PB Crave Peanut Butter Giveaway

I recently received 4 jars of PB Crave peanut butter.

It’s been quite the week of peanut butter and I’m not complaining.

PB Crave is artisan-crafted using high-quality ingredients and comes in four fun flavors.


Razzle Dazzle – A twisted blend of red raspberry, wild honey, cool white chocolate and rich dreamy darkness — this peanut butter offers a magical mix of deliciousness

Cookie Nookie (ties with Choco Choco for my favorite, depending on my mood) – A mouth-watering mix of chocolate chips, cookie dough flavor, wild honey and premium peanut butter — it’s two classics together as one

CoCo Bananas – A tropical blend of yummy bananas, cocoa and wild honey, this peanut butter adds a taste of island paradise to any kitchen

Choco Choco (ties with Cookie Nookie as my favorite) – A delicious double dose of semi-sweet and rich dark chocolate with premium peanut butter and wild honey — it’s decadence and delight in every bite

Order PB Crave here and enjoy their peanut butter for all it does have without the stuff you don’t want:

–No hydrogenated oil

–No artificial flavors

–No syrups

–No high-fructose corn syrup

–Gluten and cholesterol free

–Small batches, artisan crafted

–USDA-approved manufacturing

In case you’re impatient and don’t have access to PB Crave right this very minute…

Make your own Homemade Peanut Butter in 5 minutes

And the Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor & Juice Extractor Giveaway is still going on ($500+ value)

Or make Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter (vegan, GF) at home

For the PB Crave Giveaway, one lucky reader will win one of each of the 4 flavors of PB Crave (continental U.S. only)

Comment below to enter the giveaway:

1. What’s your all-time favorite peanut butter? (please be specific and links welcome)


Which PB Crave flavor are you most excited to try?

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Contest ends Sunday, July 15, 2012 and winner will be chosen randomly. Open to continental U.S. residents only.


  1. I’m subscribed to your emails as acluisi at hotmail

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  3. Jennifer Nicassio Reply

    I would love to try the Choco choco. It sounds amazing!

  4. Jennifer Nicassio Reply

    I subscribe to your email as jennibaby_76@yahoo.com

  5. Jennifer Nicassio Reply

    I like you on Facebook!

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    I follow you on pinterest and repin your pins almost daily!

  7. i adore bananas – so the Coco Bananas flavor is calling my name! :)

  8. I tweeted about PB crave on Twitter! :)

  9. i Facebook ‘liked’ PB crave” :)

  10. i followed PB crave on Twitter :)

  11. i follow you on Instagram! :)

  12. i Facebook “like” Averie Cooks :)

  13. i follow you on Pinterest and just repinned your homemade peanut butter recipe! :)

  14. The cookie nookie would be awesome to try – given my normal PB addiction I know this one wouldn’t last long!! I love trying out new PB brands – haven’t had PB Crave yet.

  15. I’ve been pinning a bunch of your recipes to my “oh my delicious” board – glad to finally be following you now as well! Lots of re-pinning to be done

  16. I am in love with Justins Vanilla Almond Butter right now but really want to try that cookie nookie!

  17. seasonal cinnamon peanut butter by spread is the best i have ever eaten

  18. Cookie Nookie looks pretty exciting to me!

  19. I subscribe to your blog via email

  20. Cookie nookie?! OMG! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  21. I follow you and tweeted

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  27. My all-time favorite is crunchy PB. I like to add extra peanuts into it to up the crunch factor.

  28. I love crunchy peanut butter!!!!

  29. My all time favourite PB is Sanitarium Smooth PB, but since I can’t purchase that particular brand in the US (I’m originally from Australia), then I just have to settle for second-best which is Adams Creamy PB… But seriously, ALL PB is just delicious, who could say, ‘No’ to any peanut butter?

  30. Coco bananas sounds great.

  31. Teddie all natural super chunky peanut butter is my favorite!!

  32. My all time favorite peanut butter is cinnamon raisin peanut butter. Yummy!

  33. I like you on facebook.

  34. I like PB Crave on facebook.

  35. I subscribe to your site via email.

  36. I’m going to need to try Choco Choco.

  37. My favorite peanut butter is skippy super chunk! yeah… i know it`s probably unhealthy huh? but ionoe, I`ve tried other brands, but it`s not the same. LOL

  38. I get your RSS feed!

  39. Cookie Nookie sounds ridiculously amazing!

  40. I’m an email subscriber.

  41. i am subscribed to your RSS feed!

  42. I follow you on pinterest and repinned something!

  43. My fave PB is the Kirkland signature brand all-natural creamy PB from Costco! For some reason, it is the BEST tasting PB I’ve ever had! It doesn’t hurt that it comes in a ginormous jar, either.

  44. current fav PB is Jif Natural…and the cookie dough PB Crave looks ridiculously good!

  45. My all-time favorite peanut butter is either homemade (with a little bit of honey or maple syrup if I’m feeling fancy!) or, if I’m going the store-bought route, I actually really like Costco’s organic peanut butter. Hey, I can get two massive jars for the price of one small jar from anywhere else…I can’t pass that up!

    I’m dying to try the Cookie Nookie flavor!

  46. I already “like” you on FB!

  47. And I follow you on pinterest (:

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