Thursday Things

Here are this week’s Thursday Things:

1. I’m loving Bravo TV even more so than usual because there are multiple cities of housewives happening. The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York (and what do you think of the new ladies?), and the New Jersey ladies are all on. Some seasons are beginning, some are ending. It’s a good thing my DVR is smart enough to just do its job and just record  so I don’t have to keep track of what’s on and when.

Million Dollar Listing L.A. is starting and I can’t wait to see what happens with Madison’s ex-assistant. The previews and drink-tossing look entertaining.

Around the World in 80 Plates is great. I love going on a “trip” each week from the comforts of my bed. One day I’d love to really go to some of those destinations from India to Morocco. One day.



And there’s a new show coming, Miss Advised, I’m curious about.  If I could only get one channel, it would be Bravo. Then E! and The Food Network.

2. I picked up a new deodorant, Secret Scent Expressions. The fragrance is definitely noticeable. It’s one of those deodorants that every time I move my arms, the scent wafts and I can smell my own deoderant.

My armpits are evidently expressing themselves.

3. Cute summer plates and on sale for $1.99 each at West Elm.

4. I was minding my own business and making a Mango Basil Personal-Sized Tortilla Pizza when all of a sudden my smoke detector went off. The pizza had been cooking for all of 4 minutes.

My smoke detector goes off pretty frequently if I turn my oven on over 400F.

At 425F or 450F, and roasting sweet potato fries for example, it’s almost a guarantee but nothing is burning though. It’s such a jarring experience and I jump ten feet every time; not to mention, I lose some of my hearing every time it goes off. So loud.

5. These Mossimo Short Sleeve Pocket Vee-Tee’s from Target are $8 bucks and come in many colors. The in-store colors vary from the online colors. So soft and they don’t shrink at all in the dryer. I love them and have them in 3 colors. Since I discovered them about 6 weeks ago, I can be found wearing one 24/7.

I better pick up a fourth because my hairstylist got massive amounts of hair color down the back of one a few weeks ago so I really have 2.5 not 3. Good thing it was only an eight dollar tshirt.

6.  This cookbook, from Cooks Illustrated, The New Best Recipe Cookbook, hardcover. 1000 pages

I’m loving this cookbook because with each recipe they make, the authors tell you how and why each ingredient was used. For example, in brownies, they test 1 egg to 4 eggs, with and without yolks; brownies made with cocoa powder, Dutch process and regualar; with melted chocolate ranging from bittersweet, milk, semisweet, unsweetened baking chocolate to chocolate chips; they test flour types and amounts, baking times, and it goes on and on until they feel they come up with the most perfect recipe for a particular item. Each recipe gets trialed hundreds of times before it makes the book. And for brownies, for example, they distinguish between cakey and fudgy and did all of that to yield two different types of brownies. Mind-boggling.

If you like Alton Brown, food trivia and food science, and want to know why something is made the way it is; or what would happen if you reduce the baking powder by 1/2 teaspoon and added an extra 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, this is your book. At just about $20 bucks and 1000 pages, I think it’s a phenomenal value.

7. featured my Chocolate Peanut Butter Donuts in their Delicious Donut Recipes Roundup. If you need donut ideas, head over there for dozens of recipes.

8. Thanks for the Ani Phyo Cookbooks Giveaway – Set of Two entries

9. My latest iHerb order arrived and I’ve been loving these Dr. Ohhirra’s probiotics.  80% of our immune system is in our gut so a healthier gut means a healthier you, all around.

Less colds, sniffles, and sickness; in addition to better digestive health, too.

I had been using these probiotics for about 5 years, but for the past few months have been switching it up. I’ve read we need to replenish different strains of helpful bacteria and figure a brand switch can’t hurt. I think both brands are great and am enjoying the switch-up. Sort of like switching up shampoo.

Code AVE630 at checkout will save you $5 off your iHerb order and pick up some nutritional yeast, stevia, bulk spices, protein powder or any other supplements you need. Shipping is free on all orders over $40 and I save at least 30 to 40% below retail. Let me know if you try the probiotics and what you think.

10. Let me know if you try this dessert and what you think.

What are your things?

Feel free to link up anything fabulous that you’re made, eaten, seen, done or bought.

I’d love to hear your favorite tv shows, cheap-but-great clothing finds, probiotics or cookbooks you love, fave summertime recipes. Fill me in.


  1. I’m a total bravo addict too. And thank goodness for DVR. The plates are adorable. Totally going and getting one of those T’s! Have a good day :)

  2. A friend just yesterday mentioned that huge new cookbook out that goes into the science of all the recipes etc and is apparently like the Bible of cooking. Now I have visual! And it sounds like an incredible resource and right up your alley with all the logistics and science in it. And isn’t target the best for clothes?!

    • You cannot beat an 8 dollar tshirt. And yes, the book is GREAT! $20 bucks very well spent! Everything from how to make perfect chicken stock to perfect sugar cookies. It covers the gamut!

  3. I can really gets sucked into the OC or Beverly Hills, but not so much the others. I would be over the moon if any recipe I made was ever featured….well…anywhere! Kudos to you!!!

    • The OC and Bev Hills are my fave…Atlanta cracks me up and NY is harder b/c of all the new cast members. NJ is my least fave. I think I relate to the west coast series better :)

  4. Lately I’ve been loving my Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream. I live in Virginia, where the humidity and heat are picking up rapidly. This stuff leaves my hair smooth and NOT 80s rocker-like. Without a doubt the best investment ever!

  5. I just purchased those probiotics yesterday! I am starting them today, I will let you know what I think!

  6. I love your Thursday things! What a fun potpurri of randomness. Very interested in your cookbook recommendation – I’m a nerd like that. Laughed out LOUD when I read this sentence: “My armpits are evidently expressing themselves.” My four year old’s sense of humor is rubbing off on me. :)
    Have a great day today!

  7. I have one of those shirts! So cheap, so comfy, so cute! love it.

  8. Ok. I need that CI cookbook! 1,000 of pure baking glory? PLUS reasons WHY things are made the way they are? I’m all over it. We both know I am a food science freak! I just bought Landis’ Cookie Dough cookbook and can’t wait to try some recipes!

    I need to bake donuts again soon. And I have your chocolate peanut butter ones saved so they may be my next batch! Or I am thinking of salted caramel donuts. Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

    • $20 bucks very well spent for you! You’d LOVE this book! It’s HUGE and it’s tons of food science. Savory AND sweets; I have been only concentrating on the baking chapters thus far but if you want to know how to make perfect homemade chicken stock, etc….that’s all in there too!

  9. OMG, all the housewives are crazy, but I just can’t stop watching! I love Ani’s, her food is spectacular! Always color and I can make a true meal out of it too! I hate it when you get a cookbook where the food is just not enough to keep you filled.

  10. I’m addicted to Bravo! Love the Housewives and lots of other shows as well. But, it breaks my heart to say that I was SOO BORED with this week’s premiere of NYC!! No one was interesting. After a while I zoned out and read a book and looked up and thought, “this is STILL on?!” I turned it off and had an early bedtime instead!

    • Well the 3 new ladies and not knowing their story-line is hard; I am sad that Jill and the other ladies didn’t decide to come back or aren’t on. Alex, Jill, the tall fit gal that used to be a model (spacing on her name)….I want them back!

  11. I have been craving pizza like nobody’s business lately. I just won some GF sandwich wraps too, and I think they would work perfectly. I may have to finally unpack the toaster oven for these mango pizzas.

  12. new york already started!!! oohhhh man. these are the things i miss without cable, haha. thank goodness for its delayed by a few weeks, but still a delight :)

    • Sometimes I have so much on my DVR because I seriously watch like 8 mins of Tv at a time some days…lol…that it could be weeks before I end up seeing it anyway. Eventually I do get them all in though :)

  13. Ooh I have been looking for the perfect V-neck tee! You’re quite tall, right? I ask because I’m 5’8″ and always have difficulty finding tees long enough for my torso. Do you find they fit well; are they long/slouchy tees or fitted? Lol so many questions. It’s just that I have to drive over a border and over an hour to get to my nearest Target so I want to make sure it’s worth it haha! (Not that I would hold you to anything!).

    I am enjoying my Build-a-Bowl meals. Fun times having dinner when you get to ‘build’ it yourself!

    • nice and long and it’s slouchy. I buy a size large and it’s very slouchy but if you sized down, it would still be long enough I bet and tighter but for hanging out at parks with my child, I like some slouch :) ORDER online!!! I ordered some online even though my Target is 2 miles away. Shipping was free!

  14. I’m so happy you tried the probiotics, yay! Also – have you gotten hooked on Housewives of Vancouver? Oh my, so scandalous!

    • LOVE the probiotics! And yes, it was you! who told me about them! I should give you a big hug :)

      RHW of Vancouver?! I don’t even get that one! Maybe other cities in the US do, but not here in Cali. I’d love to see it though!

      and thanks for the cast iron pan info..unfortunately the thrift stores around here are well-traveled and well-loved and no 50 yr old pans laying around…they’d be snatched up!

  15. Always great to hear from another “Real Housewives” fan! I’ve been enjoying the OC and the New Jersey series…but just can’t bring myself to even try the NYC series this time, having lost interest a couple of seasons back (Sonya and Ramona are just too much for me!). I’m looking forward to next week’s OC episode when the idea of a proposal comes up for Gretchen. =)

    Oh, and those chocolate-chip muffin delights? I haven’t made them yet…but they are bookmarked and waiting. =)

  16. OK, lots to say here.

    I am a housewives fan as well. I’m not into the Jersey gals but love the NY and Beverly Hill’s gals. I have only seen the first 15 minutes of the NY gals so I need to get to know the new ones a bit more.

    Zoe and I are obsessed with Dance moms (not the Miami one but the Abby one). The moms’s are totally obnoxious and that’s not the draw. The girls are such amazing dancers so it’s so fun to watch their routines. Zoe loves to dance so she loves to see what they can do.

    I have a subscription to the cooks illustrated website so do you think this book is worth it? Does it have the same recipes as what I can get on the website?

    I’m so excited for the food photo class I am taking in July and I am also taking Joy the Baker’s and Tracey from Shutterbean’s food staging class in July. It’s local so I thought why not. I love both their blogs, so it will be fun to meet them in person.

    The cookbook I am loving right now is Meet Free Monday and Vegetarian by Alice Hart. Both have great and easy recipes!

    Happy Thursday Averie. I am so excited my kids are finished with school tomorrow!


    • I meant Meat Free Monday! Sorry about that! I’m a spaz on the computer today.

    • I dont subscribe to their website so not sure how much different it is but for a woman like you who uses Ghirardelli choc chips and Scharffen Berger cocoa powder (I use the 1.99 TJs varities…LOL) and who can *truly cook* this is a great use of 20 mere bucks. I think you’ll LOVE the cookbook and totally worth it. It’s HUGE and having something in print is nice to have and hold rather than online.

      What food photo class are you taking in July?

      Tracy/Joy’s class…saw it and if I was in NorCal, I’d pop in for that one, too. HAVE fun, you’ll love Joy! Havent met Tracy but I’m sure she’s a blast in person, too!

    • Hi Averie. I will check out the book and see if its similar to what is on-line.

      The photography class is with Denise Woodward.

      She has a class that she does but I will not be in town so my friend Em and I are taking a semi-private class with her all day. I am excited to learn about lighting ideas especially in the winter and also how to best use my camera. I still take all my photos on manual with the food setting. Lame!

  17. Melissa (Better Fit) Reply

    Great Thursday things! My TV is mostly showing Mad Men at the moment. We’re like the last household not to have seen it!

    My All time favourite cookbook is The Joy of Cooking. It’s such a good all-rounder, is so practical and has everything from oatmeal to frogs’ legs. I also love Gabe Mirkin for loads of healthy recipes.

  18. Million Dollar Listing is so entertaining! Love it. And those summery plates are gorgeous!

  19. Great Post! I take Dr. Onhira’s (sp?) probiotics too! So great…gotta love the friendly flora;) thanks for sharing! that dessert looks faaaaaabulous!

  20. I have never thought about switching up my brand of probiotics to use different strains. I’ve been using Phillips Colon Health for a few months now. It has definitely helped, but now I wonder if I could get even more gut healing!

    • Some drugstore brands of probiotics have “dead” bacteria in them, i.e. they’re not doing much to help you. Not sure about that brand, just sharing info my naturopath once told me. I think you’d LOVE the Dr. O’s or Jarrow’s I linked up. Variety is good!

  21. My Thursday has been pretty good for June. Really cool weather here in the east which helps work and the electric bill! I made up a crazy salsa last night with peaches, apples and cucumbers. It worked though. Even my husband liked it which is RARE for healthy food I’m going to try making your ‘Raw Vegan Caramels’ today. I’ve looked at them for months and it’s finally time to indulge. Thanks!
    Love those Target t-shirts. I go through a few each summer.

  22. By the way, I have tried your mago and bassil combo on a pizza and I loved, I will enjoy these all summer long!

  23. Your #1 is hilarious because I live in Orange county, NY now! Haha I have lived just a few miles away most of my life, but yeah, now officially in the OCNY. It’s not as glamorous as OC Cali, lol!

    Replying to your email shortly… Busy as all get out!!!

  24. Wow-ee … So many cool Thursday things … Love that new cookbook with all the science-y stuff :-)

  25. If this doesn’t scream Averie and Thursday Things, I don’t know what does:

  26. That mango basil pizza sounds amazing – pinned!

  27. I’m such a sucker for Bravo – love Million Dollar Listing – guilty pleasure, indeed :) Also, that deodorant is so interesting! Lavender? I likey! Super excitedabout the iHerb discount. I buy home things from online stores like that all the time (Vitacost, NutsOnline) but always forget I can buy my grains/herbs in bulk that way and cheaper, too! Thanks for the little reminder :)

    • I hope you use it! The more you buy, the cheaper things get b/c at certain threshholds, i.e. $50ish and then $75 and $100, they start giving a percentage off the whole order, i.e. 5, 6, 7%, etc. It becomes ridic cheap. Free shipping, no tax. Love it.

  28. I love Bravo (Top Chef) and Food Network (Chopped and Alton Brown). I can’t believe that cookbook is only $20!! I think I’ll put it on my birthday wish list this year. I also have the same problem with my smoke detector going off if my oven is set over 400 deg. so roasting veggies at 450 doesn’t happen here! Good point about switching probiotic strains–I never thought about it in that respect. I got a sample of the jarro-dophilus from iHerb and have been using those for a while so I’m up for trying a different formula.

  29. I literally LIVE in those Vneck Tshirts at work. I have almost every color and where one every day!

  30. That sucks that your hair dresser got dye on your shirt. But i have to laugh because i have the same t-shirts. I have one in pink and light coral!! :) The Elm Plates are so pretty!! I have a thing for plates and little spoons. Have a wonderful evening!

  31. I miss Bravo. We don’t get that channel since we switched to satellite! I know, it should be against the law!

  32. It is all about play rehearsal for me. Another Thursday thing for me is Campari. It’s delicious. As for things I made, this potato-turnip salad that can be made into devillled eggs:)

  33. Great list, cute plates and I need to check out those probiotics. Ugh on the smoke detector, I’d probably grab a baseball bat!

  34. Those plates are just darling! I want some now too…hehe.
    I hear ya about the smoke alarm…our smoke alarm is so close to the kitchen that anytime i bake something, i have to open all the windows of the house or else it goes off like crazy!

  35. It is no surprise that people are rounding up our doughnut recipes!! They look so divine. Seriously.

    I have taken Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics for years and it is the only one I take. I take this one, though, which, basically, is the same thing:

    As for a fun Thursday thing, I love these pants! I am too short, so I probably couldn’t pull them off…plus, 0 petite is sold out. Boo. :-)

    Happy Friday, girl! :-)

    • I saw the Professional Dr. O’s and wondered what the major difference is…they’re $8 to 10 bucks more per package. Good to know you like them. If you ever try the regular ones vs. the Pro, LMK if you think there’s much difference.

      The pants…you’d have to be at least 7 feet tall I think to pull those off :) They are pretty busy…but so cute for the right person!

  36. I love those Mossimo Target shirts!! I have it in 3 colors as well, black, dark green, and tan. They’re so comfy. My family adores The Best Recipe, it’s an absolute gem.

  37. Those tees are on sale at my Target–for only $5! (I bought 4) :D

  38. I hadn’t ever thought to switch brands of probiotics, but that makes a lot of sense.

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