Thursday Things

Time for this week’s Thursday Things:

1. When I was on the Avocado Tour a couple Saturdays ago, Scott took Skylar to the mall and they went into the Disney store. She’s been talking about these “pink sparkle boots” at least nine times a day, every day, since then.

She’s five years old and weeks later, she’s not pining away for toys, dolls, or wishing she had a playdate with a friend or that we’d take her to the movies. Nope, she’s jonesing for shoes. I can relate.

So I decided to surprise her and I bought them. Just in time for the 80F degree weather we had on Wednesday. She says she doesn’t mind sweaty feet.


2. I dropped my ultra-fine point tweezers, similar to these, on the bathroom floor last week and the tip broke. Darn.

I love the ultra-fine tip for getting at ingrown hairs, random tiny eyebrow hairs, popping zits, or whatever your tweezing needs are. You’ll never go back to fatter-tipped or slanted-tipped Tweezers after the fine-point kind.

3. I did a tiny bit of spring cleaning and donated a few bags of clothes that were outgrown or weren’t getting any love anymore. It’s such a good just feeling getting it out of my house.

Freeing up valuable closet space is worth it’s weight in pink glitter boots.

4. Plus, I had an ulterior motive.

When I dropped off the clothes, I poked around to see what kind of dishes I could score at the thrift store.

5. I got this little wooden bowl for 50 cents. Big spender.

You know the expression, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure?

Well, apparently even thrift stores get picked over and have “off” days where it truly all just looks like someone else’s trash because I didn’t have much luck. Better luck next time.

6. I have absolutely no where to wear this dress, but I wish I did because I love it.

7. The dress sort of matches the Peach Mango Pineapple White Sangria.

Being color-coordinated with drinks is always a bonus, right?

8. Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt is available in vanilla, raspberry, wild blueberry, key lime, peach, mango and espresso. Greek frozen yogurt bars are also available in wild blueberry and peach.

 These non-fat creamy treats have 9 grams of protein and only 130 calories per serving.

 This Greek Frozen Yogurt isn’t only a scoop-able treat. You can layer your favorite berries and granola with it or blend it with other ingredients to create a creamy smoothie.

Want to win some? Leave a comment on this post telling me so and on the next post, I’ll pick a winner. The winner will receive three product vouchers for three free Adonia items.

9. King Arthur’s website has quite a comprehensive Baking Tips & Techniques section.

I love getting down to the baking nitty-gritty about creaming, sifting, piping, and similar earth-shattering discussions. How long to chill cookie dough before it’s considered sufficiently chilled and how to properly separate egg whites and yolks is the stuff I live for which is why Alton Brown is my hero.

10. I need chocolate every day.

It was National Chocolate Chip Day on Tuesday but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want chocolate on Thursday. Or the other days of the week.

Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies Stuffed with Chocolate Covered Strawberries should do the trick.

What are your Thursday Things?

If you’ve seen anything, done anything, or made anything fabulous, feel free to link it up in the comments.

Have you ever seen something in a store, not bought it, but wished you had and not been able to stop thinking about it?

I think we’ve all done this, I just didn’t know it happened to five year olds.

I did this with a pair of jeans I saw and tried on just weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Skylar. They fit perfectly but because I was pregnant and had no idea what my body was going to do, I didn’t buy them, but I’m still thinking about them six years later.

Have a great wrap-up to your week!

110 comments on “Thursday Things”

  1. aww the boots are adorable! I bet she was very happy.
    When I can’t decide if it’s worth it buy a piece of clothing, I don’t buy it and wait a few days. If I’m still thinking about it, I liked it that much!
    Perfect pair of jeans though… is so hard to find!!! I could relate to you still thinking about it years later!

  2. Too bad there wasn’t more fun food photography props at that thrift store. It’s so hit or miss at those places, you just need to keep going back and checking I’ve found. I haven’t had a good find in a while.

  3. Those boots are incredible! I want them for myself. I think they have such personality and flair.

  4. OK do Skylar’s pink sparkle boots come in my size??!? That’s all I have to say! That girl has got some style!! :)

    I have ben meaning to make your dark choc chocolate chip cookies w/ choc covered strawberries! the pictures alone are enough to convince me. plus, i kinda need some chocolate after a long week! Is it Friday yet? I wish I still had some of my dark chocolate cherry nutella granola lying around!

  5. i definitely want some. thanks for the chance

  6. I want some of the Greek yogurt treats! Sounds yummy. Those boots are too cute. What a fabulous mama you are. I bet shes just thrilled. Its the little things in life. And that dress is gorgeous

  7. I’d love the Greek yogurt. But I have a funny boot story for you – when I was competing riding saddleseat there wasn’t a lot of ways to have fun with color – it is far more stoic than western :-( so I was at a sample sale of a favorite boot maker and they had a pair (just one pair) of electric blue boots in size 5 (I am a 6 1/2) I pined over them and ended up cramming my feet into them just do I could have a little color in my life – my mother wanted to kill me and my riding wasn’t its best but I had color (it lasted a year)

  8. Those boots are adorable!! Nice score on the wooden bowl…. I tend to strike out at thrift stores. I occasionally will find a vintage bowl or plate for a buck or 2… which reminds me I need to clean the closets out this weekend and make a trip over to good will.

  9. I would totally buy that dress! I’d wear it to a party over the summer or just out to dinner or for drinks!

  10. I want to win some Adonia stuff!!!….. Please :)

  11. a) That dress is all kinds of beaut. I’d have no where to wear it either. Oh! MY BACK YARD. Oh.

    b) gotta love the .50 bowls!

    c) Those boots are awesome.

    d) that’s all I got!

  12. frozen greek yogurt?? That sounds awesome!

  13. I’d love to try the espresso frozen greek yogurt! Greek yogurt is my go-to source of protein and I think the espresso would make an awesome frozen coffee drink.

  14. I can absolutely picture her in those boots – huge grin and all! I need a good pair of tweezers. Mine kind of suck. I love to shop. Love it. I can also do good (or bad depending on how you look at it) about talking myself out of a purchase. Then I find myself nearly obsessing about it.

  15. I would love to win some of that yogurt! And maybe some sparkly boots. :-)

  16. Love the boots and the dress!!! And I would love to try this greek frozen yogurt very very much!

  17. Great list of things, love the boots and I adores boots at her age too, I was obsessed with them and wearing them whenever. Gardening and trying out many flavors of stevia is on my list this week.

  18. ohh she must have flipped when you gave her the shoes! And I really love that bowl, along with your new wooden table/photo background your pictures are going to be looking fabulous and rustic which I love!

  19. I’ve never tried Adonia, but I would love to! It looks delicious

  20. That’s so cute about Skylar’s boots!!! I think shoe addictions are genetic. You’re going to have your hands full in a few years :)

  21. Those boots…WOW. So sweet that you surprised Skylar with them :-)

  22. Love the wooden bowl! Thrift stores are always my weakness…so many little hidden treasures!!

  23. I would love to try the frozen greek yogurt!

  24. I would love to some Adonia froyo! Yum!

  25. That froyo sounds deeeeeeeeeelicious!!! Also, I’m jealous of Skylar’s boots! So cute!!

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