Yoga Mat Giveaway

Tomuno is an eco-friendly yoga mat company and a Boston-based small business.

The mats are sold in places like Sports Club LA and leading yoga studios around the country.

Tomunu mats are natural mats. The rubber is harvested from actual rubber trees, rather than typical yoga mats which are plastic. Switching to a mat like this is an eco-friendly and green choice.


Note: Because these are natural rubber mats, they are designed for unheated yoga
yoga and are not recommended for hot yoga or Bikram-style yoga.

The natural rubber also provides fabulous grip so if you’re prone to slipping and sliding on your mat, you may want to look into Tomuno.

I love the extra cushioning in these mats. Extra thick at 5mm, which my joints appreciate. I practice ashtanga yoga and more power-based and vigorous yoga and over time, a little extra cushioning goes a long way to help stay injury-free.

More about my yoga practice, yoga journey, recommendations for yoga classes, apparel and clothing, mats, books, DVDs, podcasts and much more, please check out this very comprehensive post:

Yoga FAQ’s

Also, I have many more posts linked in my Yoga Section, covering everything from my 500 Hour Teacher Training to Moon Days to Yoga DVD & Clothing Review posts and more.

Nutshell: I got my yoga teacher training credential at the RYT-200 hour level in 2001, I’m not currently teaching. I have a current daily personal practice at home; I don’t follow DVDs or podcasts, but rather I do what comes to me and what my body asks for that day. I practice ashtanga or power-based yoga and practice for about 20 minutes per day. I normally practice on a Manduka mat and have had the same Manduka Black Mat Pro for nearly a decade and have hauled it around the world with me and it still looks brand new, tens of thousands of practice hours and sweat droplets later. I will be anxious to see how the Tomuno mat stands the test of time.

If you’d like to enter to win a Tomuno yoga mat, comment below to enter.

1. Tell me what kind of yoga mat you have now.


What kind of yoga do you practice, how long have you been practicing, where do you practice, why do you practice, or a couple details about your yoga practice.

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Contest ends Monday, March 5, 2012 and winner will be chosen randomly.

Open to Continental U.S. Residents only.

267 comments on “Yoga Mat Giveaway”

  1. Currently I rotate two Gaiam’s I have had for 9 years! I do a fair amount of home practice with podcasts, off and random videos I find! I make it to my studio (heated, Baptiste style) ~5 times / week. Thankfully I have a few yogitoes to keep me from slippin’ and slidin’ all over my mat :)

  2. I bought my first yoga mat the other week online. I don’t know much about mats, so I bought the first one I saw that was cheap. Turns out to be made out of foam :( … won’t last me that much longer.
    I’ve been practising yoga since I was 14. It’s inspiring, it helps me get through my crazy school schedule & it’s practical because I can just practice yoga at home. Too bad there isn’t a yoga class I can sign up for in the town that I live it. I don’t think anyone in my town knows what yoga is!!

  3. I have a cheap one I brought from Sports Authority. It works fine, but it’s starting to smell! So gross and not very zen. I could definitely use a new one :)

  4. I practice all types of yoga but my favorite is Ashtanga!

    I need a new mat ;)

  5. I just have a cheapo Target mat now, but it’s orange and pink and oh so pretty

  6. I love vinyasa yoga – it is my all time favorite!

  7. I have a generic mat from target and. It is showing the wear and tear!

  8. My yoga mat is from Target – I think the brand is embark? Anyway, I bought it because it was cheap, but I would love a new one!

  9. I feel yoga is a part of Life..I have been doing on and off since I was 12 years old,I try to do 2-3 times a week now,my fav is Bks Iyengars style,I enjoy hatha yoga very much

  10. I already like you on Facebook and I follow you on pinterest and have repinned

  11. It would be fun to win this sexy mat,I use a regular one from Target..

  12. I have a purple mat with a flower on it :) My friend got it for me for Christmas last year so I don’t know where it’s from haha

  13. I twitter follow tomuno now :)

  14. I have an old Reebok mat that is loooooong overdue to be replaced!!!!

  15. I follow you on pinterest and re-pinned a donut recipe! :) one that I’m hoping to try out this weekend :D

  16. right now i have a gaiam mat i got for free at an event 2 summers ago, so i could definitely use an upgrade to this cushy mat!

  17. i tweeted about the giveaway too!

  18. I have a basic black yoga mat–it’s not a name brand or anything fancy

  19. I follow you on StumbleUpon and I think I stumbled this page. It was my first time so I’m not sure if I did it right :X

  20. Oh I would LOVE to win this mat! I currently practice with a cheapie mat I bought at TJ Maxx.. the extra cushion would be great though!

  21. I use a Gaiam yoga mat from Target, it is my first yoga mat and it’s fushia colored.

  22. My poor, poor mat. The cat peed on it (washing didn’t help to much). It’s got a nutrition label transferred onto it from a hot car. The nubbies have ripped off. I’m short (5’2″) but it’s still too small for me. It reeks of plastic (and, er, cat pee). And yet I take it to the gym. Sigh. I should really get a new mat if I don’t win!

  23. I’m currently practicing Astanga too! I’m a newbie. I really started getting into yoga in October, and practice a few times a week. The Primary Series once, and some sort of vinyasa flow a few other days. I want to more, but I get sore from Ashtanga! I’m currently practicing on an extra long mat. I’m long and lanky and sometimes it still doesn’t feel long enough.

  24. I follow you on Instagram

  25. Looks like a wonderful mat! I currently have a cheep mat from walmart but have looked into thicker mats since I need to watch the pressure I put on my wrists.

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