Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars

Recently I was asked by FoodBuzz to become a Brand Ambassador for Frigidaire. My first task was to highlight one of my favorite recipes for spring.

These bars are what I came up with. Gooey enough for you?

That’s a yellow cake base, topped with coconut flakes, butterscotch and chocolate chips, and the whole thing is drizzled with a peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk mixture.


When they baked, the peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk formed a “shell” over the top layer, but it’s a very delicate shell.

It’s silky and smooth, not sticky.

The sticky is inside these babies.

When you sink your teeth into one, you may want to channel your inner Dorothy and break out into, “Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true.”

Yes, the dream I dared to dream did come true.

Somewhere over the rainbow, call The Wizard, and tell him these are keepers.



Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars

Makes 24 bars

1 box yellow cake mix

1/2 cup butter (1 stick), softened

1 large egg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon water, optional if necessary

1 cup shredded sweetened coconut flakes

3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

3/4 cup butterscotch chips (or white chocolate chips or peanut butter chips)

1 can (14-ounces) sweetened condensed milk

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

Preheat oven to 350F and prepare a 9-by-13 inch pan by lining it with aluminum foil and then spraying it with cooking spray. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cake mix, butter, egg, vanilla and mix. The batter will be extremely thick and will be difficult to combine, but keep stirring or use your fingers and knead it together, adding the water if necessary. Press the dough it into the prepared pan. Sprinkle the coconut evenly over the dough, then sprinkle the chocolate and butterscotch chips evenly.

In a mixing bowl (the same one from the cake mix is fine), combine the sweetened condensed milk and peanut butter, stir until well combined, and pour mixture evenly over dough, using a spatula to even it if necessary. Bake for 26 to 29 minutes, or until edges of bars begin to brown and pull away slightly from the sides of the pan, or until the middle of bars has barely set, taking care not to overbake. The bars will set up considerably upon cooling. Allow bars to cool well before slicing and serving. Store in an airtight container on the countertop for up to five days or freeze for up to three months.


 Take a box of yellow cake mix (you could probably use white, spice, or a golden cake mix), add butter, an egg, vanilla, and stir or knead until you create a very thick dough, and press it into the pan.

Top the dough with coconut, butterscotch, and chocolate chips.

Make a mixture of peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk and flood it.

This is the only time when floods are welcome.

Bake it up and wait patiently.

The smell wafting while these are baking is heaven-sent and being patient will be your virtue.

These do the trick for me and have all the right elements going for them:

Two kinds of chips; butterscotch and chocolate.

Peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk. The sweetened condensed milk definitely dominates the flavor of these bars. So rich, creamy, and dreamy.

A sheet cake and a pan of bars, in one.

Bars, not cookies; much faster and less fussy to make.

Coconut and vanilla extract. If you’re not a huge coconut fan, that’s okay because these are not strongly coconut-flavored. It adds texture more so than imparting an overly strong coconut flavor.

They’re a light, fat-free, low-cal, favorite springtime recipe. Sure.

And they sure are good.

If Magic Eight Bars

and White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars….

got married…

And had a first child named Marshmallow Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Pillowtop Bars (GF with Vegan options)…

…This is their second child.

Have you ever tried Magic Bars or Seven Layer Bars as they’re also known?

I love them and they remind me of childhood because they were one of my mom’s signature desserts. She’d make them and bring them to potlucks, bake sales, and neighborhood get-togethers. They’re easy and everyone seems to love them.

What are you looking forward to making this spring?

This post was sponsored by Frigidaire. When you check out Suzanne Goin’s springtime recipes at, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. programs. Plus, you’ll be entered for a chance to win the new Frigidaire Range with Symmetry™ Double Ovens– featuring two large ovens (that can each fit up to a 28 pound turkey!), providing the flexibility to cook multiple dishes at the same time at different temperatures, so you can get more on the table at the same time.

P.S. The winner of the Soyfoods Giveway is Erica

96 comments on “Coconut Peanut Butter Magic Cake Bars”

  1. Oh my GAWD! Those sound so gooey and delicious! I’ll take a whole tray right now!! I want to swim in that flood, lol.

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  5. Congrats on the sponsorship! Thats fabulous. The bars look yummy. I enjoy seeing how you combine different flavors (especially different types of chips). Good stuff!

  6. What a fabulous bar! I love how chewy and sticky this looks. This is a keeper for sure!

  7. I want one now!! All of your bars look so delectable

  8. i would have absolutely no self control around these… they’re pretty much all my favorite dessert flavors mixed into one. YUM!

  9. Girl you need to write a book ~ these look beyond amazing!

  10. we used to make seven layers bars when growing up. we have not tried to make them in years, not really sure why, I guess other sweet treats keep taking over haha

  11. Beautiful. I’ve never made or had any bars like this. And congrats on the ambassador. Hopefully it means good things ahead.

  12. These look so amazingly gooey! I love the yellow cake layer mixed with all of these flavors. They look amazing!

  13. I’ve had a few seven layer bars in my time but they were never my mom’s signature or staple. I sort of want to try making a paleo version these days though! Gorgeous photos, so bright and fun.

  14. I am a huge fan of magoic cookie bars. Whenever I make them, everyone loves them and they store easily in the freezer.

    This spring, I am excited to make ANYTHING from the farmer’s market. We just got a new grill and grilling season has officially begun. Hooray!

  15. I love magic eight bars and like the idea of using cake mix for the base. I could go to town on these!! I am looking forward to getting my little “salad garden” going very soon (my husband built me a small raised garden box). Hopefully I can pick and make my own spring mixes in a couple of months.

  16. I have plans later to make a breakfast cookie of sorts with a lot of these flavors, although slightly more healthified ;)

  17. Wonderful!
    I LOVE the cake mix addition–much better.
    You go girl!
    We finally have sun–I’m so not baking today.

  18. When you posted yesterday a teaser that you were going to produce yet another amazing bar, I couldn’t wait! Oh.My.Gosh!! These look so good! I especially like the “gooey galore” description in the photo! You have the greatest ideas for bars. In fact, Averie, you should do a cookbook of just bars. Your photos are exquisite, your recipes are spot on and they are simple to make and the ingredients are no big deal! It would sell, I am sure, and I – ahem – would be the first to buy it!! Great work, as always, lady! :-)

    • I think you’ll love these because they combine bars that I love (and I know that you’ve made, too!) and they’re so easy.

      And your support and encouragement is wonderful…thanks as always, Michele!

  19. *I die.*
    And if those chips were white instead of dark chocolate…well…I’d die even harder.

  20. Gooey GALORE is right! These looks incredible. I like the idea of mixing coconut and peanut butter.

  21. Oh man! These look temptingly good!!! :D …there is so much to look forward to about spring…but probably the nice running whether is on the top of my list!

  22. Oh my gosh, these look so delicious and gooey! You’re killing me with all of this greatness. Yum!

  23. YUM!!! another amazing flavor combo recipe from Averie :) You are a genius in the kitchen!!!! my mom always made magic bars when i was growing up. i’ve never attempted them myself. im looking forward to making chocolate covered peeps for easter this spring. :) I got the idea from Christi at Love From the Oven!

  24. I want to channel my inner dorothy! Oh heavens.. I love all the flavors. Butterscotch is my favorite.

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