Thursday Things: Things Kids Say

This week’s Thursday Things is brought to you in part by Skylar (age 5) and some of the gems that escaped from her mouth on a recent trip to the mall:

1. I love Fashion Valley. Where else can you (window) shop at Pottery Barn, Tiffany, MAC and Mac, Williams-Sonoma, the Nike Store, Victoria’s Secret, F21, Anthropologie, Bath & Body Works, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton all within 100 yards of each other? And do it under palm trees and 76F afternoon sunny weather.

Don’t answer that because if I find another mall like it, I’ll immediately have to go.

Can I borrow your credit card?


2. As we were entering Bath & Body Works, Skylar exclaimed, “Mom, it smells positively delicious in here!”

I agreed.

3. Salespeople frequently suggest “layering” your scents in order to get more lasting power. Use the shower gel, the lotion, and then layer it with the body spray or perfume.

Skylar took layering to new levels.

She layered pear-scented hand sanitizer, Carried Away body spray (one of my personal faves), Japanese Cherry Bomb body wash, Paris Amour body butter with more hand sanitzer in coconut lime.

She smelled positively delicious. Or something like that.

4. She loved it though and loved the way she smelled, which is all that matters, really). She kept raising her arms and hands right up to my nose and face saying, “Mom, SMELL ME! Don’t I smell good!”

I said, “Honey, you could be a mile away from me and I could still smell you and yes, you smell great.” This is what white lies are for. Don’t crush the joy, just don’t. Santa is real and so is the Easter Bunny until proven otherwise.

5. She was so proud of herself that she tried on such a wide variety of scents and smeared them all over her arms, face, hair, and body. I didn’t mention to her that you’re not supposed to put body wash on your face without running water and that lotion should be kept out of your hair, but she didn’t seem to mind.

She described herself as smelling like, “A vanilla flower with cookie butter brownies and pears.”

She wasn’t too far off on her self-scent analysis.

6. I loved that she used the descriptor, cookie butter.

Creamy Cookie Butter White Chocolate Banana Smoothie anyone?

7. As we were walking back to our car, she had a free sample of tea from Teavana. This amounted to about one-ounce of herbal, non-caffeinated really expensive tea that I would never buy tea in a plastic cup.

She loves peach tea, hibiscus tea, white teas of any kind. She can recall tea samples that she has 6 months ago or longer.

For those people who say kids don’t remember things, mine has a memory like a steel trap, especially for tea and body spray.

8. She was drinking her whooping one ounce of herbal tea and looked over the railing and saw this from our vantage point.

She exclaimed, “Mom LOOK! They have really pretty dishes in there. I bet you would LOVE that store!”

I explained that yes, I love it but we can’t even go into it or I will fall in love with too many things and then we’d never be able to leave the mall. Wouldn’t that be awful.

From this post

9. We got in the car, I called Scott and put him on carwide speakerphone so she could hear him, too. Unfortunately he wasn’t answering his phone and she said, “Dad must have gotten a new ringtone and it’s really long.”

He did just get a new ringtone. How did she know?

And how does she know what a ringtone is? I don’t think I knew what they were or that they had a name until the year 2010.

10. We came home, ate dinner, and had one of these Creamy Mixed Berry White Chocolate Crumble Bars for dessert.

And then my little perfumebomb got a really good bath and scrub down.

Do you have any funny-things-kids-said stories? Or any, whoa-I-can’t-believe-she-said-that things?

I did a similar post to this over Christmas in Aruba. Skylar had some choice things to say about a man at the pool. I am still laughing thinking about it.

They’re hard to remember off the top of your head and are the type of things easily forgotten if you don’t write them down, so for posterity sake, I wanted to jot these down.

These are the types of trips I want to always remember; her being a little girl, so full of excitement over an ounce of tea and body spray and so proud of herself. Sometimes she seems like such a big girl and I have to remind myself that she’s only been on the planet five years. Positively delicious.

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  1. Too cute. I remember your post like this from Aruba. Kids are the best.

  2. Adorable! Hopefully you got the smell out!

    My (now adult) little brother once said he was “wise behind his ears” instead of “wise beyond his years” (which we still tease him about). He also once asked for an air guitar for his birthday (he must’ve thought air guitar = electric guitar).

    I also think kids use great descriptions – I used to call short sleeves “high sleeves” – makes total sense!!

  3. LOL, classic quotes! She is going to LOVE reading your posts when she’s older! Better start password protecting them now, it’s only a matter of time, haha. She’s obviously a precocious child!

  4. Averie, thanks for this positively delicious post! It did bring some good memories, and yes, you are positively correct: if you don’t write what they say, you forget. Thanks to Skylar for helping you with this post! :) I haven’t been to Teavana in about 6 months, and their tea is addicted! Tranquil dreams is one the best they have along with To Life!

  5. skylar is just TOO cute! i laughed out loud… thanks for brightening my day. kids do say the cutest things! “A vanilla flower with cookie butter brownies and pears.” — she is just too much. must be all that cookie butter from TJs you bake with :)

  6. Love this! Sounds like you had a sweet time together. Her comments on the obnoxious guy in Aruba are one of my favorite ever!

  7. Oh I love this post – so cute, so innocent and happy. And I would love to shop at that mall.

  8. Adorable!
    My 8-yr old nephew thought that I live in a hotel–it’s a condo building. But since he thought it was a hotel, he asked if breakfast would be in the lobby in the AM!

  9. That’s so cute of her!! I agree with the kids having great memories thing. My niece is a little smarty pants…even at age 3, she would remember all this stuff from movies and when my husband and I were in Australia, she even knew what flag to point to when mom and dad said, “where are uncle Tyler and aunt Charmaine?!”

  10. My co-worker’s 9 yr old daughter recently had to go both dairy and gluten free and she noted that her tummy felt much better, however, when she was acting up and misbehaving a few weeks ago, she said “mom, the diet is making me act like this”.

  11. no kids… but my nieces and nephew (whose birthday it was today!) come up with some nutty things sometimes.

    that mall is outstanding! we don’t have anything that gorgeous (i.e. outside) near me, but i think it’s better that way. i would probably just end up just wanting to stay at the mall all the time and would accidentally keep buying things.

  12. So cute! “Positively delicious” – I love it! My three-year-old comes up with some pretty entertaining stuff too. Kids are so funny, and SO perceptive.

  13. So Precious! Love your new blog emphasis but it’s still great to hear how Sklar is growing up once in a while!

  14. My aunt just posted a story on her Facebok page about how her grandson asked her how all grandmas are so smart. She told him it was because they have to take the “grandma test”. He got real quiet for a while and then said “oh! I get it! If they fail, they have to be the grandpa!”

    I sent that to my dad (a grandpa). He wasn’t as amused as my mom. ;)

  15. You make me want to go shopping!! Your daughter is so precious and it’s amazing the things they pick up and say!!! Your a lucky Mom to have such a sweet daughter!

  16. Catherine Hoffman Reply

    OK I am so homesick now. Misson Valley, Fashion Valley, UTC, North County Fair. Oh this things I miss living in the wild wild west.

  17. That’s so cute! I love the “positively delicious” comment.
    The other day my nephews were over and my younger brother, just being silly, asked “what is brown, furry, and smells like poop?” – referring to our dog- then my 2 year old nephew answered “it’s my dad!” We all laughed so hard.

  18. Wow. You are so strong to not have gone into Williams-Sonoma!

  19. I absolutely loved reading about Skylar’s Bath & Body Works scent overload. I have a very serious addiction to BBW (can’t wait for the event coming up on Saturday to buy more products that I don’t need.)… lol! I buy products from there more often than I could ever possibly use up and go through the amount I purchase. Whoops. My absolute favorite is Pink Sugar Plum (Be Enchanted is very similar).

    That cookie butter looks so HEAVENLY! I wish there was a Trader Joe’s by me. I always read about TJ’s in your blog posts all the time. I finally popped my TJ’s cherry this past week while visiting a friend, she took me to the one by her. We bought all sorts of yum, yums. Have you had their falafel chips? Good stuff! The red pepper dip/spread was pretty good too.

    • I love BB&BW too! Skylar comes by her love of it naturally apparently :) I need to check out pink sugar plum now!

      And so glad you popped the TJs cherry. Lol I have tried their falafel chips…so many awesome chips, dips, and spreads in that store!

    • Pink Sugar Plum was a new scent in the Holiday Signature Collection this year. There might be some floating around in any outlet stores, but I don’t think it’ll be available until they re-release the holiday scents again that is if they choose to make more Pink Sugar Plum this year. I hope so! It seems right up your alley with the scents you like.

    • Ugh I hate it when I fall in love with a seasonal scent and then its gone. V.S. did that with “Bombshell Summer” last summer. I loved it and none of their other Bombshell releases can compare to that one. And I doubt they will ever bring it back since they always want to push the next and newest thing.

    • Yes! I remember that! And when I finally got to the farther mall that has a VS – they were all out of the Bombshell Summer, so I didn’t even get to smell it. Murphy and his pesky law.

  20. We were watching the Robin Williams movie RV last weekend and at one point my husband asked me about one of the actresses “Has she had work done?” While I was thinking about it, our eight-year son said, “I think she’s had a tan.”

  21. Great list, I adore our local mall to for browsing Tiffany’s, LV, and other shops I can’t afford, but it’s just fun to look. Skylar is such a cutie!

  22. I hate not being able to remember the great kid quotes off the top of my head, but I love it when they do come back to me. Because some things are just too sweet and funny to forget.

  23. Wow, that is one grown-up little girl! And so girlie! Seriously, how did she know what a ringtone was? It’s so interesting to hear stories of Skylar and see how she grows.

  24. Guess what I bought in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Skylar is amazing. And so are you as her mom!! Would you consider adopting me and allowing me to have this kind of childhood? Small detail: I’m 26, but we’ll work around that.

    Just kidding. But I do love that you think about letting her have moments of joy. My parents, though full of good intentions, never realized that kids blame themselves for their parents’ misery, substance abuse, etc. Skylar is going to grow up to be such a secure person, and I’m so glad, just thinking about that. Ok, I’m done being sappy now. :)

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