Thursday Things

Here are this week’s Thursday Things:

1. If you’ve ever wanted to smell like birthday cake, blueberry, bourbon, or brownies, Demeter Fragrance has you covered.

Scents in their Top 30 scents include: Sex on the Beach, Jelly Belly Blueberry Muffin, and Cannabis Flower. You probably wouldn’t want to wear them all at once.

2. This Oxo Multi-Purpose Scraper & Chopper ($9.99). I like that it has measurements etched in so that if I really want to be precise and cut my bars 2-inches-by-2-inches, I know exactly what I will yield from an 8-by-8-inch pan and everything will be precise. I don’t own it yet but have no idea what I’m waiting for. The OCD precision-loving cook (me) must have it.


3. Rainbow Glam Wrap – Crystals meet friendship bracelet. Why my 7th grade self never thought to put crystals into the friendship bracelets I made all summer long I will never know.

4. Crystal Covered Cocktail Ring – Somehow I don’t think you’re supposed to wear the friendship bracelet and the ring together unless you want to look like you just raided your mom’s jewelry box and are five years old and playing dress-up, which sounds kind of fun actually. Skylar does it all the time.

Both the bracelet and ring are from Bauble Bar. If you’re feeling weak or don’t have your credit card locked up and 10 rooms away, don’t open that link because it would be so easy to get extremely carried away. Kris I blame you for turning me onto this site.

5. Plastic that looks like China from Pottery Barn. Set of 4 plates for $28. Or at least could pass for finer China in pictures, which is all I care about for food photography.

They are a little “busy” for food photography but sometimes a “boring” slab of chocolate can look fabulous with some busyness. I never know until I plate it up what’s going to work and what’s not. However, in all reality, it’s hard to make chocolate look bad.

6. Lots of talk of jewelry in this post. Well, it’s been a hot topic in our house this week. Skylar wants to get her ears pierced and has been asking me at least 17 times a day. My mom made me wait until my tenth birthday but there’s no way we will be holding out four and a half more years.

She’s five and going on fifteen and the thought of getting her ears pierced is all she can talk about. That and her red boots.

7. All this talk of ear piercing and my “baby” growing up makes me want to have a cold one.

Peach Mango Pineapple White Sangria

8. I wish it was hot enough outside for cold ones. Unfortunately San Diego, especially near the coast where I am, is not hot this time of year. It’s maybe 72F at the warmest point of the day and when I run in the morning , it’s cool enough that I have to wear a hoodie. “Hot summer days” are just a pipe dream.

Even this day was from from hot. We were all wearing light jackets.

9. Do you like frosting? I do.

Especially peanut butter frosting

This post has links to 16 bloggers’ favorite frosting recipes. Wow.

10. I bought this Calphalon 8-by-8-inch baking pan a few months ago and can vouch for it being the best little 8-inch square pan I’ve ever had.

Heavy-weight, very durable, extremely non-stick, and I’ve been loving the results I’ve been having with it.

What are your Thursday Things? Any favorite baking tools, supplies, dishes or fragrances?

Feel free to link up anything you’ve made, done, seen, or bought that’s especially fabulous.

How old were you when you got your ears pierced? Is there a “right” age?

I was 10 and felt that was “ancient”. My friends got their ears pierced around first or second grade. For me it was the summer in between fourth and fifth grade and for years I wished I could have gotten them sooner. Skylar and I have watched some YouTube videos of piercing in the act so she would know what to expect if holes are in our future. She gets so excited and claps for every kid on the videos in the ear piercing chair who didn’t cry. It’s cute.

Ironically, I rarely wear earrings, if ever. Maybe once a year. Scott wears his earrings more than I wear mine but the little girls at her school have started getting pierced ears and it’s monkey see, monkey do.

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  1. haa, you have the BaubleBar addiction. I am eagerly awaiting my second necklace right now… ;)

    my favorite kitchen tools continue to be my Vita, my food processor, and my huge ceramic container that holds my spatulas and other implements – I have about 20 of the same red double sided spatula, I use them so often! :)

    I don’t remember ear piercing age, I think around 12 or 13 (mom controlled). :D I wear the same diamond studs from Jason. every day. never change.

    • I haven’t actually ordered…but I’ve online window-shopped, plenty :)

      I have 5 of the same spatula…I need to use your trick for storing them.

      • if you DO order, you earn points on amount spent, which turn into credits. ;)

        I LOVE my large container – it sits on the counter right by the cooktop, always full of spatulas, which are what I use for cooking about 88% of the time! when my new kitchen is completed I’ll be sharing photos… :D

  2. Every time I see that sangria photo I literally feel thirsty. Lol! Looks divine. I also love that Pottery Barn “plastic china”. Beautiful! You have the best taste; I love your Thursday Things post because I always know I’ll find some gems in there!

  3. Plastic that looks like china is an ultimate favorite of mine! It’s so much cheaper and it looks just as nice and fun :)

  4. I got my ears pierced when I was 9 I think. My babysitter actually took me to get it done and didn’t tell my mom beforehand. Which sounds sneaky and underhanded, but my mom used to babysit the girl and did the same with her on her 9th birthday (or 8th, whenever the heck I got them pierced!). So it was just like passing on the tradition.

  5. I was six years old when I got my ears pierced. My parents took me on my birthday and I was sooooo ready! All my friends had been doing it and I just wanted them so desperately. I got little studs with my birthstone (garnet) and loved it. I happen to wear earrings every single day and have quite the collection. It is adorable that she claps for the kids she sees getting their ears’ pierced! As for a “right” age, I don’t know about that one. I think this must be determined with each mom/child. :-)

  6. I was “old” when my ears were pierced: 4 years! That’s what I was told at least. :) I don’t remember that day, for me I was born with earrings. :)

  7. I was 27. :)
    My parents would’ve let me get them when I was 13, but by then I’d figured out that it would hurt, and I wasn’t very girly anyway.
    Now I have 3 in each ear, plus my nose, plus a tattoo. Pretty. :)

    • And my sister’s rule for her girls is that they have to be able to get shots/finger sticks at the doctor with no whining or crying.

  8. When I was six my best friend’s mom worked at a jewelry store and I begged my parents to let her pierce my ears. She used a gun and it was excruciatingly painful. I really wish my parents had made me wait til I was older. I got frequent infections and we tried to let the holes close up and they never did. If I had a daughter, I’d try to make her wait til 12 or 13.

  9. I think Demeter fragrances are SO cool!

  10. Mom was going to make us wait until we were 13, but caved to my sister at 12. Then I got the option to get my ears pierced or a bike, and I chose the bike. I didn’t get mine pierced until I was 14 or 15…can’t even remember. I was over it by then anyway! :)

  11. That’s so sweet! I got mine done when I was 5 because I, too, harassed my mom until she let me ;) I don’t think there’s a “right” age, just remember she’ll always be your baby… you’ll notice that when she picks out her earrings. My mom was worried her baby was growing up when I got mine done, but I ended up choosing Mrs. Pots (from Beauty & the Beast) earrings for my first pair. Nothing says, “I’M FIVE!” like Disney jewelry! ;)

  12. Hi Averie. Zoe got her ears pierced when she was 11. It was the perfect time because she knew how to clean and take care of her ears. Most kids get infections because they don’t know how to clean their ears properly or fail to do so. It was a big responsibility the first 6 months and she was ready for it. I know so many friends whose daughters got their ears pierced either when they were babies or when they were younger and most of them had a few infections or else their holes closed up because they didn’t keep their studs in long enough. I would hold off if I were you till she is of the age where she can handle taking care of her ears on her own. I am so glad I did and believe me, Zoe pressured me for years!

    BTW, you hear stories about Claires but they did a great job on her ears and I would totally recommend them.

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