Red Star Platinum Yeast Gift Basket Giveaway

I recently received a gift basket containing Red Star Yeast’s newest product, their Platinum Yeast. I cannot say enough good things about this yeast and have been repeatedly singing it’s praises.

It’s a premium instant yeast blended with dough improvers, which are commonly used by professional bakers. They help to make the dough more forgiving and give bakery-quality results at home, every time.

This yeast takes the guesswork out of yeast-based baking and you’ll never be intimidated by yeast again.



Red Star® PLATINUM Superior Baking Yeast – Professional Quality Baking Made Simple at Home

• Simple to use.  So forgiving it takes the intimidation out of baking with yeast.
• Strengthens the dough and improves dough tolerance to variations in kneading, rising, and flour quality.
• Produces consistent baked products home bakers will enjoy.
• Increases the amount of leavening retained in the dough.
• Decreases the risk of the dough collapsing after proofing or during baking.
• Increases oven ‘spring’ and the finished volume of the baked product.
• Works great in any bread recipe, but is particularly effective in producing healthy whole grain and sweet breads that are light, airy, and larger in volume.

Recipes I’ve used Red Star Platinum Yeast in, to date:

Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin Bread with Cinnamon Sugar Butter – If you’ve never made bread before, this is a goofproof, foolproof, no-knead recipe that’s perfect for the first-time bread maker. You’ll never have a need for storebought English muffins again, especially because this bread is spiked with cinnamon-sugar and raisins

Outback Steakhouse Wheat Bread {Copycat Recipe} – I tried a variety of yeasts in trialing this recipe and the clear winner is Red Star Platinum. 100% whole wheat breads are notoriously harder to get to rise, since wheat flour has less gluten than white flour, making it more stubborn. By using the Platinum yeast, my dough rises better, and the resulting loaves are rise lighter and less dense than when I’ve used other types and brands of yeast

Honey Dinner Rolls – Soft, light, fluffy, tender, moist and the dough has just enough chew to really sink my teeth into. They’re the absolute best dinner rolls I’ve ever had and were an ultimate hit with the family. I will make this recipe over and over, forever and I highly recommend these for Thanksgiving or any holiday gatherings

Cinnamon Swirl Bread – As close to a cinnamon roll as a bread can get and still be called bread rather than dessert. Rich, sweet, and light. This bread is for the cinnamon lover’s and is abundantly flavored with cinnamon, which is used twice in the bread recipe, and again in the cinnamon-sugar butter

Challah – Made using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe, this is a no-knead, ridiculously easy recipe for scrumptious challah. It’s light, tender, soft, buttery, and almost croissant-like in it’s fluffy. My Jewish husband said it’s the best challah he’s ever had. The recipe makes enough for two loaves; one can be baked immediately and the other half of dough can hang out in the refrigerator for up to a week, and when you’re ready for more bread, just bake it off. Don’t be intimated by challah with this goofproof recipe

One lucky reader will win a gift basket containing:

Red Star Platinum Yeast

A Platinum Yeast apron like Giselle is wearing in this video where she also discusses the yeast and shares baking tips and sugggetsions

There’s also a beautiful cutting board included, for slicing all the bread you’re going to be making with your new yeast

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  26. My favorite bread recipe so far: Buttermilk Bread from I would like to see if I can make it taste even better. :)

  27. I would definitely make your challah – but only after I’m able to eat bread again. Stupid cleanse.

  28. Oh wow! I would adapt your new oatmeal raisin roll recipe to be gluten free, using a blend of sorghum, millet, and tapioca flours:

    and I would make gluten free challah:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such lovely things!

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