Vanilla + Ice Cream

It’s National Vanilla Ice Cream Day today. I just love summer food holidays, don’t you?

Allow me to twist your arm with 10 vanilla + ice cream recipes. I’m sure it’ll just be torture working either of those two items into your diet:

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups and Ice Cream

Vanilla Avocado Banana “Ice Cream” (vegan, GF) – I promise this doesn’t taste like guacamole; the avocado simply lends creaminess and richness to the ice cream


Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve (vegan, GF)

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve (vegan, GF)

Vanilla Cake Batter and White Chocolate Chip Caramel Corn

Vegan Banana Vanilla Softserve

Puffy Vanilla and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls (no-bake, vegan, GF)

White Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter Puppy Chow (GF)

Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

Will you be eating ice cream or something with vanilla in it today in honor of Vanilla Ice Cream Day?

I adore vanilla and I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t eat something that’s been flavored with vanilla extract.

Vanilla candles, vanilla-scented lotion, or vanilla body spray picks up where the vanilla extract leaves off.

I just posted the other day about making your own vanilla extract, too.

Have a great week and thanks for the Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker and Chocolate Station Giveaway entries

53 comments on “Vanilla + Ice Cream”

  1. I love, love national holidays like this one! And will gladly help celebrate with some of that Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve. speaking of… I have the ingredients on hand. Thanks!

  2. Puppy Chow?? Bwahahaha. Frozen banana + avocado + cocoa always = yummy.

    I had no idea it was vanilla ice cream day. Lucky I’ve got you to remind me of these important international events.

  3. How do I not know it’s ice cream day? Sheesh. Oh, I know… because every day is ice cream day here! haha

    I <3 that first pic, it pops!

  4. Happy ice cream day! I am totally on an ice cream trip right now, and I forgot all about banana soft serve. Going to have to revisit some of those recipes. x

  5. mmm to puppy chow! I had no idea it was vanilla ice cream day! Maybe I’ll try to run out tonight for ice cream- its been too long

  6. Oh my heavens — those double chocolate chip cookie cups with ice cream look HEAVENLY!!! Happy vanilla ice cream day to you! :)

  7. This should definitely be an official day off work. That very first picture of the cookie cups…I’ve had that pinned for awhile and really must make them, they look so incredible!! Great round-up :)

  8. I have liquid vanilla stevia in my oatmeal does that count ;-)

  9. Almost every day I have my “oatmeal cookie” oatmeal flavored with vanilla extract and cinnamon… yum yum. The cookie cups look pretty decadent though!

  10. Had no idea about the holiday, so thanks for enlightening my path Averie!

    Goodness knows we all need more reasons to celebrate vanilla ice cream.

  11. oh my gosh, what delectable recipes! those donuts look divine!

  12. As soon as I can find peanut butter chips in bulk, I’m all over those vanilla pb cookies. I can’t be trusted with an open bag of pb chips in my house. It would be a free for all. Worse even than an open jar of pb, which is in itself dangerous.

  13. Well now that I know about it, I’ll make sure to enjoy some vanilla ice cream today!

  14. I love vanilla and vanilla ice cream. I too don’t think a day goes by without eating something with vanilla in it. I go through vanilla extract like crazy. Kind of wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  15. I love vanilla bean with fresh berries and balsamic – will have to remember to have a bowl tonight!

  16. Happy Vanilla Ice Cream Day Averie! I love your recipe round up here. There are a few recipes I’ve never seen on the blog before… like that white chocolate puppy chow!! Girl!! I didn’t know you had a white choc puppy chow recipe on Averie Cooks! But why am I not surprised? White Chocolate + PB anything reminds me of you. :)

    Anyway, I like vanilla based ice creams better than chocolate based ice creams. Probably b/c I prefer vanilla over chocolate in any recipe. And I’ve made that banana soft serve before! I’m debating on posting it as a recipe b/c I feel like it is overblogged. But it sure is a winner, right?!

  17. As if I needed an excuse to buy a huge bucket of ice cream… but excuses like these work on me :)

  18. I had some banana soft serve (made with copious amounts of vanilla!!). I also am making my own vanilla extract–so unfortunately that won’t be ready until September. It is so ridiculously easy I can’t believe I never thought to try it until now.

  19. Well now I feel totally justified to grab a vanilla cone and call it lunch! Thanks, Averie ;)

  20. not having vanilla ice cream but I am having vanilla Chobani for lunch ahha all these desserts look delicious!

  21. I never need an excuse to make it an ice cream day! But I will take one today!!

  22. Oooooo Vanilla ice cream day! Yummy :D Much better than what my email sent me today-“national hot dog day”- yuck!

  23. Your blog always makes me want to get in the kitchen! Thank you for sharing vegan recipes as well :) I am going to try the Vanilla Chocolate Chip Soft Serve tonight and sometime this week the no-bake peanut butter balls! Thank you for providing even more delicious recipes
    Love and Shine

  24. Oh holy goodness almighty.

  25. No word.

    Except, everyday is ice cream day in our home ;)

  26. I LOVE vanilla. It is my favorite flavor, ever. LIke you, I have vanilla in some form every day. I often double the vanilla in recipes, too.
    Responding to a post from a few days ago – I am really impressed you found cast-iron for so cheap! I saw some in a thrift/antique store a few weeks ago but it was all in the 50$ range. You definitely have some good finds!

    • I thought of you the whole time I was writing the cast iron post b/c of your blog name! And if you go on ebay, there’s a range of $10 to $100 on very similar items; it’s so wonky how things are priced and the supply/demand that the market bears!

  27. I will be right over for that cookie cupcake with ice cream ;) looks beyond amazing right now, well everything looks wonderful!
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  28. Beautiful! Vanilla is one of my favorite ingredients. I actually got 2 8oz bottles of organic vanilla extract on SALE as a buy one get one! Thank goodness for tiny health food stores, right?! So I got 2 for $8!!! Still can’t believe it ;)

    P.S. Just because I know you’re a yoga teacher, I thought you might appreciate this:

  29. What a great day!! All your ice cream treats look delish!

  30. Oh my gosh it all looks so good, and I’m off sugar for a month so your comment about torture was spot on ! I may be forced to start a wish list for when the sugar ban is lifted.

  31. LOVE vanilla and have it every day, usually in the form of NuNaturals vanilla stevia. There is always something to put that into! :-)

    You rock, Averie! xo

  32. Love, love, LOVE all these ideas! I’m especially excited to use your instructions to make my own vanilla extract – it’s so expensive to buy and always tastes artificial to me. Can’t wait to make my own!! Thanks for another gorgeous post and recipe ideas, Averie!!

  33. These look to good to eat! Great pics :) I made your peanut butter flour cookies again today. I used coconut oil (the one without the coconut smell) instead of vegan butter. They were amazing! Pretty sure they are almost a health food ;)

  34. I have always loved vanilla, but I think I love it even more now!!

  35. I missed vanilla ice bream day!!?? I should get a vanilla milkshake from DQ soon to make up for it :-) I love those things.

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