies.

Caramel Apple Bars (GF with vegan options) were amazing and I need to re-make those.

More Apple Recipes here

Are you an apple fan?

85 comments on “Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie”

  1. Apple pie frozen yogurt sounds amazing – as do these smoothies!

  2. What a great idea! Perfect for 79 degree weather!

  3. Recipe sound delicious!!!! Can’t wait to try it out. Soon let you know how it goes.

  4. Mmm the apple smoothie looks so tasty! Lovely idea!

  5. I’m not sure how you’ve done it! I am freezing, but now craving a cold smoothie/frozen yogurt! I love apples, but can only eat them blended, juiced, or cooked…so this will be perfect. :-)

  6. I love apples themselves, but I’m not fond of juice or cider. It smells and looks just like urine to me. Give me a coconut water instead!

  7. YUM! I love love smoothies and this sounds like a baked apple pie in smoothie form :)

  8. Just finishing up apple cinnamon oatmeal if that answers the apple question ;-)

  9. I have all of these ingredients on hand – the coincidental thing being that this morning I just made apple pancakes with (vegan) cream cheese and peanut butter!

  10. oh I bet this would be great topped with a bit of whipped cream. And maybe even some goldschlagger!

  11. Hahaha…I love the optional alcohol :-) THAT is a smoothie I can get behind!!

  12. Super yum! I would never thought of an apple pie smoothie, I know I would love it! I love anything with apples. Going to bookmark this recipe!! Hmmm, I wonder I think I’ll some apple juice from the cafe from my work, added my vanilla yogurt, apple and a banana and make this for breakfast this morning. I brought my spare blender into the office for emergencies like this!!

  13. loooooooove all things apple! i WILL try to smoothie later this week.. thanks for sharing such great recipes!

  14. Hi, just wanted to say “hello” as I am from San Diego too! (PB area) Your recipes and blog are great!

  15. I love ANYTHING apple! at the moment i am crazy about the apple cinnamon buckwheat combo! this smoothie looks so delicious!

  16. I can’t wait to get home at watch last night’s Top Chef! It comes on way past my bedtime, so I always have to DVR it. Even though I try to follow a strict “no eating dinner with the tv on” policy, Thursday nights are always an exception. It’s kind of impossible to watch Top Chef and NOT eat!
    I love this variation of the apple pie smoothie! I’ve tried a few out, and will have to add this to list. I might have to drag out my juicer (or maybe finally use my Vitamix as a juicer) for apple juice.
    Heck- I bet I can just throw in slices of apple in the Vitamix with the other ingredients and save time…
    And yes- I am thirsty now.

  17. Yes–of course!
    I loaded up on honey crisp apples from a local orchard back in November and have about 8 left…I am savoring them (and it’s amazing how long and how well they have kept!).

  18. I love apple anything and at any time of the year! I always love your smoothies! Bonus that this one used up the fridge…love dishes like that!

  19. I love apples and just made this smoothie to take with me back to work (so unfortunately I couldn’t spike it with any of those optional add ins and just had to settle for cinnamon and cardamom!) It tastes great and the banana really gives it a thick texture. I’m pretty much a fan of most anything apple (pie, crumble, cider, sauce,etc).

  20. I LOVE apples. I actually eat one every single day I love them that much. Apple pie is the best, but I only have it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don’t know why, because it’s awesome. This smoothie looks amazing! I love actually being able to taste the cinnamon when it’s in things. Why put it in there if you can’t taste it? Exactly :)

  21. Yum, this looks so good. I made homemade apple cider last year. It was a real pain but so worth it like most things good in life. I keep forgeting to ask where you got your glass straws? They look perfect for Smoothies, Thanks!

  22. Anything involving cinnamon (especially the amazing new Chobani) has to be delicious!

  23. this looks so much heavier than it actually is. it’d be fun to make it into little popsicles!

  24. Awesome job on the smoothie, it looks wonderful! I pretty much like anything apple.

  25. That smoothie looks delicious! This time of year the farmer’s markets in NYC consist almost entirely of apples and apple products, like apple cider, so this is a perfect way for me to keep eating locally even on 60 degree February days!!

  26. Excuse me while I run to my kitchen, make this, and inhale it all.

    (And yes, I love apples!)

  27. I love apple pie, but my family doesn’t so I almost never get to have it. This is a great drink with the same flavors, and I have everything I need in my fridge already!! 79 degrees in winter – I want to live there!

  28. I feel like apple is the essential, but often forgotten, smoothie addition. Thanks for bringing it back! Love your photos, too.

  29. I’ve never liked the texture of putting whole apples into smoothies, so I love the idea of using cider! Yay!

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  31. Smart idea!! I never crave an apple, but when I do eat one I really enjoy it.

  32. Wow. Yet another amazing, delicious, yummy and EASY recipe! You rock, Averie. My youngest has asked for this with his breakfast! :-)

  33. This will make breakfast extra special…Smooth and flavorful smoothie! Great one Averie!

  34. Delicious looking smoothies! Visiting from Fusion Fridays. I love watching Top Chef and definitely agree that you have to have something to snack on while watching!

  35. wow this smoothie sounds amazing! and so simple to mix up :) i can’t wait to try this, especially since we’re having the same warm spell up here in l.a.!

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  37. Mmmm I love apples and apple pie! I usually resort to applesauce when I’m craving a sweet apple treat, but I’ll try an apple pie smoothie next time :)

    Gotta love this Southern California “winter…” my first time living year-round in SoCal in over 5 years and I have to say I can’t complain about this weather.

    Perfect smoothie weather!

  38. I’m loving this! I’ve been a smoothie machine lately and this is calling my name!

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  43. I love the apple pie smoothie, all health

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  49. I love apple anything and at any time of the day! Love your smoothies!

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