Digital Kitchen Scale & Nutritionist Consultation Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win a digital kitchen scale

In many other countries ingredients used in cooking and baking are weighed because 50 grams of all-purpose flour is always 50 grams of flour.

However, depending on how you measure it in a measuring cup, what you think is 1/2 cup flour one is actually 1/2 cup minus a tablespoon on the day you’re in a hurry and 1/2 cup plus one tablespoon on the day you didn’t level off your measuring cup with a knife blade. These subtleties can adversely effect baking results.

You wouldn’t want to incorrectly measure the flour on a batch of cookies and mess those up. The horrors.


There’s also the issue of portion sizes and weighing food and many people find scales helpful for that.

Also included in this giveaway is a free email consultation with a nutritionist on the SlimKicker team.

If you’d like to enter to win the digital kitchen scale and a free email consultation with a nutritionist comment below to enter.

1. Tell me what SlimKicker challenge looks like something fun that you’d like to try.


Do you use a food scale? For what purpose or what would you use it for if you won?

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Contest ends Thursday, March 8, 2012 and winner will be chosen randomly.

Open to Continental U.S. Residents only.


  1. And finally, I stumbled this and am following you on StumbleUpon

  2. I have a similar scale and LOVE it!! But…its getting old! I use it every time I bake!

  3. I would love a scale to measure cheese! 30 grams is a serving, the equivalent of a few dice, but who has dice around? I find it to be the most annoying thing and I never know if I’m eating one serving or 3 servings.

  4. Ooh I would definitely use that when I’m cooking for the family! Yay accurate recipes!

  5. I follow slim kicker on twitter.

  6. I twittered your give away!

  7. I love their advice to move during tv commercials. Great idea!

  8. I’ve followed you on Pinterest, and I’ve repinned so so so many recipes. Love all of your stuff!

  9. I’d definitely use the scale. I’m always looking for health accountability and this is the true tool!

  10. I do not own a kitchen scale, but if I did, I would use it to bake with!

  11. I’m a twitter follower!

  12. I’ve actually been wanting a kitchen scale because it’s wayyyyy more accurate and I do a lot of cooking and baking

  13. I’m a follower on pinterest

  14. i follow them on twitter as well!

  15. i like you on Facebook!

  16. I have a food scale and mostly use it to measure peanut butter. Otherwise, my consumption would be out of control:)

  17. I would love to get my whole family to do without soda for a week. :)

  18. i do use a food scale. If i win, i would give this to my Dad who is a diabetic just beginning to learn to eat properly

  19. I use a food scale when I look forward to recipe tasting the same every time.

  20. I would like to measure my portions. I think if I really knew what my portions were I would be in SHOCK!!

  21. if I had a food scale I would get baking, and use it for all those recipes I’ve bookmarked but couldn’t make because i didn’t have a proper food scale!

  22. I followed on twitter!

  23. I followed and pinned on pinterest!

  24. I would love to win the scale to use with my baking, especially macaroons

  25. I would use a digital scale to weigh ingredients in grams for recipes that don’t also give the US equivalent.

  26. I haven’t used a food scale before but I have been wanting to get one and try it out for a long time!

  27. I facebook like you!

  28. I pinterest follow you!

  29. would love a nice kitchen scale!

  30. I would like to use a food scale just for baking to make sure its exact!

  31. I would do the plan a meal a day! It would be so helpful

  32. I would love some kitchen scales for all of my baking endeavors

  33. I follow you on twitter and tweeted this giveaway

  34. I likebyou on Facebook

  35. I do not have a kitchen scale, but I really want one for my recipe development!!!

  36. I follow you on interest and repined your vanilla baked doughnuts

  37. I used to have a foodscale and LOVED it! I think it died from over use. I could def. use another one as I think I have been a bit heavy handed with my portions lately!

  38. Pinterest Follow

  39. Bread baking for sure

  40. I don’t have a kitchen scale, but i would love one to measure flour, and my portion sizes.

  41. I think the Exercise Before Facebook challenge is brilliant. I spend too much time in front of my computer and too little time moving.

  42. I like LV&Y on facebook

  43. I’ve never had a kitchen scale but think it would come in handy, especially with all those delicious-sounding recipes I find that are all in grams and such!

  44. I also like you on FB!

  45. I don’t own a food scale but I’d totally use it for portion control.

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