Rainy Day

It’s been a miserable Saturday in terms of weather.

But a delightful one in terms of baking.

Recipe coming up next but it would be like if Magic Eight Bars


and White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars….

got married.

It’s a very good marriage.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

With a smile.

What was the best part of your Saturday? Did you celebrate or go out for St. Paddy’s Day?

The best part of my day was baking. And eating what I made and then hearing the ooh’s and ahh’s from the family. Honestly, if I could just get a, “Wow, Babe, this is really good” or a “Mommy, I LOVE this”, I am extremely happy.

We didn’t go out for Saint Paddy’s Day. The extent of my “going out” was a run earlier in the morning, but midway through the skies opened and I got soaked. Not to mention, it was extremely windy. One of those runs that I was just glad to have end.

And then, the coffee drinking and baking started.

How do you like to spend rainy days?

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15 comments on “Rainy Day”

  1. It was a miserable day.. I went to a birthday party and they had to bring all the props inside (since they set it up out in the yard originally) I felt bad! Regardless, the party was great :D
    I am looking forward to the recipe coming up! :P

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures. Thank you for linking to the recipes. So much deliciousness.

  3. It rained here too so I worked out at the gym and got books then drank champagne.

    Considering reading the books and watching a movie!

  4. Te only time that the weather here will beat the weather there and I didn’t get to enjoy it. It was 80 degrees and SUNNY!! I wore shorts and a t-shirt and I was hot! This never happens.

  5. I love the St. Paddy’s smiley you have going on there, too fun! Our weather was pretty cloudy and gross this morning too… but it cleared up around 3pm and I got a bunch of photography in! Couldn’t have been better timing!

  6. I stayed in all day! It was rainy and cold here! Yuck! It’s clear out now, but cold, bitter cold! I want summer!!

  7. I stayed in most of the day and accomplished the household projects I had planned. My stepdaughter was babysitting for 5 young boys across the street and didn’t get home until 2 am so I guess my neighbors had a good time partying!!

  8. Okay I wasn’t planning on going out. Really I wasn’t! But I did want my husband to get to try a green beer for the first time. Yeah, not exciting in the slightest. But then I got into the spirit of the bar and got my line dancing feet out to the dance floor. Guess it was a festive night after all!

  9. Your recipe looks amazing! I just found your blog and will continue to keep reading it!

  10. The best part of my Saturday was celebrating St. Paddy’s day at a local Irish pub with friends. It was fun!

  11. Our weekend was rainy and miserable too, but we needed the rain! We had a family gathering on Sunday for St. Patty’s Day that was fun, especially when we had hail ball fights. :-)

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