Good Morning

Good morning. The sun is shining here.

It’s time for coffee…

And a donut.

Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts with Orange Coconut Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze


And this post is a test to see if things are working on my end. It was a very glitchy day yesterday so just seeing if this post hits google reader and is published without a hitch.

What’s on your agenda for the day?

33 comments on “Good Morning”

  1. YES! I got it!! Good morning! Working, walking outside with Kay, taking a cross-fit like class at the gym (they want all of our instructors to take it/promote it) and then dinner with the instructors

  2. Missing the sunshine today – but we do need the rain. Just another day at the office for me. I do plan on hitting up spin class at least. Love a good midday workout. Have a great one!

  3. I would love some sunshine. It was finally warm in Ontario (Canada) yesterday, and although it’s still warm today, it’s rainy and gross. I’ve just been sticking in doors and maybe venture to the library after lunch. I’ll enjoy the sunshine through your pic instead :)

  4. Coffee and donuts. Sounds like Sunday mornings at my grandma’s house growing up.

  5. BEAUTIFUL out there in CA today Averie! i’ve got a ton of work to get through today and later, i’m baking up some chocolate covered brownies to blog about soon. stressful week. i NEED chocolate! :)

  6. What a beautiful sunny day!

    My agenda: work, bikram and wine with my friend!

  7. of course a full moon doesn’t help with tech transitions! xo

  8. Works for me!! Hope the site glitches are over!

  9. Hoping all of your techy probs have been resolved. I haaaaate when something doesn’t work right on the blog. …like when the formatting looks great in the portal and then after I post the spacing is wonky for 1/6 of the post. UGHHHHHH. Why?!

  10. Sunshine, coffee, and doughnuts sounds (and looks) like a dreamy way to begin the day!


  11. Works good! It’s a super rainy day I’m going to try and get some cleaning done today :-) :-) sounds fun right,lol.

  12. OH MY GAWD!!!! Donuts…I want a dang donut with my coffee this morning! Love it!

    Come to momma california sunshine!! GORGEOUS!

  13. That sunshine and palm tree was just what I needed this morning!

  14. So jealous of that weather! What a beautiful photo! It did get to 61*F here yesterday, so I really can’t complain. Have a fabulous day :)

  15. Gorgeous weather here too, love it! Sorry about the blog glitches, those can be über stressful. Work, recipe writing and working out are on my agenda.

  16. My agenda … I am finally back from my extended business trip … went to the dentist and I am supposed to be enjoying a day off … instead I am still at Starbuck’s finishing some emails it is almost 3 and I am still here.

    After 3 weeks of restaurants I am trying to juice today … but I am dreaming about food … it is sunny but windy and said I was going to run … but I just can’t get myself to do it.

    Also … did you see that the new Lightroom is out? I think it is calling my name … or should I just buy Photoshop?

    Have a wonderful day … send some motivation my way!

    • I comment replied to another person that LR 4 was *just releaseed yesterday* and so I bet they have some really good deals on LR3 right now, or I think LR4 is only $149 It’s a MUST Buy. I dont know how to use PS and am trying to teach myself but LR is much easier and more self-explanatory and it’s all I use (or know how to use). You will LOVE IT

  17. Today is rest day for me, catching up on phone calls and emails and doing some internet research. I juiced TONS of veg last night and am enjoying it today!! it was about 10 pounds of veg.. half of that was carrots yum :) i split it with my sweetheart though. gonna get some groceries this afternoon and later baking a homemade pizza with lots of pineapples :) but now that i saw those orange coconut donuts i’m having a craving for that!!

  18. Roses, champagne, and fun. Visit me to see why…:)

  19. Thursday is my last work day for the week. It was 58 degrees this am and raining but I managed to get in a quick run between showers. I finished off the evening with my guitar lesson which is always the quickest 30 min. of my day!

  20. I bought some Cafe Bustelo the other day and I have to thank you for helping me discover it. It was delicious! And it cost less than $3.50 for a brick of it, finally a decent coffee that’s easy on the wallet!

  21. Just blogged about a recipe I think you would like…similar to your white chocolate puppy chow but with a yello cake mix.

    Congrats on the new name and color scheme. Looks great!

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