Thursday Things on Friday

Here are this week’s Thursday Things (on Friday). Running a day later this week due to the holiday:

1. Bethenny Frankel has my chocolate chip cookie dough balls (no-bake, vegan, GF) pinned on her dessert board

To say that I’m extremely ecstatic about this is accurate.

I’m a huge Bethenny fan and feel like I “know” her after watching her on reality tv over the years. And she “knows” me via my cookie dough balls. Sure.


A few days later she pinned my Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu on her Vegan/Vegetarian board. Peanut Sauce Tofu is one of my favorite ways to eat tofu. Then again, anything in peanut sauce usually scores with me and I was glad Bethenny liked it. I wonder if she really does her own pinning or if her assistants do it?

2. This is so me

Apricot Chile Hot Sauce

From Hot Pepper Jelly to Apricot Cookies, I love the flavors going on in that sauce.

3. I’d love to take one of these baking classes at Sur La Table

Their Cooking Classes FAQ does not address price but I’m sure the classes aren’t exactly cheap but I bet really informative and fun.

4. 25 Wasteful Things You Can Probably Get Along Without

Such as Electric Can Openers – Use your muscles

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and plastic cutlery- use the metal stuff

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However, they also suggest that facial tissues (use handkerchiefs instead) and tin foil are wasteful.

I am all about saving the planet, but I love Kleenex. One.time.usage.item.

And I line all my baking pans with aluminum foil.

Recipes like Creamy Mixed Berry White Chocolate Crumble Bars are far too ooey and gooey to attempt without foil.

Why worry about dishes and elbow grease or having a dessert ruined because you have to butcher it to get it out of the pan when a simple sheet of foil will save so much hassle?

5. Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d be subscribing to Bon Appetit or Saveur magazines, but I am now.

And to think Cosmo, W, and Vogue used to my rags of choice. Now, it’s all about braised pork belly and locally-grown squash blossom risotto. Who am I?

Magazines are better for my attention span and time constraints. When you have a 5 year old, you just don’t sit down with 300 page novels and curl up on the couch. You’re lucky to read a 3 minute article because you’re too busy running alongside her bike.

6. The Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday left me feeling like Thursday was Saturday and like Friday should be Sunday. Why oh why couldn’t the weekend have just started on Thursday?

My days are all goofed up and I kept hitting snooze on my alarm on Thursday morning because in my sleepy state, I though it was Saturday. And then my Thursday started in an over-adrenalized, scrambling, massively late way that comes with oversleeping. Fun times.

7. 50 Simply Ways to Build Your Platform in 5 Minutes Per Day – Nice list for bloggers, writers, small business owners, or entrepreneurs.

Figuring out who you are and what your message is, who your audience is, and are you saying or promoting your message (or brand, service, item, or business) to the best of your ability is important in any type of endeavor from small business ownership to blogging.

8. Food & Wine interview with Khloe Kardashian, Cooking with Khloe Kardashian Odom

Lamar apparently wants her to cook like it’s Thanksgiving every day and his favorite meal is a sweet potato soufflé and a green bean dish with smoked turkey legs. I whip that up every Monday for an easy weeknight dinner, for sure.

9. This Peacocks and Trees Tapestry from Urban Outfitters. The price is right, $39 bucks.

Now if only I had a spare wall to put up a super vibrant print with life-sized trees and peacocks and not have my house look like I decorated it while on an acid trip.

10. Thanks for the Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor and Juice Extractor Giveaway entries. Wow!

What are your Thursday Things?

Feel free to link up anything fabulous that you’ve seen, done, bought, made, or tell me about how you celebrated the Fourth.

Do you subscribe to magazines? Any favorites?

I used to subscribe to a ton: W, Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, and similar.

Fitness-related magazines like Shape, Hers, and Yoga Journal.

Then I had a baby, had no time to read, found blogs and did all my reading online, and let all my magazine subscriptions lapse.

But it’s nice to hold something in my hands, to leaf through it, and since I don’t have time for long books, magazines are perfect. Five minutes is about what I’ve got.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That is so cool Bethenny pinned your recipes! Wow, go you!! :) I used to subscribe to magazines but now I have mainly switched to blogs. I used to love Cosmo etc but I read one recently at the hairdressers and just couldn’t relate anymore, it made me feel old! Haha!

  2. Congrats on the pin-wow!!!

    I was thinking about getting a subscription to Bon Appetit…What do you think of it so far? Is it worth it?

    • I wouldn’t have subscribed if I didn’t think I’d like it overall and sure, there are foods I’d never make in it, but for ideas and photography, I’d great. Really, any food magazine has it’s selling points for me!

  3. I’m so bummed about the giveaway bc I couldn’t enter! :/ For some reason Akismet had been marking any comment I tried to leave anywhere as Spam so nothing posted for like 3 days! Ugh! Sadness! And Internet High Five for Bethenny pinning your stuff!! :D

  4. I think Sur La Table has class prices listed on individual classes. I’ve thought about taking 1, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. As for magazines, I subscribe to way too many, but Entertainment Weekly is my favorite. I find that I visit the websites of food magazines rather than subscribe.

  5. Gotta love Pinterest — such a fun small world!

    I have totally let all of my subscriptions lapse. Can’t seem to find time for magazines, but I still am a big Real Simple fan! :)

  6. such fun things always Averie! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Great Thursday things! I had Monday off, which is making my week feel all out of sorts as well. At least it’s Friday today!

    I totally agree on the handkerchief and electric can-opener fronts!!

    I’ve never had a magazine subscription, but I do pick them up from time to time when I’m looking for some light reading material, when a book doesn’t appeal. I was really excited when Women’s Fitness came out in the UK! It only comes out quarterly, so it’s a good every-so-often read!

  8. HA! Too cool with the Bethany pins– I love her! :-)

  9. I love to read anything I can get my hands on ! Like you though I find myself chasing the 5 year old rather than reading novels. I’ve since discovered books on cd and now listen to them in the car whenever I do longer drives, it’s sort of nice to have “someone” read to you. Congrats on getting your recipies pinned by Bethany !

  10. Very cool on the Bethenny pin! I love how Pinterest makes us all equals…haha. That sounds incredibly lame but you know what I mean. ;) I’m all sorts of confused on this week but one thing I know…it’s finally Friday, thank the lord!

  11. Congrats on the Bethenny pinning again, so cool! Maybe you could be on her show! I made your chocolate chip cookies with peanut flour, they are my new favorite thing! AMAZING!!!! I even blogged about them today!

  12. I’m still a loyal subscriber to Cosmo (love it), but I also subscribe to HGTV Magazine (which is actually pretty great) and am a recent subscriber to bon appetit as well! I’m always so hungry after reading that one!

  13. I’m not really a magazine person- I prefer blogs!

    And that’s awesome about Bethany- congrats! She’s my idol : )

  14. Bethany Frankel pinned one of your recipes! I love it! And I love her! Have you ever tried her Skinny Girl Margarita? It’s fairly strong! Martha stewart pinned my brownie cupcakes w/ cookie dough frosting and I hate to say it, but I would assume it was an assistant. But who knows! Still an honor, right?!

    “Now if only I had a spare wall to put up a super vibrant print with life-sized trees and peacocks and not have my house look like I decorated it while on an acid trip.” –> seriously laughing so loud right now.

    I can’t live without my blessed aluminum foil! How dare they call it wasteful! I quit my subscriptions to Glamour, Cosmo, + Allure. Now the only things I read are Cooking Light, Shape, + US Weekly lol. I want to subscribe to more baking mags though. Happy Friday!

    • I love that Martha (or her assistant) or someone there pinned something of yours! She (or her assistant) featured my Chocolate Saltine Toffee, i.e. Christmas Crack, on one of her sites (she has so many sub-sites within her major brand) right before Xmas. I was shocked and thrilled!

      Foil is a baker’s salvation, indeed!

  15. Congrats on the pin, that’s awesome! (And thanks for bringing my attention to the fact that Bethenny is on Pinterest – love her!). I love magazines too, Cooking Light is one of my faves.

  16. I get a lot of magazines, but never paid for any of them. Until last weekend when my friend came and brought her copy of Bon Appetit. I sat on the beach and “read” it. Then, I went home and ordered a subscription! The pictures….oh my god. I used to get Saveur, but I’m not a big fan.

    I’ve been totally messed up with the days this week too. I thought it was Sat all day long yesterday. And today, its raining and overcast, so it feels like a lazy Sunday.

    • You just subscribed to Bon Appetit last weekend? What are the odds of this stuff….we coudln’t make it up! And yes, I prefer B.A. to Saveur, too.

      I thought it was Sat all day yesterday, today I feel like it’s Sunday but it’s Friday…I hope I actually feel like it’s the weekend over the weekend. It’s been 65F, cool, dreary, & raining for a week in San Diego. I run with a hoodie, 2 shirts, and pants for my 55F morning runs!

  17. Major high five for Bethenny pinning your stuff–how exciting!! I’d be jumping up and down for hours if one of my “celebrity friends” (I have them, too!) pinned some of my stuff. Sigh, you’re becoming famous, Averie! Also, that Urban tapestry is AMAZEBALLS. I want it so bad, but alas, I am also blank-wall-less here. I’ll figure it out; it’s too cool to pass up!

  18. Hi Averie, I need to tell you that I came to really like your Thursday things, even if it comes on Friday. It’s like a little encyclopedia for the week. Thanks for doing it. :)
    Isn’t it interesting how our interest change when our priorities in life changes. First, it’s Glamour and Vogue, then wedding magazine followed by a baby and parenting books and magazines. I use to be crafty and had some craft magazine subscriptions, but now I find craft in cooking and recently started …. don’t faint, please, …baking sweets (I’ve been baking bread and savory eats for years) Shh! Don’t tell anyone, I am just making a baby steps… :)
    And yes, I am with you, it is nice to hold something in my hands, a nice magazine or a cookbook with great photos. I also love to read books about cooking and chefs, and food. It was so hot on Forth of July that we decided to stay home and just be lazy. I started to read one of my favorite books The Sharper Your Knives The Less You Cry by Kathleen Flinn. I think it is my third time reading this book. It’s fun and relaxing reading, what can I say! :)

    • Thanks for telling me you like the posts so much…gives me inspiration that they’re not boring. I mean, I never know what people are going to find amusing and what’s not, but try my best not to be boring :)

  19. Oh man that apricot chile sauce sounds awesome! I subscribe to Runner’s World, that’s it right now. I used to subscribe to so many more like Self, Shape, Vegetarian Times, Food & Wine. I will say I sort of miss the Food & Wine. Very rarely and vegetarian/vegan recipes, but some great ideas and techniques in there.

    • I almost ordered a F & W subscription but thought, easy does it..going from none to many is overkill but that’s next on my list! and I used to get Runner’s World and read it like a Bible every month, never missed a word!

  20. Thats really cool that Bethany Frankel has your recipe pinned!!

  21. That really is WAY too cool about Bethenney Frankel. Is there an easy way to see who pins your stuff or is it just manually searching?

  22. I subscribe to faaaar more magazines than I should ever admit, lol. Let’s just say that one arrives pretty much every other day. Although my husband and I also get three weekly mags, so the mailbox is often full because of those!

  23. Congrats on the Bethenny pinning! That is so cool.
    I subscribe to Fine Cooking Magazine, which I really love. I don’t think I’ve made one recipe from that magazine that hasn’t been a hit. I also get Cook’s Country, Cook’s Illustrated and Taste of Home.

  24. Better late than never they always say…. that is AWESOME about the pinning. My gosh, I’d be beside myself if that happened to me. Way to go!

  25. Congrats on having Bethany as a fan. That is super exciting!!!

  26. We were just discussing the magazine dilemma on the blog…kids, cooking, home = very little time, but often the library has a free basket, so if you “borrow” it from there = no guilt if you never read it because it was free/recycled.

    Also- the little butterflies from celeb-contact IS very exciting!

  27. I subscribe to waaaay too many magazines, but my favourite is definitely Food Network Magazine. It is very different than any other food/recipe magazine I have seen, unique, and much better than the rest.

  28. I would freak w/excitement if Bethenny pinned something of mine too!! You rock!!

  29. Congrats on the Bethenny pin–how exciting! My magazine subscriptions are pared down to a couple of jewelry making journals. I used to get cooking related magazines but blogs (especially yours!), google and my cookbooks pretty well cover my needs in the kitchen. My Thursday thing was another version of your tortilla pizza. I didn’t have mango but used artichoke hearts, peppers and fresh basil from my herb garden.

  30. Makes me sad that even Food & Wine had to jump on the Kardashian wagon and interview her. Ugh.
    Anyways, I have a bunch of magazine subscriptions, possibly too many?

  31. My older sister has every Bon Appetit magazine dating back for more than 15 years and uses them regularly. I don’t subscribe to any magazines at all. Any recipe I want, I just Google it or find it in the blogs I subscribe to.

    Our 4th was family fun and then about 4 other families came by and we had a huge crowd! It was fine, though, because we had the awesome view for fireworks. Next night we went to the boardwalk because we had out of town guests who wanted to sample “Santa Cruz” so tonight (after a long beach day with the boys) I am TIRED!! :-)

  32. Surely everyone, everywhere should have those cookie dough balls pinned? They have it all.. easy, delicious and… easy.. mm….delicious… and sooo easy!

    My mum bought a ‘do it up’ house that was entirely wallpapered in prints that look like your acid mix one. Quite a trip, even without the drugs.

  33. I have magazine subscriptions, but I have a hard time myself reading them. Like you, just thumb through them. I get all the info I want from reading blogs.

  34. Ikea hanging dish rack. Sadly, they don’t have this same one anymore so I bought a similar one the other day… not as stylish looking.

    Egg ring from BB&B. It makes the perfect egg for a sandwich:

    Avocados… I have been all about them lately (way more than usual!)

  35. Oh I love Bon Appetit! As for my noteworthy “thing” or the day, it’s gotta be cookie dough dip-hit the recipe on then blogged it up on my site:
    Gooood stuff!

  36. I get way too many foodie magazines…wait a sec…did I really say that? No such thing as too many magazine:-) I agree, there is always something new to make. How cool is it that someone “famous” pinned your recipe…although I’m not surprised since you make so many awesome goodies!!!

  37. SO damn cool she pinned 2 of your recipes! I adore her and that is just so awesome! Congrats on that!


  38. congratulations! having your recipe pinned by bethenny = pretty awesome :)

    I feel like I never read magazines anymore – definitely more of an indulgence these days!

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