Sunset Sail

We arrived back home in San Diego in the wee hours of the morning after a wonderful month in Aruba.

Unpacking the family, four loads of laundry, three grocery stores, mail sorting, phone calls, cooking, cleaning, and a few dishes later, there’s nothing quite like coming home after a vacation. I need a vacation after it.

On one of our last nights in Aruba we went on a Sunset Sail. Scott and I used to go on them all the time and usually by the time the sun is actually setting, I don’t even care because I’ve been riding around in circles on a boat for two hours and have taken full advantage of the open bar. Plus, I’m pretty sure there will be another sunset tomorrow that I can catch.

I took this with my iPhone and edited it because with sunset photography and the glare from the sun, the reflection from the water, and the movement from the boat, I was just happy to get anything in focus.


And I was way too busy watching Skylar have the time of her life.

She went from Shirley Temples to Virgin Pina Coladas, and back again, twice. She was well-hydrated and we learned how to use sea toilets.

There was a dancefloor and she danced up a storm for almost two hours.

It was so fun to watch her let her hair down. And holy tangles after the wind was done with it after a few hours on a boat.

There was a hole cut out from the bottom of the sailboat for a trampoline and although it doesn’t look like a biggie, when the boat is clipping along at more than a few knots, and the water is splashing and those ropes are tied fairly wide apart, Skylar said, “No way, Mom!”

I jumped on it for about 30 seconds and I love roller coasters, down hill skiing, and dare-devil stuff but I guess I’m getting old because a sea tramp was giving me sweaty palms.

Skylar has already asked to go on another sunset sail on our next trip.

Sure thing honey. Right after I fold all this laundry.

Since being back on U.S. soil, I wasted no time in making some Homemade Peanut Butter.

When I was at TJ’s earlier today, I picked up more peanuts because I can almost guarantee one batch won’t last more than a few days. I’ve been in peanut butter withdrawals.

Have you ever taken a sunset sail or been on a cruise? Do you like boating?

I have only been on one cruise and I felt a little cooped up. Two or three hours is more my speed than 5 to 7 days.

I love being on boats on lakes or the ocean for a few hours at a time and feeling the wind in my hair, maybe having a drink or two, and just taking a big, deep, breath because there is nothing like the water, the views, the sun and the wind, to make me instantly slow down and just say, Ahhhh.

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  1. That sunset picture is gorgeous! You did well with it considering the challenge. Never been on a sunset sail but I want to go on one now. It looks like so much fun. And Skylar is ALWAYS so happy looking!! She makes you want to smile just looking at her smile, lol.

  2. Beautiful scenery! And the pics of Skylar made me smile. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Gorgeous photos, your daughter is adorable! The sail looks like the perfect finish to a great vacation!

  4. Welcome home! I get seasick so this was the way for me to cruise – vicariously!

  5. Sounds like a fun sunset sail, great pics! Skylar has grown! Glad you made it home safely! I grew up on boats since my dad is really into boating, lots of deep sea fishing trips from San Francisco on little boats and even a Navy family day on an air craft carrier. And I’ve been on a few cruises while living in Florida and one sunset sail cruise in Maui on our honeymoon. Boating is fun for me, but I do prefer it on large cruise liners that I don’t have to maintain. :-)

  6. Oh man, those pictures are gorgeous, Averie! I’m so happy that your family is able to take these trips–Skylar will forever remember them! She’s a gorgeous little kid, too :) welcome back to California!

    • I know she will (or hope she will!) She remembers things from when she was a baby and there’s no way she’d know unless she remembered them but babies can’t talk! So she saved up her memories and tells us now – not even kidding! Scott and I just look at each other with our mouths on the floor sometimes!

  7. Averie! She is so beautiful :) Glad she had fun on the boat ride. Trading back and forth between pina coladas and shriley temples? Sounds awesome to me!! Glad you’re home safe

  8. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. I feel the same way when I return home, a vacation after a vacation. Even if I am gone for just a weekend, when I come back I always feel like it’s been months.

  9. Yay! So glad you posted about this sail Averie. Your last big adventure before heading home. Gosh Skylar is a beauty!!! And what a little party girl. I like her style. :) And if only it were acceptable for me to wear an all hot pink outfit…. ugh I’m so jealous. :) SO glad you are home and um…… PB would be the first thing I grab and make too. Glad we think alike! I bet it’s nice to be back in your “safe” kitchen because that Aruba kitchen seemed so testy!! It’s always a big sigh of relief coming home but there’s SO much to catch up on. Ugh!

    • For what it is, it’s totally functional. It’s just that I don’t have a stand mixer or a food proc there and I realize some people don’t have those in their regular houses but I use my stand mixer/Vita/food proc at least once a day and sometimes use all three items in one day and today, ahem, I had my stand mixer dirty TWICE and the food proc AND the Vita. Nothing like coming home and keeping things low key :)

  10. Welcome back!
    We were out on a small lake Friday night around sunset. It was calm H20 so I almost fell asleep on the boat!

  11. What a great month getaway Averie! Aruba looks beautiful. My boyfriend has been there several times and raves about it. Perhaps we’ll get down there together one day. The sunset sail looks especially great. Skylar is too cute!

  12. Welcome home! Great pictures of the sunset and Skylar (such a cutie with her big happy smile!). I know what you mean about getting things back in order–I always build in a few extra days at the end of my vacation to shift into real life again. I can’t handle getting back on a Sunday and returning to work Monday morning! We took a sunset dinner cruise many years ago. I liked it but a couple of hours on a boat is long enough for me. I have also been on a couple of cruise ships but we prefer the freedom to just go somewhere and do our own thing…on our own schedule.

  13. Welcome back, Averie! Do I like boating or sunset sail? well, look at my name… :) yes!!!!!

  14. Skylar is such a cutie!! what a gorgeous scene for the cruise! wow! glad you had a wonderful trip!

  15. I love anything that has to do with water, boats, swimming, skiing, camping on the shores, laying in the sand….all of it. I can’t get enough. I don’t think I’d like a cruise for several days though, I’d feel clastropohobic. I have been on several sunset cruises, though I prefer to call them what they are – Booze Cruises! The best was one in Costa Rica with me and 3 friends. There were 4 crewmen waiting on us – one for each of us. They brought us wine and each one hand-fed us fruit!

  16. What a beautiful and delightful way to end your vacation. I love how Skylar always looks so happy in all your photos. She is so beautiful (like her mama!) I don’t blame you for making your pb and breaking in all your appliances again right away. When you have a routine and you are forced out of it for a while, it feels sooo good to get back to the norm! Even if that norm requires lots of catch-up! Welcome back to Cali, girl! :-)

  17. Welcome home! Have grace with yourself in getting back in the flow. It can be so hard!

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  19. I feel like I need a vacation BEFORE and AFTER a vacation! The never-ending laundry and to-do lists are insane! Glad you had a great trip!

  20. Oh yes, the sunset sail…we dub as the “booze cruise”…I’ve seen it all on some of those out of Baja!! Good luck being at home…re-entry is hard!!

  21. Dorito stuff is our family favorite that my mom made. Doritos, layered with taco meat and covered in tons of cheese. Sooooo good.

  22. I’m not much of a boat or water person, but those amazing pictures could definitely change my mind. You trip looked and sounded amazing, but it’s always nice to come home, isn’t it?

  23. Gorgeous photos girl and Skylar is absolutely adorable! Looks like a sunset sail was the perfect way to end a great trip!

  24. Can’t remember the last time I was on a boat. Don’t hate ’em, don’t love ’em. It’s just not something I think about.

  25. I have never been on a cruise. I think the only time I have ever been on a boat was on a Sternwheeler for a dance when I was in middle school. But it didn’t really feel like I was really on a boat. It sounds like fun!

  26. Your trip sounds so incredible.. and your daughter is drop.dead.gorgeous :) She looks like such a free spirit! Love sailing, but I do get a little seasick… took some smaller boat on very choppy oceans in Italy in extreme heat… not pretty! No cruises for me.

    • Thank you – we think so too, of course :) But she’s a TOTAL free spirit at age 5 if that’s possible and just super happy go lucky, easy, calm, honestly I count my BLESSINGS every day b/c she’s really so easy (knock on wood!) :)

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  28. I have done a few sunset sails and dinner cruises, but never a big cruise. I like being on a boat.

  29. unpacking…ugh…isn’t that always the feeling a vacation from your vacation. loved all the pics.

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