Day of the Mushroom

Today is national Day of the Mushroom day. Even mushrooms get their own special day.

These are locally grown mushrooms from a San Diego area farmer’s market.

I never used to be a big mushroom lover growing up, but times have changed.

I’m definitely a fungi fan now.


My mom isn’t fond of ‘shrooms and she rarely made anything with them, and I wasn’t exposed to them much, but I’ve changed that.

I eat them on salads, use them in stir frys, use them in casseroles, and eat them by themselves.

Sometimes I have a handful of grapes, other times a handful of baby portobellos.

Like tempeh, I can eat mushrooms, whole, plain, raw, and just as they are.

Adding mushrooms to the tempeh and cucumber sticks sounds like a good idea and they’d be something else I could dip in the balsamic reduction. Dipping sauce and wondering what I’m going to dip next is always front and center and on my mind.

Marinated and softened via the marinade, these Sweet & Sour Marinated Mushrooms are great on sandwiches with other veggies, over salads, or tossed into the final minutes of a stir fry.

Here are some of my Mushroom Recipes

The winner of the Yumvelope Healthy Snacks Giveaway is jojo

Winner of the KitchenAid 7-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway will be announced Wednesday

Do you like mushrooms? How do you eat them?

Do you have any favorite mushroom recipes?

Stay tuned for chocolate and I hope your week is off to a great start!



  1. i know a slew of people who DESPISE mushrooms, but i just can’t get enough! i love portobello mushroom burgers. simply sauteing mushrooms and putting them over a salad or sandwich is the best. I love them on pizza too. Yay for fungii!

  2. Yum. Love mushrooms. And that sandwich has my name all over it. Of course, it is right about lunchtime now ;-)

  3. Wow, what a haul! I do like mushrooms but only if they are cooked, and served with other veggies. We grill veggies a lot and I love them combined with squash, peppers, onions, broccoli, etc. I just have a hard time eating them by themselves.

  4. I love mushrooms! I prefer them raw in a salad, but they taste good so many ways. Little black canvases that you can transform into just about any flavor you want! The texture is so meaty, which is perfect on a sandwich or in pasta. I love fungi. heh :)

  5. I’m big on the mushrooms! Those sweet n sour shrooms sound delish.

  6. I am a big mushroom fan, my favorite way to eat the is sautted with lots of sweet onions!

  7. Ooh mushrooms are my FAVOURITE! I love love love em. I can’t wait to try your sweet and sour recipe, looks delish.

  8. I think I’m in the minority, but I HATE mushrooms! They are a fungus, not a food. Blech. I hated being a vegetarian as a kid because even though I hated meat, the vegetarian options would always have a ton of mushrooms wherever we went. Just as bad. GROSS! My husband looooves them though so I often have to smell them being cooked. ew.

  9. I love mushrooms! One of my favorite recipes with mushrooms is spaghetti with truffle butter and mushrooms :)

  10. I love mushrooms! Especially when they’re paired with onions. My favorite way to eat them is in portobello mushroom burgers – so delicious!


  12. I love mushrooms, especially when cooked and paired with thyme and some sort of cheese/cream cheese. So delicious!

  13. I was just commenting to my husband yesterday about how much I enjoy portabello mushrooms! My mom doesn’t like mushrooms so I really didn’t have them until I was an adult. Funny that today is national mushroom day – as a transplanted Bostonian, I always think of it as Marathon Day!

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  15. MMMMMM. Yes to mushrooms. I’ve become a bit of a snob, though. Giant portabellas and smaller crimini are my faves. I *heart* mushrooms on pizza and in a spinach, black bean, mushroom enchilada recipe I make.

  16. I absolutely adore mushrooms and that last picture is making my mouth water!

  17. love mushrooms! I did not know it was mushroom day! Hope your monday is good!

  18. Ah! I wish I knew it was mushroom day sooner! I’ve already had dinner on this side of the ocean. I absolutely LOVE mushrooms. My favourite varieties are baby buttons and chestnuts. Apparently it’s cheeseball day tomorrow- hehe!

  19. Oh yes, Mushrooms! I love it. I make mushroom pate, soups (today’s post, BTW), patties, salads, marinated mushrooms, well, mushrooms are my meat! :)

  20. that sandwich looks awesome!

  21. Loooove mushrooms :-) When Ryan goes out of town, sometimes I just saute a big carton of mushroom in olive oil and eat that for dinner with bread!

    Beautiful pictures!

  22. Didn’t know it was mushroom day but I love them! My favorite marinades are your sweet and sour recipe or a mix of soy sauce, toasted sesame oil and a drizzle of maple syrup or agave. I usually use the latter if I’m making an Asian salad of some type. Your balsamic reduction would be wonderful on them–I need to try that!

  23. I absolutely love mushrooms, although I typically only buy button mushrooms. Mostly in omelets for me!

  24. i adore mushrooms on or in anything.
    i eat a lot of them
    and when i go to whole foods i splurge on the good ones for a stir fry
    i LOVE that app you did with the cucumbers! I bet that was tasty with the dipping sauce.

  25. I really like mushrooms! My favorite is adding them to stir-fry!

  26. Shabitha karthikeyan Reply

    Mushrooms are my fav !! Love them in the stir fries !!

  27. You know how much i love mushrooms. I had a roasted portobello on my salad for dinner tonight. I didn’t even know it was mushroom day and I was celelbrating. Though, in all honesty, I eat mushrooms every day, so its not all that shocking.

  28. I love the mushroom guy at our Mission Hills Farmers Market. He usually wears a skirt, interestingly enough…

  29. Oh man, I could eat mushrooms everyday! baby bellos are my fav :)

  30. Mushrooms are one of my all-time favourite foods. I LOVE ’em! My favourite is sauteed with some butter and garlic and thrown on top of a steak. Or grilled.

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