Yoga Mat Giveaway

Tomuno is an eco-friendly yoga mat company and a Boston-based small business.

The mats are sold in places like Sports Club LA and leading yoga studios around the country.

Tomunu mats are natural mats. The rubber is harvested from actual rubber trees, rather than typical yoga mats which are plastic. Switching to a mat like this is an eco-friendly and green choice.


Note: Because these are natural rubber mats, they are designed for unheated yoga
yoga and are not recommended for hot yoga or Bikram-style yoga.

The natural rubber also provides fabulous grip so if you’re prone to slipping and sliding on your mat, you may want to look into Tomuno.

I love the extra cushioning in these mats. Extra thick at 5mm, which my joints appreciate. I practice ashtanga yoga and more power-based and vigorous yoga and over time, a little extra cushioning goes a long way to help stay injury-free.

More about my yoga practice, yoga journey, recommendations for yoga classes, apparel and clothing, mats, books, DVDs, podcasts and much more, please check out this very comprehensive post:

Yoga FAQ’s

Also, I have many more posts linked in my Yoga Section, covering everything from my 500 Hour Teacher Training to Moon Days to Yoga DVD & Clothing Review posts and more.

Nutshell: I got my yoga teacher training credential at the RYT-200 hour level in 2001, I’m not currently teaching. I have a current daily personal practice at home; I don’t follow DVDs or podcasts, but rather I do what comes to me and what my body asks for that day. I practice ashtanga or power-based yoga and practice for about 20 minutes per day. I normally practice on a Manduka mat and have had the same Manduka Black Mat Pro for nearly a decade and have hauled it around the world with me and it still looks brand new, tens of thousands of practice hours and sweat droplets later. I will be anxious to see how the Tomuno mat stands the test of time.

If you’d like to enter to win a Tomuno yoga mat, comment below to enter.

1. Tell me what kind of yoga mat you have now.


What kind of yoga do you practice, how long have you been practicing, where do you practice, why do you practice, or a couple details about your yoga practice.

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Contest ends Monday, March 5, 2012 and winner will be chosen randomly.

Open to Continental U.S. Residents only.


  1. I have a plain Gaiam mat and practice totally for fun/ relaxation whenever I can fit it in. Which is usually only five minutes at a time ;)

  2. I have a cheap, $7 yoga mat that I bought through my yoga class in college. I wouldn’t mind an upgrade, but as a poor college kid, I just have to make do!

  3. What a great looking mat! I am in Boston, and would love to have a mat from an eco-conscious local company! My current mat is from Gaiam, and I like it, but my partner Earnest doesn’t have a mat of his own! If I win this beautiful Tomuno mat, I’m giving Earnest my old Gaiam mat and taking the Tomuno mat for myself!

  4. I enjoy practicing Vinyasa yoga. I go to Sadhana, in Boston’s South End. The studio is heated and I feel I get a deeper practice when the room is both physically and spiritually warm.

    Sometimes I practice at home too, and I always feel better in my body and mind when I do. Too much work just gets in the way!

    I practice because I feel so good afterward. My mind is clearer, my body doesn’t hurt as much. And I sleep so much better! And I practice because I really like who I am when I do it regularly.

    I’ve been practicing really irregularly for almost 20 years. I first started with a book I got while I was in high school. Since then, I’ve taken classes here and there. Sometimes several times a week, and sometimes I go for weeks without it.

    Thinking about it here has given me new resolve to start practicing a lot more regularly!

  5. And I already like Love Veggies and Yoga on Facebook!

  6. My yoga mats are provided to me by my local gym! I need an upgrade….my own! Thanks!

  7. I currently have a very cheap mat from Target, and when I get sweaty I start to slip all over the place. A new mat would be great, especially since I want to take my yoga practice to the next level.

  8. I just liked you on Facebook! :)

  9. Fantastic contest! Didn’t know we had a yoga brand right here in town! I currently have a Jade Harmony mat, but it’s starting to show its age after just 3 months of daily practice! =(

  10. I am a beginner practicing Bikram yoga!!

  11. I facebook liked you!!

  12. I had a gaiam mat until my pup chewed it up..could use
    a new shiny one

  13. I have an el cheapo gaiam one from target. I slip A LOT. I could definitely use a new one!

  14. I facebook like LVY! :)

  15. Would love a new yoga mat!! I currently am using a Gaiam that I bought at Target.

  16. I practice at HOME on a purple Gaiam mat I got at Target. Sooooooo…

  17. Yoga helps my posture (which is awful!) so much. I try to practice at least once a week.

  18. In college I took a yoga class just as an easy credit but ended up liking it. Power yoga is fun

  19. I have a Gaiam mat that I bought from Target. It’s okay, but slippery at times and really thin padding. I just bought two yoga groupons, so a nicer mat would be awesome!

  20. i have a maduka but am always open to try new mats!

  21. I’m not sure what type of yoga mat I have now, my husband bought it for me a few years ago after my youngest was born. His heart was in the right place but it is really thin, and slippery, and doesn’t roll up the way its supposed to anymore. It is more hassel than its worth to use it so I usually just skip the mat and work on the floor. :0( I’ve been doing yoga off and on for about 4 years but am definately still a beginner. I don’t like following the videos because I prefer to hold the poses for 2-3 times longer than they do. I love the way yoga makes me feel.

  22. i have a pink gaiam mat – i love it, but could use a new one!

  23. Right now I have the cheapest mat you can get from Target… not so comfy! I do yoga videos at my house and attend a weekly class nearby. I look forward to yoga after a ten hour workday… and it really helps in addition to my regular cardio and strength regimes.

  24. Also, I FB like Love Veggies and Yoga :)

  25. I have a cheapo Gaiam mat now, that I use for my power yoga class. Woo woo yoga!

  26. I also like you on FB!

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  29. I am currently using a Lululemon I bought a while back. I needed a thicker mat for my knees and they happened to carry a great one, but now it it getting older and is not so great anymore.

  30. liked your page on Facebook!

  31. started following you on twitter! can’t wait for the tweets!

  32. loved the kelly moore bag your pinned! following and repining you on pinterest!

  33. now following you on integral also!

  34. I have the pleasure of possessing a broken tailbone. Every single time I have tried yogu, it absolutely kills my hiney! I would LOVE the opportunity to bring a ritual of yoga into my life with a comfy mat.
    Thanks so much!

  35. Also following you on Twitter

  36. I have an extra long Aurorae mat now. Christmas present last year!

  37. I have a very old gaiam and it’s ready to be replaced. I love, love my gentle yoga class!

  38. I have a terra tapas in a hideous lime yellow! It’s too sticky when my hands are dry, and too slippery when I’m in downward dog. Go figure! Thankfully I mostly take restorative and hatha otherwise I’d not be a happy camper.

  39. Yoga has been a huge help for me in my recovery from an eating disorder and I recently began to do hot yoga. Unfortunately my mat is not keeping up! :)

  40. I tweeted you!!

  41. Following you on pinterest and repinned your banana blueberry oat cake!

  42. I have a green Gaiam mat that’s probably a decade old.

  43. Hi..I have just started following your blog.I have to say I. Love all the yummy receipes you post!
    I to am a Manduka user and have been for the last 5 years..I swear it feels like a workout sometimes lugging it around.
    I have been certified in Hatha yoga as well as Anusara..
    I use to do yoga everyday but that was before I had my baby girl..She s 10 months now and crawling everywhere..I try to sneek in some time on the mat when she s sleeping or when she s playing on the floor which usually turns into me doing some yoga with her:)
    Yoga is one thing that always makes me feel good no matter how much time I spend doing it..

  44. I have a Prana Yoga Mat.

  45. I like you on FB.

  46. I also follow you on Pinterest and have repinned your Vegan Salad Dressing!

  47. I loooove hot yoga!

  48. HI!! I love your site and have already tried several oatmeal recipes :) YUM! I Used to Have a Prana Sticky Mat, but it was stolen from me 2 years ago on a trip to California :( I now use a much cheaper less quality mat from Wal*Mart. And after learning that some of the materials and chemicals they use to make these mats i have been just using a beach towel. I sure could use a nice mat again!! I follow you on Facebook as well! namaste*

  49. I have a Gaiam yoga mat now, but would love to try this one!

  50. I have some skanky pink mat from Target and desperately need a new one. I don’t really practice yoga much, but I do it after runs for stretching. I have Jillian’s DVD, which is probably not the best yoga DVD … but I like it.

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