Glass Dharma Glass Straw $25 Giveaway

I’ve had some Glass Dharma glass straws for years and I love them.

They’re durable, eco-friendly, dish-washer safe, and beautiful.

glassdharma glassdharma

   Check out their handy page of FAQs for more info.

I’ve even dropped a couple and haven’t broken any yet.



One winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to use at Glass Dharma for Straws, Straw Sets, or Accessories

How cute is this soft hemp sleeve to store your straw in.

Some of my favorite beverages to drink with my straws include:

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie (vegan, GF) – Like apple pie in a glass

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie (vegan, GF) – Strawberries ‘n cream remind me of summer

Vanilla Iced Coffee – Iced coffee and straws are a mandatory pairing

Blueberry Banana Recovery Smoothie (vegan, GF) – Full of antioxidants and great for replenishing after workouts

Banana Cream Pudding Pie & Caramel Smoothie – Banana Cream Pie in a glass. Creamy and decadent

Homemade Horchata (vegan, GF, soy-free) – I adore this recipe because easy and as good as the $4 dollar per cup glasses of horchata at the farmer’s market. Making it at home is fast, easy, and saves money. It’s so creamy you’ll swear it’s made with full-fat cream but it’s vegan

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Smoothie (vegan, GF) – Tastes like a piece of cinnamon raisin toast, in liquid form

Creamy Cookie Butter White Chocolate Banana Smoothie – Cookie butter and white chocolate are a perfect pairing with anything

Chocolate Cake Batter Milkshake – Why settle for just licking the beaters when you can drink a whole cup of a cake batter-flavored milkshake

Orange PushUp Smoothie – The most Popular Recipe on my site in 2012. Tastes like Orange Pushups from my childhood. Creamy, sweet and refreshing

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win the $25 Gift Certificate to Glass Dharma, making sure to leave a blog comment below in response to the first question.

Then follow the prompts for additional entries.


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169 comments on “Glass Dharma Glass Straw $25 Giveaway”

  1. I would use them for my weekend iced “Toddy” coffees. Yum!

  2. Smoothies or water.

  3. Smoothies with Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder and Raw Greens Superfood, chia, flax!

  4. I’d drink way more smoothies if I had a cool straw to drink them with. Because apparently I have the mindset of a 5-yr old ;)

  5. My favorite breakfast smoothie (kale, maple syrup, apple, banana, pear) would go really well with one of these gorgeous straws!

  6. Carnation Instant Breakfast!

  7. Any type of green monster smoothie would be perfect to slurp up with these straws!

  8. I would drink a smoothie…and also a margarita!!

  9. Girl! You know I’m not a girl that enters giveaways, but I love anything glass. I love my glass water bottles and I love these straws. I would definitely drink my smoothies from this. I drink them all the time with those stripped paper straws, but I can taste the paper in my smoothie, so this glass straw would be perfection.

  10. most likely green smoothies :)

  11. I would most definitely drink more smoothies, how perfect!

  12. These straws are awesome. Most likely I would drink my Berry Berry Smoothie using a new glass straw!

  13. Glass straws–brilliant! I love drinking a delicious fruit smoothie through a straw, and I’d love to try using one of these beautiful glass straws. I’ve never used a recipe for a smoothie; I just blend up whatever fruit I have on hand with some yogurt, and milk if it’s too thick.

  14. I would use it to make my one diet dr pepper a day a special treat.

  15. I would use the straws for drinks I make in my vitamix. I love trying your recipes!

  16. O my goodness, these are so cool! I would use it to drink the juices I’ve been making withe my new juicer–my favorite so far has ben carrot, orange and spinach. I also love green chai, and have to figure out how to make it myself soon!

  17. I mainly drink iced tea and iced water. I’d like to add in some green smoothies this year!

  18. Iced tea or coffee!

  19. I would love to try your Orange Push Up Smoothie with a pretty glass straw!

  20. these would be perfect for a smoothie

  21. Glass straws rock. I didn’t even know the existed until I saw them on your blog. Now I always use them. I remember you mentioning once that you wanted the books “Modernist Cuisine”. I got them for Christmas last year (2011). I will never use them. I know my hubby paid big bucks. I would be willing to sell them to you at a VERY discounted price. Email me at if you are interested. I never even looked at them and they are heavy as hell.

  22. Great giveaway! I’ve seen those straws around the blogsphere for years, but haven’t ever tried one.

  23. chocolate milk

  24. I have actually been in the process of looking for reusable straws to go with my new love of green monster smoothies. These would be perfect!

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