Oldies But Goodies

I’ve become obsessed with old things lately. Keep me away from ebay, etsy, and thrift stores.

My latest purchase is this vintage pine cutlery tray with original robin’s egg blue paint from the early 1900s.

I bought it online so didn’t know exactly what it was going to look like in person until I received it in the mail.

I could not have been more pleased when I opened the box.


I love the patina, charm, character, the color; the whole thing. Like anything artsy, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My plan is to keep over-sized spatulas, serving spoons, long-handled wooden spoons, and other random (vintage) finds in it.

It fits perfectly on the bottom shelf of my new cabinet.

It’s a re-used picture of the cabinet, but the blue box fits like a glove on the bottom shelf.

Next up, new baking pans. Can’t wait to whip something up in these!

Kidding. Photography-only pans.

More rust and dirt character and charm.

The baking pans, and this vintage pastry cutter, were sold as a lot of three.

I wonder how many biscuits, scones, and dough were made with it.

I wonder how many hands touched this handle.

And how much butter this pastry cutter has cut. My guess is more than a stick or two.

Between my vintage cast iron, the blue box, the pans, and the pastry cutter, I’ve had a good week.

Am I done?

Not even close.

I’ll have to put away the dirty pans for a minute because among other things, one of my Friday kitchen projects includes making a batch of Homemade Peanut Butter

Have you bought anything old, vintage, or something with some charm and character recently?

Yes, I’ve had my share and then some, from dishes to 150 year old desks.

Do you collect anything in particular?

I don’t know how to answer this one because I don’t know if I “collect” anything in particular (like some people are into owls or some people are into keychains or old spoons) but after looking around my house, there’s an increasing amount of dishes, both new and vintage, and antique kitchen tools and knicknacks.

If I wasn’t a blogger, wasn’t into photography, I’m not sure if I would have ever just “decided” to pick up a rusty pastry cutter; but I am, I did, and I love it.

Thanks for the Capresso Espresso and Cappuccino Machine Giveaway entries

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, I absolutely love that cutlery box! And the pop of colour on the pastry cutter handle. I’m a sucker for cool old things- I was talking with my husband last night about doing some refurbishing of some old wooden furniture- but in a way that we maintain the classic look and feel of it, since it really has such charm.

    Homemade peanut butter… YUM!!

  2. I have to stay away from Etsy. I go crazy with all of the gorgeous stuff. I love these photos, they’re tempting me.

  3. I’m making some nut butter today too. I have peanut butter but am in the mood for some cashew-macadamia butter. I “collect” stones and beads to make my jewelry and always have more than I really need. But–they don’t take up much room. My jewelry making journal collection is a different story–I really need to go through that and thin it out. I know I can’t possibly make every project or even remember which ones inspired an idea….but I keep adding each month’s mailing to my overflowing file cabinet.

    • The thing about sewing or jewelry making or any type of crafting related hobby, the supplies & raw materials just multiply – but in a good way! So much fun to open up your stash and know that when you’re feeling inspired and have the time, that you have a whole treasure trove waiting for you! Same with baking and a well stocked pantry :)

  4. I really don’t collect anything, but I should. Love all your stuff. My daughter collects snow globes which i think is such a great idea! Always a token of remembrance of travel

  5. Wow, that peanut butter image is so beautiful! Well done :)
    Also, love your cabinet filled with your blog props. I have an entire room dedicated to blog props and it’s a total DISASTER. Oh my gosh, looks like a bomb went off all the time. I clean it up, and it just gets dirty again. Where did you get that lovely shelf you keep all of your dishes in? It’s so stunning!

    • Ikea – full post about it here

      I live in a small urban condo – what I wouldn’t give for an entire ROOM to blog props. As it stands, my kitchen is so small I can touch both sides of it, actually 3 walls of it, at.one.time. Yeah, no space! That’s why I bought the cabinet – to house the dishes!

      • Thanks, Averie! I love the Hemnes series… but of course, they don’t have that one in Canada. Shoot! Thanks for the link. Perhaps I’ll have to drive down to the states to get it, it’s SO nice!
        Blog room – sure, it’s awesome but it gives me an excuse to collect mounds of things I don’t need. Something to be said for a small space!

      • there’s an ikea 5 mins from me and you know what, i ordered it online and had it delivered! i dont have a truck so going to the store would just necessitate coordinating delivery anyway – I highly recommend just ordering it if they ship to canada, and even to me, delivery was pricey – but worth it!

  6. I love antiques – maybe that’s why I live in a house built in 1890! Hard to get much more antique than that ;-)

    • Girl I didn’t know your house was old! I lived in a 1920s spanish mission revival here in San Diego when I was pregnant with Skylar and she was a newborn and the house had been beautifully (cosmetically) rehabbed. The “bones” of the house? Not so much. Plumbing from the 20s that every time you flushed the toilet you could potentially have the water in your kitchen sink back up…it was just…too much. So many structural issues and what a money pit! I can only imagine how much time/money you guys spend on your house!!!

  7. Love all of these!!! Antiques are the BEST!

  8. What a cute little tray: everything, especially the color, my favorite! I do love antiques and vintage kitchen stuff, and have my own little collection. When the price is right I just can’t pass it! :) My other little obsession is cookbooks and anything food: history, science, technology, photography, you name it! :)

  9. So cute! I love the worn-out blue color on the wood! It would be great as a paint or jewelry bucket, too! Or for serving condiments in?

  10. that new utensil tray… i am obsessed! Averie, you have the BEST eye for shopping for vintage-y finds. My photos and kitchen need some character. I’m waiting until I move next Spring to begin to stock my kitchen with nicer things. :) And that desk you always shoot on is gorgeous. I always notice the dark, beautiful wood in your pictures. I need something like that OR I might have Kevin build me a wooden tabletop backdrop thing that some bloggers use. Thankfully he LOVES building stuff lol :)

    • Scott is the opposite of Kevin so if I wanted it, I had better figure it out on my own :) If you go on ebay or etsy, there is so much to be bought, it’s mind-blowing. I could drop 5 grand in an hour and I’m not even kidding – and I’d use every single thing! There is just….so much!

  11. i love the color! the bright blue just pops! i need to hop on the etsy train:)

  12. I’m not into anything vintage like that, probably because I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I think pieces like that look amazing in photographs, and I do wish I had a few things of my Granny’s. As for collections, I collect cat figurines. I have them from all over the world, even though I’ve never been outside the US and Canada, and I smile every time I look at them.

  13. I love the colour of that tray and vintage ! Your mention of owls made me smile – someone gave my sister a pair of really ugly gold owls and they got moved all over the house. Soon everyone was collecting owls from all over and they would appear on mass everywhere. I’d say the “flock” reached well over a hundred before my mother snapped and gave them all to charity.

  14. Ooh, that cutlery box is beautiful! I am in love with the color. If I’m ever in SD I am gonna hit you up for some thrifting action!

  15. I love that cutlery box!!! I used to collect pins from different countries I visited!.. however, I have NO idea where they all are now :/

  16. I am so in love with old things – and that box is pretty darn awesome.
    I just bought some old barn wood off of Ebay of all places. Strange, huh?

  17. oh I am also obsessed with rustic, vintagy pieces. It’s hard to seek them out, I feel like they just have to fall into your lap sometimes. I look forward to seeing them pop up in your pictures too!

    • they do have to just fall into your lap sometimes and sometimes, like the blue box, even though you didn’t plan$$ on finding it or it finding you, when it does, you had better be ready to jump on it b/c with anything like that, you know it may not come around again – especially when you’re “looking”.

  18. I’m so incredibly jealous of your collection! Seriously, your stuff is amazing! I just want to come over and borrow everything! I don’t think I have any vintage-y stuff at home right now. That just means I’ll have to do some major shopping soon.

  19. The blue container could have been a horse brush holder like these ones:


  20. Averi – You just spoke my heart in this post! I love thrift store shopping! Always have! I have been doing more rummage sales in the summer and I am finding so many cool things.
    One thing I do notice is that the larger thrift stores are becoming pretty expensive – I understand they need to make a profit and some of the sales go towards their non-profit programs, but the prices seem to be going up. I love the mom&pop thrift stores – small, super cluttered but AMAZING finds!
    I love your cabinet – I am going to have to start looking for a cabinet soon. I have started to accumulate too many things! lol

    • “larger thrift stores are becoming pretty expensive” — yes!!! and especially in metro areas or trendy areas. I live in a hip part of town and the thrift stores here are not always cheap! Sometimes you’re better off on ebay, but then with shipping, not always. If I was ever in the country in the middle of no where, and could walk into an old country antique shop, that’s the ticket b/c the prices are cheaper usually!

  21. I’m obsessed with retro stuff too – that pine cutlery tray is GORG and I love the pastry cutter!! I’m excited to try your peanut butter recipe but was wondering: is that Magimix that you linked to your food processor of choice? Mine is on its last legs and I need to upgrade to one I can count on. My food processor and I are attached at the hip so I need a WORKHORSE!

  22. I love the blue color of that box – stunner!!

  23. What amazing finds, I love the robin’s egg blue tray!

  24. The blue in that box is absolutely gorgeous! I did have a few good finds lately too http://wp.me/p26wpj-pB, collecting, I gather up some sand from anywhere we go that has some and bottle it. Other than that, it’s mostly kitchen type stuff so I can justify the cost…I can’t believe you found such a cool box on line. Great find!

  25. Such a cool collection and getting to think about what was made in each of the items and how much, etc. is such a neat and meaningful thing to do-I don’t collect much in the way of antiques, but goodness, they do photograph well!

  26. great buys!! I need you to take me shopping, I need new things like this for my kitchen and pictures.

  27. Awesome. Today I bought two old pewter, antique serving trays from Budapest, so gorgeous ans early 1900’s.

  28. You’re going to need another cabinet soon! lol If you’re like me anyway. I started with one… and then another, and another. Dishes need space! Like, a warehouse amount of space, lol.

  29. Fun post, love the vintage goodies. I haven’t bought anything old in awhile, but I have a few neat pieces on display in my kitchen, like a really old minor’s lunch box with an old soda bottle.

  30. I love vintage/old things. My favourite vintage thing I own is a vintage diamond ring that I bought in NY this past April.

  31. Oh wow, I love all the vintage stuff! I try and get vintage cutlery and milk bottles from thrift stores when I can find them!
    But your cabinet? Now THAT is amazing! I am so so jealous of the beautiful cabinet and all your amazing props!

  32. I’m having prop/thrift store find envy!

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