Pair of Deluxe Kitchen Spatulas Giveaway

The Spatula by GIR is my new favorite little kitchen tool and new favorite spatula.

Created for both cooking and baking, the GIR Spatula is designed to mix, stir, fold and sauté foods at any temperature.

Made from heavy-duty molded silicone, it is heat-resistant up to 464°F. Its sturdy, non-slip handle does not get hot to the touch, melt, or burn when used for high-heat cooking.


What I like most about it is it’s strong but flexible blade that provides the optimum balance between flexibility and firmness, helping me to tackle dry mixes and wet batters, scrape bowls, and manipulate solids and liquids in pans, bowls, pots and plates. It allows me get in nooks and crannies, like under the rim of a can of sweetened condensed milk or under the blade of my food processor, and are great for spreading batter into tight corners of baking pans.

  Dishwasher-Safe and nearly indestructible. Its unibody silicone construction makes it easy to clean and super sanitary; there are no nooks or crevices for food to get caught in.

 Available in eleven bright and vibrant colors

I use spatulas every day, all day. I have half a dozen dirty at any point, making recipes like these:

Banana Bread Brownies with Vanilla Caramel Glaze – My favorite banana bread recipe

The Best Lemon Bars – My favorite lemon bars

Brown Sugar Maple Cookies – Extremely soft, chewy, and moist

Browned Butter Rice Krispies Treats (no-bake with vegan and GF options) – Best Rice Krispies Treats I’ve ever had

Microwave Strawberry Vanilla Mug Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Glaze – Make in less than 5 minutes

Peanut Chewy Payday Bars – Like a Payday Candy Bar

Seven Minute Microwave Caramels (no-bake, gluten-free) – The best caramels I’ve ever had and the spatulas stand up to boiling hot sugar

Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze – Think baked version of Krispy Kreme at home

No-Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Chip and Chunk Cookies – My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe

Winner of the giveaway will win a pair of Spatulas ($45.00) in the colors of his/her choice

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win a Pair of Deluxe Gir Spatulas by making sure to leave a blog comment below in response to the first question.

Then follow the prompts for additional entries.

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  1. I use spatulas for just about everything. The last thing I made using one was a batch of muffins, and I’d say that I use them most often for baked goods.

  2. I’d make raspberry cake first
    I’m making this cake this week,196,145182-254194,00.html
    But with butter or probably earth balance and not crisco because crisco weirds me out

  3. I use spatulas all the time…so what I use them with most is really hard to say. I love the look of these–bright colors and what a great shape!

  4. First thing I’ll make is MUFFINS!! I’ve sort of been on a kick lately ;)

  5. Speculoos chocolate-chip cookies!

  6. I’ve been wanting to attempt the strawberry soufflé. What a great tool to fold in the egg whites.

  7. I love spatulas, I use them for everything, everyday. I just used mine to make a big batch of dough to make 2 loaves of bread, 2 pizza doughs and a batch of garlic herb bread sticks.

  8. My spatulas get most use making almond butter….I’m addicted! It’s the only way to get it out of the food processor!

  9. I use spatulas to cook eggs and two get cake batter out of the mixing bowl. If I won two, then I would have one for each task. A pink one for sweets and a red one for savory dishes!

  10. I like to mix up my quick breads by hand so probably banana bread :)

  11. I’d make pancakes

  12. I use spatulas to make sure nothing gets left in the mixing bowls! Also, I use it to slather chocolate frosting on my brownies! :)

  13. I’m thinking I’d make rice crispy treats. Simple, but really yummy.

  14. I love all the colors! I would probably use a new spatula to mix up some pumpkin bread or molasses bread for my husband, quick recipes that use one bowl and can be mixed by hand!

  15. Those cookies look amazing! And colorful spatulas always make everything more fun!

  16. I would use the spatulas to make birthday cake for my husband! (it’s coming up in February).

  17. Finding a spatula that is both flexible and firm is totally key. This sounds perfect!

  18. I do lots of baking so I would use this spatula all the time! I would probably make your banana bread first!

  19. I would use the spatula to make you Peanut ChewyPayday Bars!

  20. Love the spatulas! I love to make blueberry muffins

  21. I use a spatula ALOT. It’s about second in command to my favorite wooden spoon! Probably for sliding cookies off a baking tray and onto a rack would be first usage!

  22. Spatulas are so great for making brownies, which is probably my favorite non fancy dessert. I’ve been dying to try a lot of your recipes for different brownies, and these spatulas would be perfect.

  23. I use spatula’s alot and my current one is looking a little sad, so would love a new one. I would probley make brownies or pumpkin bread!

  24. i would make some cheesecake or cookies! something bad for me lol

  25. I am always reaching for a spatula and love the one piece design of this one! I’d make a small batch of chocolate chip cookies first.

  26. I guess I’ll admit, cookies are what I use spatulas for the most.

  27. These spatulas are wonderful. Great colors and sturdy. I would use these spatulas in my kitchen all the time. I never make a dessert that a spatula isn’t involved. You can stir, fold, spread and so many other things with a spatula. I would use those spatulas to make something yummy for my kids or friends. I think some cookies would be a great way to break in those spatulas–strawberry cake mix cookies or even some snickerdoodle bars (not a cookie but still looks so yummy).

  28. I use spatulas for pretty much all my cooking and baking!

  29. White sauce for mac & cheese…would love to win these…

  30. I love spatulas, different shapes, colors, materials, heat-resistance–can’t get enough! I use them for lots of things, but I can’t bake without them. I can’t bear to waste even a smidgen of batter, and spatulas are perfect for scraping out the last little bit from the bowl. What would I make first if I win? Probably a bundt cake.

  31. I’ll probably make banana bread!

  32. I use spatulas all the time but mine are dying. I’d make pancakes first!

  33. Heather @ dragonflygirlruns Reply

    I never have enough spatulas! and am always destroying too! Could so you these!

  34. I would make an Angel Food Cake

  35. I use spatulas most often for mixing cookie dough and for making granola.

  36. Pancakes!

  37. I’ve been in the market for some new spatulas after my last “heat resistant” ones melted! These sound great.

  38. I’d make my gluten free vegan zucchini loaf with carrot cream cheese frosting!

  39. I love these spatulas—I’m so sick of the kind where the top part flies off at the wrong moment!

  40. Te recipe i would make is Banana bread no doubt about it.

  41. I use spatulas for baking, cooking, scraping out all of the homemade nut butter!

  42. I would definitely be using them for cookies all the time and scraping the bowl to get all the dough mmm

  43. I use my spatula most with recipes that have honey or sunflower seed butter in them, like my Homemade Clif Bars ( or granola (!

  44. I will use them to scrape down the sides of the blender after making your delicious avocado chocolate mousse! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  45. I must often use a spatula when I’m making homemade nut butters! If I win these awesome looking ones, I will finally try and make a healthier cookie butter in its honor!

  46. Waste not want not – a good spatula gets it all out. I promise it must be used for dessert for the first time.

  47. I’ll probably make pesto first if I win these spatulas!

  48. i would make blueberry pancakes!

  49. I use spatulas for stir frying, and if I’m baking, I usually use it to lift the cookies/brownies off the cookie sheet. They’re pretty useful tools.

  50. I am always looking for a good spatula. I would make banana bread!

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