Two Vegan Cookbooks Giveaway

One lucky reader will win a copy of each the following two books:

Book 1: Terry Hope Romero’s latest book, Vegan Eats World: 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet

“Award-winning chef, author of Veganomicon, and author of Viva Vegan Terry Hope Romero continues the vegan food revolution with more than 300 bold, delicious recipes based on international favorites. With chapters devoted to essential basics such as Spice Blends; The Three Protein Amigos; and Pickles, Chutneys & Saucier Sauces, you can make everything from salads to curries, dumplings and desserts. Vegan Eats World will help you map your way through a culinary world tour, whether you want to create a piergoi party or Thai feast, easy Indian chaat lunch or Your International House of Dinner Crepes.”

Recipes include:


Roasted gnocchi with roasted tomato caper sauce and roasted broccoli with lemon and sage

Singapore Stir Fried Veggie Noodles

An Ethiopian feast – Cauliflower & carrots in berbere sauce, collards in berbere sauce, and seitan tibs

Book 2: Terry Hope Romero and Isa Chandra Moskowitz’ popular 2009 cookbook, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar: 100 Dairy-Free Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Treats

“Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar includes more than 100 irresistible recipes for cookies, bars, biscotti, brownies, and more. Discover festive desserts that are sure to impress family and friends at any occasion, from birthdays to bake sales. Throughout the book, Isa and Terry share their best mixing, baking, and decorating techniques and tackle age-old cookie conundrums. Learn the secrets of vegan-izing name-brand favorites (Nutter Betters, anyone?), whipping up gluten-free batches, and even making cookies you can eat for breakfast.”

When vegan cookies invade your cookie jar, it’s yummy to give in. Or simply tempt yourself with recipes for goodies including:

· Magical Coconut Cookie Bars
· Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Brownies
· Peanut Butter Crisscrosses
· NYC Black & Whites
· Key Lime Shortbread Rounds
· Call Me Blondies
· Macadamia Lace Cookies

Some of my favorite vegan treats include:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (no-bake, vegan, gluten-free)

Ritz Cracker Stuffed Peanut Butter Cups (no-bake, vegan)

Sunflower Seed Butter Granola Bars with Chocolate Drizzle (no-bake, vegan, gluten-free)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Squares (no-bake, vegan, gluten-free)

Thin Mints (no-bake, vegan)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies (no-bake, vegan, gluten-free)

Cinnamon Oatmeal Date Bars with Chocolate Chunks (no-bake, vegan, gluten-free)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (no-bake, vegan, gluten-free)

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98 comments on “Two Vegan Cookbooks Giveaway”

  1. Love both the books and all those goodies looks delish

  2. I’ve only ventured into vegetarian recipes so far. So would love to start a conversion with these 2 books!! :-)

  3. I love vegan cupcakes.

  4. I LOVE the look of those homemade thin mint cookies, they’re definitely my weakness! ♥

  5. I’ve been thinking about going vegan. These books look like they could help.

  6. I love vegan cooking and would love these in my collection, I need more Vegan recipes and here is a link to good recipe I tried from one of your post and these are really yummy.

  7. I am vegetarian and considering becoming a vegan. Would love to try new vegan recipes.

  8. a simple vegan recipe is crunchy applesauce. put an apple, some macadamia nuts, and raisins in a food processor and voila. yum!

  9. I’m still new to vegan cooking, so I don’t know if I have a fave recipe at this time

  10. I’d love to continue to explore vegan cooking and baking! These cookbooks look fantastic!

  11. This time of year I love making vegan soups and stews. Here is a roasted red pepper and black bean I recently made. So good and filling.

  12. Hey Averie, I just wanted to let you know I made your homemade thin mints for a family Xmas party, and they were a HIT! They have been requested for my personal family party tomorrow night :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’d love to try those homemade thin mints of yours!

  14. Hi Averie, hope you are enjoying your time on the beach. I am normally on an island somewhere at this time of year too but I have to wait until next year for my sun sand instalment this year so enjoy it for me!

    Although I usually think that you should throw a few more healthy raw vegan recipes in once in a while as a homage to your starting place and original readers i actually think you should do a real pancake recipe now you are no longer a strict vegan. I have a feeling you will come up with a good one if you try and I need a good pancake recipe espec at this time of the year for part of brunches etc. it would be perfect timing.

    MUST try those raw vegan cookie dough balls – they are right up my street. Cookie dough is such a guilty favorite for me so to have a healthy yet delicious version would be heavenly. Must remember to order cashews….

  15. That’s a tough question to answer….there are so many. But since my husband loves to eat the same thing a lot, I tend to make a few dishes over and over again. One is Dreena Burton’s Bean and Corn Tortilla Lasagna! So good.

    Also, my kale salad is amazing!!!

    These two books look awesome!

  16. Vegetarian pizza on a cauliflower – cheese crust. The pizza can be made vegan as well with a few substitutions.

  17. I’ve got two that I make all the time; Cheater Pad Thai from Happy Herbivore and Rootbeer Float Cupcakes.

  18. I love making one pot dishes with brown rice, black beans, hummus and a variety of veggies.

  19. Sweet potato “burgers”! They are always a hit at our house. Gotta love a meal everyone will eat happily.

  20. I have seen that vegan cookie book and would love a copy! Her recipes are super awesome!

  21. I’m so backed up with recipes I want to make but who’d ever turn down the opportunity to browse through a few more :) Thanks Averie!

  22. I googled a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies that I LOVE because they are easy and use canola oil.

  23. A simple but delicious vegan recipe that I enjoy is gingerbread oatmeal. Perfect and filling breakfast!

  24. Winning these vegan cook books would give my 2013 a great, new variety of tasty treats to cook, bake and eat! YUM!

  25. I would love to try the vegan thin mint recipe! wow, what a great recipe Averie!

  26. My favorite vegan recipe to make is your Vegetable Lasagna Casserole! It was a huge crowd pleaser at my holiday party and the pan was empty by the end of the night! Thank you so much for this great recipe!

  27. Those peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars look delish! I would love to make those :)

  28. I always mess up Pad Thai and Saag, two of my family’s favorites! They groan when I say I will try again, but I keep trying… Need help. Please!

  29. My sister is a newly converted vegan, I’ll have to check out these books. I’ve heard that vegan cakes and cookies can be amazing. Lots of love from my blog to yours, Averie—it’s been great getting to know you better this year, have a wonderful holiday!

  30. I love making Eggless Egg Salad with tofu and avocado!

  31. I am vegetarian and would like to reduce my dairy intake by creating more vegan dishes.

  32. I’m always looking for more vegan cookbooks!

  33. How do i enter the giveaway? Would love to wn!!!

  34. I am seriously considering the vegan choice, so these would be amazing!

  35. Most of the time when I bake, I bake vegan. My favorite is a vegan sugar cookie recipe that I bake every holiday season, however it calls for Tofutti cream cheese which has trans fat in it so I’ve been trying to find a new recipe!!

    • tofutti also makes a non-hydrogenated version. my regular grocery store (publix) only sells the hydrogenated one and whole foods only sells the non-hydrogenated one. i never see both available at the same store!

  36. These would be an amazing addition to my cookbook collection! pick me! (:

  37. i love vegan baking!

  38. I’m not a very good cook, so these cookbooks would come in handy. Lately I can’t seem to get enough of a recipe for creamy garlicky broccoli. The recipe is super easy! Just steam a head or two of broccoli, and then mix it in a bowl with enough garlic hummus to cover it. It’s delicious!

  39. For starters, I’m drooling over your vegan chocolate-chip cookie dough balls!

  40. One of my favorite vegan recipes are vegan rice cripsy treats. So tasty and healthy!

  41. I would love to try the Roasted gnocchi with roasted tomato caper sauce and roasted broccoli with lemon and sage! It looks great!!

  42. Terry Hope Romero and Isa Chandra Moskowitz are my favorite cookbook authors!

  43. The chocolate chip cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar is one of my favourite recipes and so easy!! I want to do more pie baking and cake decorating :).

  44. vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls.

  45. I just recently came across this vegan cookie dough nut butter that I really want to try from Oh She Glows: I LOVE nut butter and who doesn’t love cookie dough??

  46. Cookies! Those Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Squares look so yummy!!

  47. I have yet to master a really excellent home made vegan brownie. I really want to do this and then add mint frosting on top.

  48. I’d like to try the granola bars

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