From The Weekend

The highlights of my weekend include:

1. Ordering this white Hemnes Cabinet fom Ikea.

I have run out of storage space in my kitchen-living-dining room (it’s all just one big connected room) to store anything. Urban living and no storage at its finest.


I literally have cereal boxes, nice dishes, yoga mats, camera lenses, and spatulas crammed into nooks and crannies, random drawers, stuffed in various closets and things are a big disorganized hodge-podge. Not to mention, things are getting smooshed and could break (gasp, Anthro dishes) and more storage is needed. Period.

I ordered this storage cabinet in the hopes to get photography dishes and bulky dry goods like bags of flour and sugar into one area, which will free up the cupboards to put the every day dishes into them which will free up the nooks and crannies which will make things organized and neat and pretty again.

Let’s hope my plan works because rather than stepping foot into Ikea on a weekend (nightmare), I ordered online with a hope and prayer it’s going to be fine and I’ll like it. My item will be delivered in about a week and an assembly company is putting it together.

Glass. Shelving. Tall unwieldy structure. Sounds like a recipe to break my arm, slice my fingers, or file for divorce if we tried to put it together ourselves.

2. Spending time here

3. Being with my family and listening to Skylar laugh and play her version of “Name That Tune” with us. She hums a tune and asks us if we can guess the song. We never can.

And we all bust out laughing.

4. I made food for Scott that made him happy and we had a low-key Father’s Day. The weather was picture-perfect on Sunday and we savored it.

5. I made some Special K Bars because I wanted something chocolatey and gooey and peanut buttery and no-bake.

My grandma’s recipe always hits the spot.

What was the best part of your weekend?

Do you have any Ikea purchases you love? Or storage solutions you love?

We did Skylar’s room from Ikea and have been very happy. For the price, functionality, and look I’m going for, it’s perfect. Both her room (and hopefully) my storage case.

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58 comments on “From The Weekend”

  1. Love, love, LOVE that cabinet!!! Super cute and versatile. You’ll have to post pics once you have it set up! :)

    And holy moly. Those Special K bars look irresistible!!

  2. Best part of my weekend was that the play I’m in unally opened and sold out both nights do it looks like it’ll be a good run!
    As for ikea, my mattress from there is quite comfy:)

  3. Love that picture of Coronado! When I lived in SD I worked in Coronado, such a beautiful place to go to work everyday! :)

  4. Great Ikea find! I keep my camera and lenses in the pantry too, easier access. :-) We have a few of the Ikea Expedit shelves in our office, gym, and bedroom with tons of baskets, filers, and drawers for storage.

  5. I love that cabinet! I hope it works out for you. I am running out of space too, but my problem is getting rid of clutter!

  6. I’m more impressed with the special K bars, i’m hungry now

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