Sprinkles and Shoes

Today I spent some time playing with green sprinkles since St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner.

There was also some of my favorite melted chocolate involved.

The day was off to a good start for me.


It was also off to a good start for Skylar because she got new Jambu shoes yesterday.

They’re perfect for warmer weather, and for San Digeo weather in general, because her feet can breathe but there’s still a closed toe and an eco-friendly recycled rubber sole.

The best part is that I don’t hear, “Mom, my shoes came untied” because there are no laces. Love that.

Jambu makes adult shoes and also has a vegan shoe line if that’s important to you and their styles are cute.

Skylar’s mail-order shoes were a much better success than my last attempt. However, I was visited recently by the Fairy Hobmother and received an unexpected Amazon gift card so I can’t complain.

I also can’t complain because I am loving the longer days. That extra hour is just glorious.

Time to munch on an “Egg”-in-a-Nest Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites (No-Bake, Vegan, Gluten Free) while I figure out what I’m making for dinner.

Have you gotten any new shoes lately?

Unfortunately, no, I haven’t.

I tried but that wasn’t successful and so I have been wearing my Rainbow Sandals (year-round) and these Nike’s pretty much exclusively. At least I’m comfy.

Does the extra hour of sunlight in the evenings make a difference to you?

Oh it makes me so happy! I love everything about it from helping with dinnertime food photography to feeling overall productive and being able to fit more in the day to just being happier in general because it means spring is in the air.

I’d much rather it stay lighter later in the day than be lighter at 6am. I don’t care about light at 6am, but light at 6pm? That’s fabulous.

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42 comments on “Sprinkles and Shoes”

  1. I love my Jambus – I have two pair and backpacked all over Mexico with them in December!

    I can almost always say yes to the new shoe question… I am always buying new shoes. my latest pair are a fun sandal for spring… when it gets here (snowing all day today!) :D

    YEEEEESSSS I love the time change – in the summertime it’s light until 9pm!

  2. Love unexpected surprises – especially gift cards ;-) I definitely got to enjoy the extra sunlight tonight by grilling out. Love that part.

  3. I love sneaker-ish shoes with no laces! They’re so comfy and convenient. I haven’t had a new pair in awhile but plan to do a little spring shopping for a pair. Would love to fi d the same ones I have again… Won’t be easy!

    • good luck!

      and I just commented below you on a couple blogs…seriously I do that ALL The time. You beat me to the same blogs by like…2 mins. All.the.time. :)

      • I know, I see you just above me all the time, too! I think our Google readers must display feeds at the same time, or we’re just on the same wave length, lol.

  4. green is my favorite color. love Skylar’s shoes! i haven’t gotten any new shoes lately…. i’ve been buying too many chocolate chips and LR 4 really put a dent into my budget right now lol. Oh well! the life of a food blogger…

  5. I need to get sprinkles. I love them and I never have them on hand. Those shoes are cute. Totally getting a pair for Kay when the time comes. No shoes for me recently.

  6. I have a pair of jambus that I LOVE! I just wore them today for the first time in months, actually. Weird.

    It stays light here until almost 7 pm!! Its really messing with my sense of time though. I still love it. I don’t love that it is dark again when I wake up. Soon, it will be light out far more!

  7. oh I LOVE the time change! Its great for the kids because we can play outside after dinner then its bath, bed, relaxation time for me! I also love that we can go for family walks after dinner now!

  8. Sprinkles!! My heart just skipped a beat, haha =)

    I love the extra hour of “light” in the evening….something to look forward to when you get off work or out of the gym for the evening!

  9. The extra hour has been a run-saver for me! I work until 6, and it’s great to get home and STILL have over an hour of (albeit diffused) sunlight to run under. I’ve found it more difficult to get up in the morning because the sun doesn’t rise until after 7 a.m. now, but everything’s a tradeoff, and you can only make the best of what you have!

  10. Hey girl! I am loving the extra hour of sunshine but I we really haven’t been able to enjoy it up here because it has been raining:( I know we need the rain, but I am over it already :) I am missing the sun in the morning though as it feels like 4:00 in the morning when I get up at 6:00.

    I will be excited when it’s sunny so I can take some outdoor shots of dinner. I mostly blog dinner recipes so it will be nice to have some natural light for the photos instead of artificial.

  11. Those green sprinkles look so pretty!

    I recently bought a pair of sky high hot pink-and-orange sandals. They are super impractical but incredibly cute (and they were on sale)!

  12. I got a running shoes, reebok realflex. If you are a runner, it’s a great pair of shoes to buy!! Light, flexible and it still gives the bounce all runners want :)

  13. Lovely shoes, and comfy too. No, no new shoes for me, although I was thinking of that just today. I’ve been really under this “jet leg” from an extra hour, and need few more days to adjust. Evening is great, but mornings aren’t so pretty: school starts very early. Anyway, so today I was thinking that a new pair of cute shoes would make me feel much better…:)

  14. I am so happy that we have the extra house of sunlight. We don’t do daylight savings here, but the days are getting longer, and I am loving it so much. It is depressing to leave for work and come home from work in the dark!

  15. I just bought my first pair of Jambu’s last month (love them) and Skylar’s are so cute! I like the longer days but wish Indiana was on central daylight savings rather than eastern. I’m up around 6am so it is dark in the mornings again and when summer comes, it is hard to get to sleep because it stays light a little too late for me. My husband is more of a night owl and works 2nd shift so he likes it!

  16. I bought these Champion Octaflex shoes last month: http://www.payless.com/store/product/detail.jsp?catId=cat10088&subCatId=cat10266&skuId=091518085&productId=70782&lotId=091518&category=&catdisplayName=Womens
    They’re super light weight and perfect for wearing at work. (And they look great with our purple staff shirts!) Not sure how good they’d be for actual running, however.

  17. I am really enjoying the longer days. I am so much more productive after work and the warmer temps have been a great excuse to swap my indoor workouts for nice, long walks with our dogs. We all need that fresh air!
    You know my shoe shopping situation…I spent about 90 minutes (gah!) at DSW last weekend–why is it that shoes seem to fit in the store but then when I bring them home, plan to wear them, they don’t seem to fit?!

  18. those are cool shoes! my little big foot needs new shoes for summer so i think i’ll take a looksee over there!

  19. I wish I had some money for new shoes….giveaway idea? ;)

  20. I just scored me a pair of Chuck Taylors. I bought the Junior size and saved $18 bucks.



    Skylar’s shoes are adorable! good for her and I am not usually a fan of daylight savings but I’m so much more used to driving myself everywhere now and I’d rather have the light at night and not waste it on the commute!

    so totally yes I’m loving it, plus I get some daylight at night. Only downside is we’ve been studying stars so they are not really out and bright until JJ goes to bed.

    trade-offs right??

  21. I absolutely LOVE having the extra hour of light in the evenings. Now when I arrive home from work it is still sort of light out. Looking forward to that time increasing over the next few months! I am waiting for warm weather to get some new shoes…I can’t wait!

  22. Cuuuuute shoes!!! They remind me of my Keens, which Iove in the summertime!! Skylar will look adorable in those shoes!

  23. I haven’t bought new shoes in a good long while. I think my last pair were for a wedding last year. I actually would rather to not have the extra hour of light. It feels too strange eating dinner when it’s light out. I always feel like I need an extra snack before bed for some reason. Totally weird!

  24. I got a pair of Jambu shoes last year. Loved them so much I had Macy’s deliver a second pair from their Kennewick WA store in black for me because my local store ran out. They are super comfy and I get lots of compliments on them.

  25. For your grown up tootsies you should try J-41 shoes. I LOVE them. I wore my first pair every day for a year through snow, sleet, rain, with dresses, pants, on airplanes, in cars, on the T… I can’t recommend them enough – I killed them! But they are super comfy, completely darling, and quite sturdy… (held up through a Boston winter!)

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