Thursday Things

Here are my Thursday Things for the week:

1. Manuka Honey.  This is the Cadillac of honey.  If you like honey, Manuka honey is going to rock your world.  It’s the most wonderful tasting honey I’ve ever tried.  This type of honey is typically produced in Australia or New Zealand and there are different brands of Manuka honey.  To be labeled Manuka honey, honey should have a manuka pollen count of at least seventy percent.

I tried Manuka honey for the first time about six years ago and fell in love.

I am a believer in the healing properties and benefits of honey, too.  Honey is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, but most honey you buy in stores isn’t living and has been pasteurized and has had the good properties stripped away.


Honey has UMF Ratings.  “The UMF® found only in selective Manuka honey describes the anti-bacterial property (from non peroxide activity), sought after for its qualities that support the body’s natural health and wellbeing. Independent laboratory testing determines the UMF® value after the honey is packaged. The higher the UMF level, the higher the level of anti-bacterial benefits.  Besides the health promoting properties this product has wide appeal as a pleasurable eating experience…”

0 – 4:    Not detectable

5 – 9:    Maintenance Level

10 – 14:    Suitable for therapeutic usage

15 and higher:   Superior levels with very high activity levels for therapeutic usage

2. UMF Active 10+ honey is a little bit of a splurge but you’re worth it.  Consider it your sweet treat to yourself for Valentine’s Day.

Use code AVE630 to save $5 on your iHerb order and all orders over $40 ship free.  Never pay retail for anything from vitamins to protein powder, nutritional yeast, stevia, lotions, probioics, bulk spices, and more.

3. The Eater Spring 2012 Cookbook and Foodbook Preview

Do I “need” another cookbook?  No.  Do I want 27 more after looking at this list?  Yes.  I love cookbooks.

4. Deb’s post on Why Did My Cookies Spread?

There’s all kinds of possible reasons.  Dough temp, butter or margarine, temperature of the cookies sheets, surface of the cookie sheets…

5. That post ties in with my thin-nish Mango and White Chocolate Cookies.  Tasted great and were super soft and chewy (even more so than thicker cookies which was a bonus), they just a little spready.  But they got eaten.  No problems there.

6. And that ties in with flour and does the brand of flour matter?

Thanks for your thoughts and comments on if you think King Arthur is worth it.

7. These Tom’s Lina Woven Ballet Flats.  They are not backordered in my size.  For once, it’s good to be a bigfoot.

8. Can you wear the Valentine’s Women Classic year round?  I think I’d like to try.

9. Can you eat chocolate and peanut butter year round?  I don’t have to try.  I do.

Ritz Cracker Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups (NoBake and Vegan. Ritz are ‘accidentally vegan‘) combine my two year round faves.

10. Personalized spoons on Etsy.  So cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are your Thursday Things? 

What’s caught your interest lately?  Food, recipes, websites, products, books?  What are your things?

Do you like honey?  Shoes?


  1. I am not a big fan of the look of the regular Toms but soooo want a pair of the wedges and loving the ballet flats too.

  2. That honey sounds wonderful! My favorite tasting honey is the stuff that comes with the individual cups of Fage greek yogurt. Nothing I buy locally compares taste wise for me, it’s weird. I should try the Manuka honey! Those Toms are so cute too!

  3. love those spoons! PERFECT gift.

  4. honey! yumm. i’m actually lucky enough to have my own honey thanks to a few hives in the backyard :) local + raw/unpasteurized, can’t beat it! i grew up on the stuff- natures best antibacterial!

  5. My heated pad to soothe my muscles after a run. A must have. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one sooner.

  6. I like honey, especially the delicious stuff I won in your giveaway!!! It is soooooo good!!!!

    And shoes … ooooooh shoes … don’t even get me started!!!!!!

  7. I have to admit- I didn’t know about any different grades/ratings of honey. I love honey, but am certainly not a connoisseur! I will have to check out that site and LOVE that shipping is free over $40- I am sure that spending that much won’t be a problem. Thanks! I think….
    My current “thing” of the week are chickpea cookies… I’m kind of obsessed. :)

  8. I love natural unprocessed raw honey. It smells and tastes heavenly: meadow in my mouth! When we moved here, my first farmer I became friends with was a “honey man”. This cute 80+ years old man is a sunshine on his own. He’s funny, knows his product super well, and – a bonus – I get a bee’s wax and a pollen from him for my skincare products! Sorry, what was the question?! oh, yes, my thing. I guess I want some honey now, I am going to make some tee and have it with some honey… If you’ll excuse me… :)

  9. I need to look for that honey!
    And that slocombe ice cream book? Totally rocks!

  10. I generally have raw local honey around but forgot about the Manuka so now I want to find some after reading about its superior quality. I started ordering from I-Herb after learning about it from your blog and you are so right about their prices and good deals. Love shoes (and boots this time of year), and bags…. and jewelry…and bargains!

  11. I’m still swooning over those ritz peanut butter cups. Just can’t seem to bring myself to add more dishes than what I already have! But I will have to make them soon. My husband has a sweet tooth and he loves the idea. My father in law keeps talking about black honey- I haven’t tried it yet but would like to.

  12. I don’t use too much honey but did you know that eating local honey helps cure seasonal allergies? And I LOVE my toms. I just got them about 6 months ago but I wear them anyday I don’t have my rainbow flipflops on. I wish those ballet flats werent so expensive though!

    • That’s why I’ve been eating more of lately: seasonal allergies. Glad you know about that, too.

      Love your Toms? Ok, good, b/c I ordered my first pair :) My other shoes that I live in are Rainbow Flips. For the past 10 years, it’s all I buy. Or Nikes!

  13. I lvoe the looks of the Toms but they look uncomfortable. Everyone swears they aren’t though.

    Manuka Honey. I like it, but I like the raw tastes like frsoting honey better. I can eat a jar in a week So I rarely buy it. That’s an expensive habit, you know.

    My Thursday Thing is Heart of Palm. I had never had them until today. I ate an entire jar for my afternoon snack and then went to the store tonight to get more. Oh lord. I’m in trouble.

    • Heart of Palm. When Scott and I went on our first date (to Atltana! from Chicago…he picked me up at my apt and took me to…the airport!) and we went to Atlanta and I remember eating at a restaurant called The Palm (they are in many big cities) anyway, I had a salad with heart of palm on it and have been a fan every since. Great in stir fries, too. Alongside baby corn, water chestnuts, and those Asian-ish veggies.

  14. Manuka honey rocks. I had my oldest son wash his face with it for a week and his skin cleared up! I also put it on an infection I had from an old piercing and it went away. Good stuff…

    One of my Thursday things is that I bought a donut pan from BBB today. However, they only had a giant donut pan or mini donut pans so I bought the mini one. Can I make your donut recipes in that pan and if so, how do I adjust?

    Happy Thursday to you…it’s almost FRIDAY!! Woo hoo!!! :-)

  15. I love Manuka honey, definitely worth the extra cost :) I remember buying it for my Mum when she had an awful chest infection, and everything cleared up so quick! Those ballet flats are gorgeous, and the spoons are so sweet!

  16. I want every single one of those cookbooks. A girl can’t have too many cookbooks, in my opinion!

  17. You know I used to be a beekeeper when I lived in HI–love bees and honey! I haven’t been eating honey hardly at all since I moved here, but right now I have a cold/flu and have been having a little manuka honey and some other healing honey from HI to help.

  18. Those Toms are freakin’ adorable. I need a pair and this would be perfect.

    I’ve seen those spoons everywhere. Thanks for the link!

  19. Lovely! I particularly like the looks of that honey…



  20. I love those spoons! Super cute. I’m actually not a huge fan of honey, but I don’t think I have ever had the good honey. My dad just bought whatever kind came in a bear. Even now when my husband wants honey he wants it in bear form. He once told me that’s how they should measure it too. One bear’s worth of honey, two bear’s worth… I love that man, lol.

  21. we just started using Manuka honey for our skin. it has helped with inflammation! great stuff

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  23. OOOH I love those personalized spoons!! So cute :) Also thanks for writing about honey. I have wondered about Manuka honey and it’s nice to hear someone elses opinion. Plus I didn’t really understand the ratings.

  24. Hi there, I really like your site, so incredible . I have a question and hope hope you can offer assistance. (I’m not vegan ..I hope that is okay…I don’t intend or want to be either, hope that is also okay).
    I eat a diet with a lot of whole fats (whole eggs, avocados, olive and coconut oils, etc), fish and chicken, protein powder, yogurt, veggies and fruit, Lundberg brown rice cakes, some wild rice, gluten-free breads, gluten-frree cereals, nondairy milks, some flax, nuts/seeds, dark chocolate, etc.
    I’ve been binging a lot for the last month. Every single night I eat yogurt, fruit, nuts, dark chocolate (1 ounce of chocolate every night) and 4 or 5 rice cakes before bed (and more, I’m giving examples). I feel like my colon, kidneys, and liver need a serious cleanse and to be reset since my bowels are so unhealthy feeling and appearance and my body is cramping at a chronic rate. However, I’m unwilling to lose weight. How do I accomplish such a feat? I’m confused. How does one stop the binges, “recover” and ‘cleanse” the body from a cleanse without losing weight (I’m already low weight and fear losing more)? Due to physical impairments I cannot exercise the “next day” to make me feel “cleansed” so I feel terrible about making it worse and worse each day and night. Should I feel so bad? Have I “ruined” my body? What are sample meal plan days to recover and help my organs/body without losing weight? Any advice you can give would be incredible. Email me if better. Thank you.

  25. I bought King Arthur’s whole wheat flour, and I really like it.. It seems lighter than other brands, but I rarely have to buy it because I bake maybe once a week if that. Since you bake SO much and have a knack for making yummy things I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra though. So helpful I know–but I do like it :)

  26. Honey I love! And Manuka Honey is definitely a gem with so many wonderful benefits for our precious bods.
    Hmmmm…. My Thursday things? Cute frilled sports skirts from Lululemon Athletica. Baking for the first time the BEST flourless chocolate cake and winning over my Fiance’s tummy on Valentine’s Day. Re-discovering gorgeous watercolour paints…. their splashes of pastel rainbows make them a warm and fuzzy Thursday thing for me. xo

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