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Tomuno is an eco-friendly yoga mat company and a Boston-based small business.

The mats are sold in places like Sports Club LA and leading yoga studios around the country.

Tomunu mats are natural mats. The rubber is harvested from actual rubber trees, rather than typical yoga mats which are plastic. Switching to a mat like this is an eco-friendly and green choice.


Note: Because these are natural rubber mats, they are designed for unheated yoga
yoga and are not recommended for hot yoga or Bikram-style yoga.

The natural rubber also provides fabulous grip so if you’re prone to slipping and sliding on your mat, you may want to look into Tomuno.

I love the extra cushioning in these mats. Extra thick at 5mm, which my joints appreciate. I practice ashtanga yoga and more power-based and vigorous yoga and over time, a little extra cushioning goes a long way to help stay injury-free.

More about my yoga practice, yoga journey, recommendations for yoga classes, apparel and clothing, mats, books, DVDs, podcasts and much more, please check out this very comprehensive post:

Yoga FAQ’s

Also, I have many more posts linked in my Yoga Section, covering everything from my 500 Hour Teacher Training to Moon Days to Yoga DVD & Clothing Review posts and more.

Nutshell: I got my yoga teacher training credential at the RYT-200 hour level in 2001, I’m not currently teaching. I have a current daily personal practice at home; I don’t follow DVDs or podcasts, but rather I do what comes to me and what my body asks for that day. I practice ashtanga or power-based yoga and practice for about 20 minutes per day. I normally practice on a Manduka mat and have had the same Manduka Black Mat Pro for nearly a decade and have hauled it around the world with me and it still looks brand new, tens of thousands of practice hours and sweat droplets later. I will be anxious to see how the Tomuno mat stands the test of time.

If you’d like to enter to win a Tomuno yoga mat, comment below to enter.

1. Tell me what kind of yoga mat you have now.


What kind of yoga do you practice, how long have you been practicing, where do you practice, why do you practice, or a couple details about your yoga practice.

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267 comments on “Yoga Mat Giveaway”

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I have a cheapy big box store mat. I just got back in to yoga and pilates to try and help with some stress relief, I was pretty in to it a few years back but kind of got out of it and in to spinning. Looks like a great mat!

  2. Yoga is one of the best things in my life, of course first my family and God but yoga is right up there. I have really nice mats from hugger mugger because I teach yoga in my basement studio. I am always looking for good mats to recommend to my clients. Would love to give this one a try! Hope I win!

  3. I currently use a Nike yoga mat. I practice yoga at home and take classes at my local gym. Great give away, looks like a really excellent mat!

  4. A cheap mat I picked up years ago – cannot remember where exactly, but it is probably 12+ years old now. As for yoga, I am trying to get back into it again (I used to do it daily at home – never actually took a class). Since kids, I have a hard time doing things for myself, but am hoping to start again now that the kiddos are in full time school!

  5. my current mat is the cheapest one amazon had. far from eco friendly…

  6. Already FB “liked” you.

  7. i have a Nike one that i got at a yard sale, and am on the lookout for a new replacement

  8. My yoga mat is from Target, and I’ve had it for probably 5 years. I’m in the market for a new one because it’s a bit beat up. We have yoga on-site at work every Wednesday night, and I’ve just gotten back into that habit!

  9. I just finished my 200 hour training and am teaching yoga 5 times a week. I use a Jade mat and would love to try this one! Have a great weekend!

  10. I don’t even have a yoga mat and have wanted one badly for a long time but haven’t yet made the plunge. I practice yoga here and there, but just in my front room on the carpet… NOT too comfy!

  11. Best of luck with the fitness blog awards. How exciting to be nominated.
    That is so fun!

  12. my yoga mat right now is just some random generic brand and it’s AWFUL! I hope I win this great mat!

  13. I follow you on twitter!

  14. i like you on facebook!

  15. i follow you in instagram!

  16. I have arthritis and starting a new Yoga class. This would be a great mat for me.

  17. I have a cheap target brand yoga mat that is falling apart. Thanks for the giveaway. I desperately need one!

  18. I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years, mainly vinyasa flow for the past 3 or so years. I recently got my 200 hour teaching certification, so hopfefully I will start teaching soon. I am currently practicing on my bathroom floor using my Manduka mat, which is a few years old. My bathroom floor is tiled, which is why a thicker mat would be helpful. Unfortunately, the bathroom is the only available space I have to practice where my internet connection works (I use Yogaglo’s online classes to supplement my home practice).

  19. My mat was a factory reject that cost like six dollars in amazon and it’s falling apart!
    This new one would be awesommmmmme…

  20. I currently am using a rug. I’m brand new to yoga and hoping it will help with the fibromyalga symptoms that have changed my life. I’m betting a mat would feel a lot better than my purple rug.

  21. I switch off between two different Gaiam mats, the damask print and the filigree print mat. Both are hard on my joints when I apply pressure to them and can be uncomfortable/painful at times.

  22. I liked your FaceBook page! [:

  23. I followed you on Twitter! [:

  24. that looks like a great mat! I have a cheap one from Target- Gaiam I think. It is so old, no cushion anymore, when I get sweaty…I slip around. I practice 2x’s week, but want to do more!!!

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