Thursday Things & LinkUp

Here are this week’s Thursday Things

1. LorAnn Oils– “Concentrated Flavors (candy oils) for Candy, Chocolate and Baking. The term “candy oil” refers to a type of flavor that is concentrated and undiluted. These flavors are 3 to 4 times stronger than grocery store extracts.”

No Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar Free (except Canadian Maple & Maple), Gluten Free, Contain No Vegetable Oils, Certified Kosher

Use in Hard candy, chocolate, truffles, candy centers, fondant, frosting, ganache, fudge, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, sweet breads….

The flavor choices are amazing from peanut butter, marshmallow, pear, to mint chocolate chip and pumpkin.


2. I ordered these woven Tom’s

And these crocheted numbers, but they were both about a half size too big and they don’t come in the size I need.

I paid about $12.50 to have them shipped to me, and then paid another $12.50 to mail them back, and so for $25 bucks, I tried on shoes. That I don’t own.

That’s why I don’t order shoes online. I try it every few years, get burned when they arrive and don’t fit. It’s nothing against Tom’s, it could be any company. It’s just too hard to buy shoes over the internet, despite being tempted.

3. A see-through glass and stainless steel toaster by Magimix. The only toaster with a viewing window that lets you watch the toasting process in action.

4. Easter Story Time Decal Glasses.  A mama and papa bunny nestling with their baby bunny to read a book. The bunny family story hour, I love it.

5. Marshmallow Madness Cookbook Giveaway for 3 Winners

 6. Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant

Technically made for a man, but I like the way it smells, I like the way it works, and I love that it’s about an inch wider than women’s deodorant and that I don’t have to make as many up and down motions and side-to-side motions with it. It’s like using paint roller rather than a paint brush, and I’m all about efficiency.

Plus, not smelling like tulips, daisies, and “summer breeze fantasies” all the time is sometimes refreshing.

7. As long as we’re talking dark, how about Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies Stuffed with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

8. I went to retrieve this post from my drafts and discovered that none of it had saved, so I’ve just re-done it (fun!), but can’t remember all the things I included in the original post.

9. These spatulas. Flat on one side, curved on another, with a flat tip. Best of all worlds in one.

10. Use a spatula and go make Caramel and Chocolate Gooey Bars. You’ll need a spatula, lots of soap and water for your sticky hands. And possibly a treadmill.

What are your Thursday Things?

Do you like finding out about new baking products as much as I do?

Do you have success with ordering things online?

Clothes and shoes are tricky, unless I’m simply replacing a pair of these. I know my size and re-purchase them as needed.

Clothes are hard because not only is the sizing tricky, but I am a fabric junkie. If the material isn’t just right in terms of softness or stretchiness, I won’t end up wearing it and so it’s generally better I touch and feel the items in person, and try things on is always preferred to guessing.

Feel free to Link Up anything fun, exciting, tasty, or noteworthy you’ve made, seen, or want to showcase by clicking on the blue button.

46 comments on “Thursday Things & LinkUp”

  1. Ok, so I really need those oils. Yum! And loving that spatula. They’ve come a long way haven’t they? Oh – my Thursday Thing that I’m loving is the cookbook I got yesterday. Thank you!

  2. I LOVE both of those toms. I went cheap and bought the plain grey ones. But now that I know how much I love them I am splurging for some fun ones next time!

  3. Have you tried Zappos and Piperlime? Both free shipping both ways, and I think they carry Toms! I just got burned with pants that didn’t fit from Urban Outfitters a couple weeks ago- when I tried to return them in the store, there was a “glitch” with my payment and I could only get store credit. Gee thanks.

  4. That toaster would be incredible! I ALWAYS burn my toast!

  5. I have no idea why no one has come up with a see-through toaster before. You can totally avoid having burnt toast forever with that thing! You only have to watch it the first few times and then you can get the right setting and boom. Done! Haha I am so easily sold on convenience appliances ;).

    I love the idea of flavoured oils, and those crocheted Toms are beautiful but I hear ya on the online shopping. When they don’t cover shipping for purchases and returns, it gets real pricey. :(

  6. I would love that toaster, so cool looking!

  7. I’ve had great luck getting shoes online. Bras- that’s a different story! That deodorant is hilarious! So they’re making bacon fragrance for women, and chocolate for men? That’s pretty genius.

  8. You can also get the LorAnn’s Oils on Amazon and on a website called “Sweets” or something like that. I posted about it about a year ago and I bought amaretto, marshmallow, cherry coke, peanut butter, and a couple others I can’t remember. they are good and really strong, but TINY. I wouldn’t think you could make them last much longer than 2-3 batches of cookies. But maybe my taste buds have gotten weaker with all the spice I eat. ;)

    I live in such a small town, so I have to shop online. I’ve gotten a few things that don’t fit/work and I just ended up eating the whole price and keeping them because it was more $$ to return!

    The toaster. I don’t even own one. I have a toaster oven though – does all the same stuff as a toaster, plus more, and with a glass door. Couldn’t tell you the last time I used it though.

    • I dont own a working toaster either! I had an el cheapo that I just left in our last was so old and I used it…never…in the year we lived there.

      I remember when you went on the extracts spree!! Didnt know they were LorAnn’s. You beat me to the punch (we are on the same wavelength…again!) :)

  9. I’ve had luck with Zappos and Endless for shoes…my foot is big (11) and narrow so it’s tough to find shoes that actually fit and are comfortable. Free shipping and free return postage is super.
    I had bad luck recently with Brooks Brothers. Ended up paying almost $50 in shipping for a dress, 2 sizes, no luck. Ugh!
    That toaster is amazing!

    • I’m a 12! Or an 11.5, or possibly in Tom’s, an 11…but I am not paying $25 bucks more to find out and they don’t make 11.5’s They never used to make anything over a 10! You can I could swap shoe-shopping horror stories! I will try Zappos in the future if Im feeling brave.

      • Oh my gosh! Yes…shoe shopping is a challenge. I used to be a 12 and somehow my feet shrunk! I’ve always had “big” feet but they are proportional. I’m 5’10”. When I was younger I had to buy a lot of men’s shoes because women’s shoes didn’t go past a 10. I remember crying in shoe stores and my mom would always tell me, “It could be worse. At least you have your feet!”

      • Pretty much that’s my childhood memories, too. And although there are more choices now (up from ZERO!), it’s still hard. I am almost 5’11” and I Skylar already is 99 percentile for height, and her feet are already…long, thin, and ski-like. Like mine. Oh boy.

      • The craziest large shoe shopping experience I had was in Amsterdam. Was sent to a store that would have “large” sizes. I was sitting down waiting to try on a few pair and all of a sudden I looked around and it dawned on me. The other shoppers were all men…buying women’s shoes. (Insert Seinfeld quote Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

      • My neighborhood here in San Diego is extremely diverse..lots of gay men, transsexuals, and cross dressers and so the one bonus is that there are plenty of stores with really big women’s shoes..but normally they’re really awful pumps in like…red patent leather. Not exactly grocery store shoes. lol

  10. Those oils look amazing! What a great find ~ thanks! :-)

  11. The toaster is awesome!! How genius is that?!
    I do not own a pair of Toms. I know that they are all the rage, but I still haven’t crossed over. They are really cute, though (and all of my students wear them!).
    Here’s something I am in love with- the goofy t-shirts on I actually ordered this one the other day. :),girls/style,openneck

  12. I love LorAnn oils and use them frequently–so many different flavors to try! I don’t order too much in the way of clothes or shoes unless it is a brand I can count on for fit and quality. I hate paying to just try something and then not keeping it.

  13. I love discovering new things, but that sucks about the shoes! I would not want to have to spend money on something I’m just going to try. I used to order clothes in the mail about a decade ago, but it was from a company that sent free mailing labels with them in case you had to mail anything back. Now that’s the way to do business!

  14. Coolest toaster ever…and thank you to the coolest hostess ever!!

  15. love all of these things…I really am coveting the TOMS ballet flats! I have a gift card from Christmas and have been holding out to get a pair of either ballet flats or the high-top type booties. I need to just bite the bullet already :)

  16. I love your Thursday things. I usually want all of them. We share many kitchen obsessions! I would love to try the flavored oils! I switched up my liquid stevia to vanilla creme and it is rockin my iced coffee!!! I usually don’t buy clothes or shoes online either. I did when I lived in West Virginia because of the lack of shopping. Phoenix pretty much has every store I need, so I would rather just go shop!!!

    • nunatural liquid vanilla stevia is my dream come true

      if you don’t already order from get it there, it’s the cheapest place going. code AVE630 will save you $5 bucks, too. Supplements, dry spices, bulk anything, vitamins, nooch, etc…get it at iherb. So cheap!

  17. Loving that toaster oven and the TOMS flats! New kitchen gadgets are the best!

  18. Ok, I want those oils! Great find.

    I thought I was the only chick who wore men’s deo. Clearly I’m not. Some of the girly fragrances are just TOO girly for me. ;-)

  19. Great list, so sorry about the shoes – frustrating! I won’t order them online unless shipping both ways is free because I have such odd shaped feet. My luck has been pretty good lately.

    Not too many things for me, I’ve been drooling over some fun summer fashion items and kitchen tools, but still in money saving mode which is getting tough! :-P

  20. Making choc covered strawberries last week seriously made my day. Week. Month. Those cookies look spectacular — and how creative!

  21. Zappos! Free shipping both ways and they carry a large variety of brands. I was gifted some Roos (helloooo 1980s!) for Christmas and they run nearly an entire size too big. But the return and exchange was simple. Good luck! (Love the round up!)

  22. I love those see-through toasters! I saw one a few years ago and thought it was the coolest thing :-) I have had a lot of luck ordering stuff on-line. I do it all the time.

  23. I’ve recently become re-obsessed with concentrated flavor oils – the possibilities are endless, I wish I had one of each!!

  24. Great finds! I made note of the oils and the toaster~Love!

  25. Do you ever shop Zappos? FREE shipping AND returns! The best customer service. Give them a try! Then you will not pay to try on your shoes! :)

  26. I am SO intrigued by those flavor oils!

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