Elegant Food Gift Box Giveaway

A*pour toi, which translates to a*present for you, is an elegant gifting experience that founded on the principle of giving with care, elegance and joy.

Each month a*pour toi  selects and provides the finest, gourmet, delicious food and special trinkets and packages them in their beautiful boxes.The boxes are the perfect gift for yourself, friends, family, colleagues, professionals, and or for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Whether you are trying to thank someone or just show someone that you are thinking about them, the boxes are such a thoughtful choice.


“a*pour toi is curated with meaning and taste. Founded by Julie Hasson, a sophisticated Parisienne who has lived in many parts of the world, she is committed to seeking out the finest things to bring pleasure to your life. As you explore the contents, you can feel confident that you are receiving a carefully selected and treasured choice of items bringing you a life that is exquisite.


“Every month we select a delicious and healthy range of 6 full-sized gourmet biscuits for coffee or tea time, plus gorgeous French chocolate and some other delicacies, all from American, French and a*pour toi brands. All this in a beautiful pouch and designed box you can use all the time. You may add a personal note and soon, also be able to upload a personal picture.”


Valued at $50, the January Elegance Box includes:

– Exclusive French taste : 1 pack of 5 Truffles high quality from a*pour toi brand

– Exclusive French taste :1 pack of 20 white chocolate pistachio from a*pour toi brand

– Exclusive French taste : 3 calissons

– Exclusive French taste : 1 pack of melon & muscat Gluten Free biscuits from Les Aristocades, a very French exclusive gourmet brand

– 1 pack of 3 Butter horns from US brand

– 1 pack of chocolate vanilla swirl from US brand

– 1 pack of chocolate dipped from US brand

+ a personalized note from the gift maker

+ a keepsake cotton pouch

+ a keepsake box

Here are some homemade gift ideas that are on the classier and more elegant side of the spectrum:

Homemade Vanilla Extract (vegan, GF)

Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles – (no-bake)

Cranberry Pineapple Mango Preserves (vegan, GF)

Dark Rum Caramel Sauce (GF)

Coconut Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Almonds (vegan, GF)

Nutella Brownie Truffle Bites (no-bake with vegan and GF options)

Hot Pepper Jelly (vegan, GF)

Nanaimo Bars (No-Bake)

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter (vegan, GF)

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win an Elegance Box making sure to leave a blog comment below in response to the first question.

Then follow the prompts for additional entries.

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  1. I love any type of fancy chocolate.

  2. I love caviar

  3. This contest is right up my alley!

  4. Not sure what counts as fancy, but I can make a mean (and pretty hoity-toity-sounding) wild mushroom-walnut pâté!

  5. We have a local chocolate company that makes expensive but very fancy chocolates. Anything from there is a special treat for me!

  6. I feel fancy when I eat cheese and fruit plates with wine, even though it’s a simple thing to throw together and I typically am acting far from fancy!

  7. I’d have to say really good cheese.

  8. Chocolate covered strawberries.

  9. Any kind of spiced nut, I think that counts as somewhat elegant? Priceyyyy

  10. I don’t know,if this is considered elegant but I love tiramisu.

  11. Chocolate Truffles

  12. Baked oysters are a bit elegant

  13. Oh wow! This looks elegant indeed! (: MmmM!

  14. I love a really nice cheese plate–accompanied by wine, of course!

  15. Not really sure if its all that elegant, but I like to go buy gourmet cheeses and put it with some fancy breads and fruit. Such a treat!

  16. I live in rural Virginia and I don’t have much opportunity to enjoy gourmet or fancy food. I know my new addiction is making soup–french onion soup is my new favorite meal. Made fasolada (Greek bean soup) yesterday. That is about as fancy as I get. Delicious food is what I like.

  17. Mmm, truffles! So fancy. :)

  18. Call me old fashioned, but I love strawberries dipped in chocolate.

  19. macaroons!

  20. Smoked salmon

  21. Smoked salmon & capers on toasts!

  22. Perhaps it’s really not that fancy of a food but it’s the first thing that comes to mind for me: biscotti! I didn’t grow up eating them, so they still seem like a foreign rare delicacy. ^_^

  23. I love chocolate dipped strawberries, or anything containing lobster :)

  24. Filet Mignon

  25. Chocolate truffles

  26. Ceviche and tapas!

  27. I’m not really a “fancy” person, but I like chocolate covered strawberries and cherries.

  28. Anything with puff pastry….like a mushroom tart!

  29. Chocolate-covered strawberries; so easy but so delicious!

  30. At the moment, I’m living in Japan and must say the tarts here are amazing. They don’t use nearly as much sugar as American bakeries in their sweets, and each and every one looks picture perfect. Also their cream puffs are pretty fantastic.

  31. roasted beet and arugula salad with goat cheese.

  32. chocolate covered strawberries!

  33. I have to say French macarons are my weakness – they are so delicate and pretty much impossible to make yourself!

  34. I love pate’. That is about as elegant as I get.

  35. I liek caviar but I don;t get much of it

  36. Many types of seafood qualify as fancy I think. I love crab, scallops and lobster.

  37. chocolates

  38. My favorite fancy dish is ile flottante. I always feel like a princess when I get a chance to taste this creation :)

  39. I love fancy chocolates!

  40. Fancy chocolate.

  41. Not big on fancy but would love to win! Thanks. Happy New Year!

  42. Any Elegant and Fancy Seafood and also any fancy chocolate Strawberries!

  43. I must be blind because I’ve read the post about 5 times and don’t see a question, but I think I figured out what it was. Anything out of the ordinary for me to eat – steak, blue cheese, specially done chicken …

  44. croissants!!

  45. I love fancy chocolates!

  46. My favorite elegant food is a simple platter of cheese and crackers. A nice chocolate plate is always a plus as well :)

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