Sprinklebakes Cookbook Giveaway

I have been waiting for the release of Heather Baird’s cookbook, Sprinklebakes, for what feels like an eternity.

Heather is the mastermind behind some of the most creative, beautiful, and awe-inspiring desserts I have ever seen.

From No-Bake Strawberry Milk Cheesecake


To Peanut Butter Mousse in Tuile Cookie Spoons, the way her brain works and what she comes up with just blows me away.

I think of her as a food artist who has surgeon’s hands. I am amazed as how she pulls some of these things off!

She also photographs her food with such amazing talent and skill that I literally drool over recipes such as Coca-Cola Cupcakes and Salted Peanut Butter Frosting while gazing at the stunning images.

Her cookbook was just released on May 1 and it’s chock full of amazing new recipes, coupled with her gorgeous photography.

You want this book. You need this book.

One lucky reader will win a copy of Heather’s book, Sprinklebakes

Comment below to enter the giveaway

1. What’s the most beautiful food you’ve ever made? (links welcome)


What is your favorite dessert of all time? (links welcome)

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Contest ends Friday, May 11, 2012 and winner will be chosen randomly. Open to continental U.S. residents only.

200 comments on “Sprinklebakes Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. I follow you on twitter!

  2. soft serve ice cream!

  3. tweeted! @Squigglemefloey

  4. My favorite dessert AND the most beautiful dessert I have ever made are the same thing. Whiskey Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. As I make it only once a year for my Father’s birthday, it has a special place in my heart. It was the first successful personal recipe I can up with, and the first time I felt that people truly found something special in something I created. It opened up so much inspiration for me through cooking and how flavors could be combined. My favorite part about the cake itself is how it comes out beautifully decorated right out of the oven and yet is so unassuming and nostalgic.

  5. I follow you in Twitter! @Liz_Buck

  6. I follow SprinkleBakes on Twitter! @Liz_Buck

  7. I like Averie Cooks on Facebook!

  8. I like SprinkleBakes on Facebook!

  9. My favorite dessert is tres leches cake! I loooove it!

  10. I like sprinkle bakes on Facebook.

  11. I follow sprinkle bakes on twitter.

  12. I Facebook like you (: (:

  13. I follow you on Instagram too ! :D

  14. I pinterest follow you & yesterday I just HAD to pin those coconut spice cheesecake bars !!!!

  15. My favorite dessert ever was this chocolate/pb/smores plate of awesomeness at Volt (owned by the guy who was on Top Chef). There was burnt marshmallow ice cream!! The meal was excellent, but I’ve had dreams about that dessert!

  16. My favorite dessert of all time is a three-layer vanilla bean cheesecake that my sister developed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I’m a fan of yours on Facebook.

  18. I made her Strawberry Milk Cheesecake this past weekend! I loved all the sprinkles . . . it was beautiful!

  19. I am following you on Pinterest and have repinned something!

  20. My favorite dessert is a tie between carrot cake and cheesecake. I’ll take a little of both thanks ;)

  21. oh my. My sis would LOVE this! She is a total sugar maniac, and a fabulous artist. Her bday is coming up soon!

    My favorite dessert of all time? Flourless chocolate peanut butter cake: http://www.spoonfulofsugarfree.com/2012/03/03/chocolate-peanut-butter-cake-giveaway/

  22. Pinterest follow and pinned your tempeh cucumber

  23. WOW! I so wish I was good at making food look pretty! Those coca cola cupcakes are so darn cute. The prettiest thing I’ve ever made? Probably my simple fruit plates!

  24. Brownie sundae, no question.

  25. I recently made a rose cake and it was absolutely beautiful!! Everyone, including myself, was in awe.

  26. I “liked” Averie Cooks on FB.

  27. I “like” SprinkleBakes on FB.

  28. I follow SprinkleBakes on Twitter.

  29. I am a follower of yours on instagram via mommyoftwoblog! (:

  30. Chocolate pound cake with coconut pecan frosting. This is the traditional birthday cake for my family.

  31. The most beautiful things i have made are a pasta dish and some decorated cakes or cookies!

  32. I have to say my favorite desset is a sticky toffee pudding I had in Ireland-mmmmmmmmmm! This book looks amazing, and I would love to win!

  33. My favorite dessert of all time is Special K bars!

  34. I like Averie Cooks on FB!

  35. I like Sprinklebakes on FB!

  36. Definitely most recent favorite i made was a brownies peanut butter mousse pie. so amazing

  37. my favorite dessert of all time is M&M cookies with vanilla ice cream

  38. i Twitter Follow @AverieCooks and tweeted

  39. i Twitter Follow @Sprinklebakes

  40. my favorite dessert has to be lemon tart <3 my mom makes the best :)

  41. i like Averie Cooks on FB!

  42. i like Sprinkle babes on FB!
    FB name: ilham Andalucia

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