Kitchen Knives Giveaway

I recently received these two knives from Big Kitchen

Mercer Renaissance Forged Riveted Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 7 Inch


Mercer Renaissance Forged Riveted Chef’s Knife, 8 Inch


If there’s one piece of kitchen equipment that is mandatory, it’s a good knife.

Trying to cook, chop, slice ‘n dice, and simply be productive and efficient in the kitchen is impossible without a proper knife. Lightweight, flimsy, and dull knives are intolerable and I won’t use them.

When I am in the kitchen, I tend to put one (big) knife in my hand and keep it there until everything is chopped, sliced, minced, quartered, cut, and ready. Paring knives and smaller knives have their place, but I prefer bigger knives, in general.

Don’t be scared of the Big Guns.

From cleaning and slicing pineapple

to cleaning and chopping heads of lettuce

To chopping oranges and cucumbers for and Cucumber Orange Dill Relish

to cleaning and slicing watermelon

To dicing the Snickers bars for Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or chopping the candy for 3 Musketeers Marshmallow Candy-Stuffed White Chocolate Cupcakes with Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream

…Not a day goes by where I don’t have my knife and cutting board out and in use. Repeat x17 times. Before noon on most days.

These Mercer knives are built solidly, feel nice in my hands, are heavy enough but not too heavy, and most importantly, they get the chopping job done.

If you’d like to enter to win these two knives, comment below:

1. What’s your current favorite knife and how often do you use it? (links welcome)


What do you tend to chop or use your knives most for? (links welcome)

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  1. I follow you on Pinterest and repinned the White Queso recipe. That photo looks absolutely delicious.
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    Profile URL:

  2. Christi Brinkmann Reply

    I use my paring knife for almost everything, like chopping avocados, watermelon, cauliflower, onions, etc. I would love to have some great bigger knives.

  3. I have no “one knife” or even a series of knives. We have a knife set, but none of them are ‘special’ except for one bread knife (not part of the set) that my mom gave us.

    I’d love to have a special knife. I see the chef’s on tv have their faves. We do a lot of cooking. Lots of fruit and veggies.


  5. I use knives most for chopping veggies. Onions are fun to chop!

  6. I use my knife for slicing veggies, and onions, and things like that.

  7. Follow Big Kitchen on twitter

  8. I am forever chopping fresh vegetable—onion, celery, mushrooms, peppers, for my stir fry’s. Need a good knife for this.

  9. for slicing veggies

  10. I usually end up chopping carrots for my lunch.

  11. I tend to use my knives to cut vegetables!

  12. Joanna Allison Reply

    I use my knives to cut meat into cubes or strips most often.

  13. Joanna Allison Reply

    Followed you and tweeted. “I want to Win a Pair of Fabulous Kitchen Knives in the @AverieCooks @BigKitchenStore Giveaway”

  14. I use a Victorinox 8″ chef’s knife with Fibrox handle on a near daily basis. It’s very sharp and easy to handle. I love it!

  15. I use my knives mainly for chopping vegetables and slicing meat.

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  17. I use my knives mostly for chopping up veggies

  18. I like my Santoku knife best.

  19. I like Averie Cooks on FB – Robin Trexel

  20. I follow Big Kitchen on Twitter – Imawinnertoday

  21. I use my knives for chopping vegetables. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. My favorite knife is a paring knife I got from Cutco many years ago.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  23. We do a lot of salads and such so tons of veggies get chopped around here.

  24. Like you on FB Sherry Conrad

  25. Follow Big Kitchen on Twitter dddiva

  26. Follow you on Pinterest Sherry Conrad

  27. I would love theswe knifes

  28. Paula Tavernie Reply

    Im always cutting fresh fruit and veggies with my knives!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  29. I owuld use for cutting meat.

  30. Knife I bought years ago on from the Food Network line….use it constantly for chopping vegs

  31. Melanie MOntgomery Reply

    I just moved into my new townhouse, and we havent bought any knives yet!

  32. I have a Chicago Cutlery knife that I use almost every day.

  33. I follow you on pinterest

  34. I like you on facebook

  35. I have knives that have cost a lot more, but my fave is probably the paring knife given to my (farmer) husband many years ago by a seed corn company. I think I use it every day and it’s still in great shape. Thanks DeKalb!

  36. I generally use knives to cut steak

  37. i like averie cooks

  38. I use knives for chopping veggies.

  39. Aaron Bretveld Reply

    I have a 10″ chefs knife from Victorinox that I really like a lot.

  40. Aaron Bretveld Reply

    I follow you on twitter with user @elangomatt and tweeted about this giveaway

  41. Aaron Bretveld Reply

    I have Facebook Liked Averie Cooks

  42. I’d say I cut onions and garlic the most.

  43. Joanna Allison Reply

    Liked Averie Cooks

  44. Joanna Allison Reply

    Following Big Kitchen. Twitter name is jsallis1

  45. Garlic and lots of veggies

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