When It’s a Holiday Week

When it’s a holiday week in the middle of the summer, you should:

1. Soak in as much gorgeous weather as you can.

Coronado Island

Savor and relish every sunny second.


2. Get a pedicure – note to self, need to do this

3. Swing from the monkey bars like you’re five years old and help your 5 year old swing (code for mom does 95% of the work).

4. Run behind, alongside, next to, and become the shadow of your five year old and her bike because she decided she doesn’t want training wheels on it anymore.

Of course this decision has to be made in the middle of summer just to make sure my deodorant is working as I’m running alongside her.

Pedal honey, pedal!

5. Drink an Orange PushUp Smoothie with the 5 year old after all that bike chasing and sweating.

6. Drink Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch (Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No Sugar Added) with the husband after the 5 year old is (finally) in bed.

Five year old has more energy than the parents, clearly.

7. Eat watermelon.

And buy more because it’s so good and cheap this time of year.

8. Do something patriotic.

Like eating a red, white, and blue snowcone

9. Eat mini food

10. Eat something chocolate and easy to make

White and Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake Bars

What are your plans on this holiday week?

We still don’t have any formal plans for the Fourth.

Keeping it low key, not driving anywhere and not dealing with parking, just walking where we need to go, and not stressing about anything from food to fireworks to timeframes, is in the forecast.

Stay tuned for two delicious posts (even though the D-word is off limits, I used it anyway)

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  1. Haha, I love your kid-centered list. My kids aren’t old enough for bikes yet (5 months and not yet 2 yrs old) but I feel exhausted after playing with them and keeping them cool, occupied and happy in the summer heat.

    Check out my blog for a chance to win a great ebook this week! http://revitalizewithstefania.blogspot.com/2012/07/new-raw-food-diet-ebook-giveaway.html

  2. I have never had a pedi! Guess I need to put that on my to do list hu?

    I LOVE mini food! (who am I kidding I love FOOD) :)

  3. Great roundup!

    We were originally planning to lounge at a friend’s pool and then visit the National Mall to watch the fireworks. Then a crazy storm blew in on Friday and knocked power out everywhere! My husband, cat and I just moved in temporarily with my parents (awkward) so I don’t know if we’re doing much for the 4th after all. But I’m very happy to be enjoying AC!

  4. Cool list, I am in for everything on it! :) Even a run next to your five years old riding the bike! :) Forget the list of those words, be free to express yourself!We love you for who you are, Averie! :)

  5. Low-key here too. It’s hot. We’ll probably be in the pool with friends. I love the idea of eating mini-foods!

  6. Pedicures make me squeamish, especially when they haul out those heavy duty callous removers! I am constantly amazed at the scope of your work, the cake bars and orange smoothies grabbed me this time!

  7. Ooh monkey bars! Nice idea. I am hoping my holiday might have some swimming.so far the only formal plan I have is for a Skype and wine catch-up with a friend living across the country from me…

  8. You daughter might love the parade in Coronado on the 4th – go early to park…We love it and pack a picnic for the beach later.

  9. I totally need a pedicure! I am trying to get outside as much as possible- hard with the super hot temperatures and Kay! I am working the majority of the week, but we’re going to a party at my Aunt’s on the fourth!

  10. I’d love to do everything in this post. A pedi and pushup smoothie sounds perfect right about now. Skylar has no idea that riding her bike in the summer is going to be one of her fondest memories to look back on. It’s one of mine, anyway! All summer long. Loved it. :)

  11. I agree with everything in this post! Now if I can fit it all this week :)

  12. My poor feet have seen better days…. I’m in desperate need of a pedicure! And watermelon….. oh my goodness am I ever so obsessed with watermelon! I’m not even close to joking when I say I bought a whole watermelon last Thursday and it was gone by Friday night… ate the whole darn thing by myself. I obviously had to pee quite a bit too ;)

    My holiday week will be fun! I’ll be watching the fireworks over the Baltimore Harbor on my friend’s rooftop deck! Sippin’ some mango-peach sangria!! I told them I’d bring some dessert (love any excuse to bake!) and I still have to figure out what to bring!

    can’t wait to see your d-word posts this week!!! :)

    • I have runner’s feet, & mother’s feet, i.e. the one’s that are neglected because you’re too busy doing anything but taking care of your feet…one thing that I’m going to post, you’ve already made it. Can’t wait to hear what you decide to bring…that’s fun when you have a crowd to cook for and with most folks, anything over and beyond 7-11 cookies, they think are “amazing”…so you will be the hit of the party!

  13. I have been thinking about a pedicure for a while and just need to schedule it and go! I had one once and loved it (and it was the best my “runner’s feet” have ever looked too)! No big plans for the 4th–just some cooking for my husband and maybe a movie. We usually don’t go to the fireworks display in our city–traffic and parking get crazy and it makes for a long night and an early morning. I love low/no stress and relaxing but productive days anyway!

  14. I get a pedicure once a month! It is just something I love to do and now, if I go over a month, I really miss it. I love having my toes painted and heels smooth! I get the gel nail polish and that lasts for a couple months, so the pedicure that happens monthly is really for the heels, soaking and cuticule trimming. Every couple of months, I get the nails repainted, when the gel grows out…always in a french manicure. :-)

    Sticking close to home with the fam and mom who is visiting from out of town. We will watch fireworks from our back yard and the little ones will roast marshmallows in our fire pit!

    Those white and dark chocolate cream cheese chocolate cake bars look like the best thing on earth. Seriously, every time I see those, I absolutely drool. YUM!! That is my kinda bar! :-)

  15. I have been eating a mass amount of watermelon lately! And I am not even close to tired of it yet. can’t wait to get another when i grocery shop tomorrow. I may even get 2 this week since my mom will be here visiting :)

  16. I remember getting my training wheels off – it was a momentous and a great day!

    Enjoy the time with the little one and try not to stress too much. and drink an extra champagne glass for me! Ill be walking the two blocks to the beach for the fireworks on the 4th!

  17. Sounds like you guys are having a great summer. That orange smoothie looks amazing! :)

  18. I hear you on the watermelon! I’ve been getting my fill as well, nothing like juicy watermelon on a hot day.

  19. Cute post and, ugh, I wish work would slow down enough to enjoy some summer fun! :-( This week is shaping up to be another insane one leaving me with little time.

  20. We have no formal plans for the 4th. On purpose, because we had no idea if I’d be in the hospital giving birth and stuff.

    After yesterday’s dr appt, well, baby still seems nice and cozy. So…a couple of friends have casually invited us over to a BBQ. So we’ll probably pick one.

    But you know, after your earlier post this week, dangit I went out and bought the ingredients for spinach and artichoke dip!!

  21. Love this list of things to do! My 4th plans include a cookout/hardcore pool volleyball tournament with friends! I can’t wait!

  22. Barbecue at my mom’s house on the 4th, otherwise it’s business as usual!

  23. I’m thankful that here in Rocklin, there’s a small snow-cone trailer that parks itself outside during the summer months. They have the BEST snow-cones, piled high and super saturated with yummy flavors, for $2. Snow-cones really epitomize summertime, and thankfully are low-cal enough that I can afford to eat them practically every day! And I totally miss Coronado Island; it’s so gorgeous there and in SD… need to return and pronto! Enjoy your holiday weekend, Averie!

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