Thursday Things & LinkUp

Here are this week’s Thursday Things

1. My blog is going to be called Averie Cooks going forward.

I haven’t officially changed the URL, so you will still type in to access my site, but the name of the blog, logo, and some minor cosmetic mini-makeover type changes to my homepage are underway.

Those are the technical difficulties I was alluding to yesterday and if you tried to access my site in the past 24 hours and have noticed anything strange, that’s what’s up. I’ve got tech people working on things, but since nothing ever goes according to plan, and I couldn’t just do a big, happy, It’s Done and Here’s the Big Reveal type post, I figured I’d clue you in to what’s been going on and spill the beans rather unceremoniously.


2. I changed my Twitter name to @AverieCooks

If you used to follow me at @LoveVeggiesYoga, you don’t have to do a thing. You’re now following me @AverieCooks. Twitter makes it easy to make that change without losing a single follower.

My Facebook Fan Page is a whole different story because if you have more than 100 fans, Facebook will not allow you to change the name of your fan page. You have to start from ground zero and create a brand new one with the new name and I’m not sure I want to do that.

3. I changed my Instagram name to AverieSunshine

4. Why did I change the name of my blog?

When I started my blog three years ago, I had no idea that I’d stick with blogging, what I’d wind up wanting to blog about, or any of the twists and turns life could or would take. The blog name that suited me three years ago is not the blog name that suits the current focus and direction of my blog today or that I’ve been going in the past year or so.

Although I do love vegetables, and I do love yoga, I also love baking, desserts, and cooking in general, so it was time for a new name.

Not to mention, the daily emails, comments, and confusion that folks are under when they find my blog based on name only and see something like this plastered on the home page, when they were expecting vegetables and yoga, well yeah, change was needed.

I’m eventually going to change the  URL to but let’s take things one tech glitch one thing at a time.

5. The new Canon 5D Mark III has been revealed. This is very big news in photography circles. If you’re a photographer, you may want to pre-order now, but first you may want to win the lottery.


6. I recently posted about Flour and a comparison and discussion.

A reader directed me to this Cook’s Illustrated comparison of all-purpose flours

“We set out to learn if there was a single all-purpose flour that could best handle most any recipe. Six months later, we had the answer….”

You can subscribe for a free trial to Cooks Illustrated if you want the answer.

7. The winner of the Digital Kitchen Scale & Nutritionist Consultation Giveaway is Paula who said,

“I would use a digital scale to weigh ingredients in grams for recipes that don’t also give the US equivalent.”

8. I need a drink. It’s been a couple of very crazy days. But since it’s a little early for booze, I’m going to settle for apple pie in a cup.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie

9. If that doesn’t work, I’ll move on to one of these.

10. And if that doesn’t work, chocolate and peanut butter always works to calm the nerves and make everything right with the world.

Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies Smores Bars

If you’re a blogger, do you like the name of your blog? Ever thought of changing it?

Even if you’re not a blogger, thinking about where you were in your life years ago, compared to where you are today, no doubt many of us have changed dramatically, and in many different facets of our lives. No one has a crystal ball and can predict where we’re going to be in years to come. All you can do is take one day at a time and enjoy the ride.

Evolving, tweaking, growing, trying new things, changing. It’s a beautiful thing.

Changing your blog at a tech level? It’s not a beautiful thing.

What are your Thursday Things?

Feel free to Link Up anything fun, exciting, tasty, or noteworthy you’ve made, seen, or want to showcase by clicking on the blue button.

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127 comments on “Thursday Things & LinkUp”

  1. congrats on the change averie!! love the preview of the new look. i think its great that your making the change. we all go through phases and different hobbies throughout life, and you are right- its a beautiful thing!

  2. ive kinda been wondering about if youd do a name change for a while actually…not to say that you need one or anything but you dont really write about yoga or veggies anymore…im sorry the tech stuff is as annoying as it always is. in the end itll be so worth it though. congrats little miss sunshine :)

    • Thanks, my friend. That means a lot. We’ve known each other for 3 years on the crazy blogging world and we all go thru so many changes and I know you understand what it’s like to change in your own life, but then to also have to change that on the blog…easier said than done sometimes. But worth it in the end :)

  3. Congratulations on the new blog name! I had a different blog name for the first month or two but it just didn’t feel right and so I changed early on – I’m glad I did it then rather than have to go through the trouble now so I really admire you making the jump! Really excited to see how the new blog name inspires you!

    • you are *so smart* to have changed things early on. My blog for about 1 month was Love Veggies, Yoga, Running, & Chocolate. I had all the components in it but took off the last 2 things..should have kept the chocolate part :)

  4. I loveee the new header, colors, name and everything! Very brave of you to take the leap but I think it’ll be well worth it for you and once things settle down will feel right.

  5. Fun new change! I have recently starte working on a change… but it’ll probably be another month or two before it’s all finalized. These things take a while!!

  6. I’ve been waiting for a post like this Averie :) Good for you! I love the name Averie Cooks.

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve discovered the blog world and have yet to start a blog. I love to cook and LOVE to read blogs, and everyone that knows me urges me to start one. I say to my friends as soon as I can think of a name I’ll start one :) Reading your blog is making me realize the importance of not making anything too specific, as I fully expect things to change and evolve over time! Good luck with your new direction – I can already see it working out for you. And if you need to have your followers change/ update URLs, we’ll follow!! :)

    • You are smart to carefully choose your title AND not choose too narrowly because what you are “into” today, if you stick with blogging, you may be onto something else in a couple years. And even if you love a food group now, you may find that it’s easier to take pictures of another food group and what your photography options are and time of day, can really shape the content of your blog…all these things you never think of til you’re doing it!

      And thanks for your support and being willing to change, follow, and follow along :)

  7. Changing a blog name – and therefore identity/brand – is a scary, scary thing. I know, because I’ve contemplated doing so myself. So I applaud you! I’m proud of you for following your guts, your belly, and your dreams. :)

  8. haha you are still in my google reader as “loves veggies yoga running and chocolate”

  9. I love the new name! And the header will be adorable. I want a new camera! That one looks & sounds ridiculous. I need to invest…I’m so cheap. I haven’t really ever thought about changing the name of my blog. I guess Itzy’s Kitchen kinda lends itself to discussing anything life/food wise that may happen in and around my kitchen :)

  10. you have mentioned how your food and blog has changed over the years, I was wondering if you would change the name! love it – fits much better and is a great sounding name.

    blog names are funny – I knew I wanted to write food and recipes when I started (as I had been using my personal facebook page as that before!) and spabettie has been my nickname for quite a while, so even though it isn’t a literal name, people knew me by it and have gotten to know me by it.

  11. Very cool on the name change, I remember when most of your posts were about veggies, raw vegan, yoga, and kombucha. :-) can’t wait to see the new look. Awesome on the new Canon, but I won’t be buying anytime soon. :-P

    I’ll be sticking with my blog name for awhile, it still fits the direction I’m going and the targeted audience. But there might be more cosmetic updates in the works.

  12. Congrats on the new name change. Funny – I found your site because of something sweet and gooey you posted once – it didn’t occur to me that it didn’t fit with your name. LOL…. probably because the same dichotomy exists in my life / blog life too. (I just used the word dichotomy in a sentence – that’s pretty special). Changing your blog name is exciting. I like the new look!

  13. Oh wow congrats on the name change! I have to say this one does suit you better :). I still refer to your yoga posts when I need inspiration but I know that the bulk of your posts are about your cooking and I LOVE that too! So excited for you! Plus I LOVE the pink and the aesthetic of your new logo – gorgeous!

  14. THIS IS SO EXCITING AVERIE!!!! You are such an inspiring woman, I just wanted to say that. I mean the world already knows it but it deserves to be repeated! <3


  15. Congrats on new name change. Life is about changing even with those annoying technical problems:)
    I like the new look!!

  16. Congrats on the blog change! Blogs are definitely ever evolving, as they should be – a reflection of the blogger! If there was no change, things may get a little boring. I am a newbie with blogging so for now, my blog name suits me. :)

  17. Yay, love the new name! I like that blogs can evolve and grow, just as bloggers do. I worked for a very long time on the name of my blog and am still happy with it. I do write about much more than food, but I think that you can have an ‘avid appetite’ for lots of things…and I do!

  18. Oh girl, no need to justify your decision! I’m just grateful you are still going strong! You have introduced me to alot of new ideas, recipes and foods! I will admit, I miss the occasional work out posts but am grateful none the less! Make sure you still update us on that beauty of yours that I’m sure is growing like a weed!

  19. What an announcement. Love the new name!!

  20. oh i love it!! great idea and now i will go like that page!

  21. I love the new header and name, it suits you well!

    My Thursday thing (yes only 1) is Biscoff Spread! I was so excited to find a random jar yesterday while grocery shopping. There was just one jar and I couldn’t find the space it came from so I snatched it up figuring I would have them price check it for me at the check out. It turns out that no one knew where the jar came from, its not in their system and there is no record of pricing. They would up selling it to me for $2, SCORE! When I got home I told myself I was just going to try a spoonful………………. I ate a good 1/4 of the jar (and really had to pry it away from myself). So goooood!

  22. I think I might miss the old name. But, totally understand the change. Sometimes I think I should have been more thoughtful about my blog name. It doesn’t really say much about me or what I blog about. But it’s still me so I’ll keep it. ;-)

  23. Glad to see your blog working again! I like the new name. Sometimes change is scary, but I actually really like it! And you’re right, it does make more sense that way. I haven’t found anything too exciting recently, but I have been trying to avoid the time suck that is Pinterest where I usually find all of my favorite ideas.

  24. Love the new name! I think it is a woman’s right to change her mind, often! I hate it when people try to figure me out by putting me in a box ;) I purposly kept my website simple for that reason! Love your logo too!

  25. I think change is always good. I didn’t think love veggies and yoga really was the right name for your blog but it didn’t matter because I liked your posts regardless. Keep up the good work.

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