Thai Kitchen Sampler Pack Giveaway

Thai Kitchen and Simply Asia offer solutions to spice up any celebration, from Superbowl parties to Valentine’s Day, as well as making weeknight dinners a little more interesting.

Thai Kitchen and Simply Asia offer a complete line of Asian convenience items including sauces, curry pastes, rice noodles, noodle bowls, coconut milk and more. Most items are free of gluten, artificial colors, flavors, and MSG.

One reader will win the following items to put a little Thai spice in your kitchen:

Brown Rice Noodles


Sweet Red Chili Sauce

Coconut Milk

Premium Fish Sauce

Peanut Satay Sauce

Red Curry Paste

Some ideas to put the products to use include:

  • Valentines Day: Sweethearts can stay cozy by taking-on-takeout with Thai Kitchen’s new Rice Noodles – a versatile option for homemade noodle stir-fries, rice noodle soups, and more. This first-of-its-kind product is made with all-natural, gluten-free ingredients and conveniently packaged in four individual servings. Just add chopsticks, wine, chocolates and enjoy.

Some of my favorite ethnic-inspired meals to make at home are:

Peanut Noodles with Mixed Vegetables and Peanut Sauce (vegan, GF) – Make in under 10 minutes

Vegetable Fried Rice Frittata (vegetarian, GF)

Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies (vegan, GF)

Green Tea and Honey Ginger Tofu (gluten-free)

Szechuan Shrimp Stir Fry with Fried Rice

Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls and 2-Minute Peanut Sauce (vegan, GF)

Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu (vegan, GF)

25 Lightened Up Dinner Recipes – Healthier dinnertime and savory ideas. All are vegan or vegetarian, many are gluten-free and everything is easy and family-friendly for busy weeknights

Using Rafflecopter, enter to win these the Thai Kitchen Sampler Pack by making sure to leave a blog comment below in response to the first question.

Then follow the prompts for additional entries.

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  1. As a poor college student, I love mixing coconut milk into plain Greek yogurt for a healthy and delicious breakfast and to serve as Popsicles on a hot day in Southern California- a treat that gets me through my studies! I also left home with my moms secret recipe for Thai curry soup with snap peas, tri-color bell peppers and chicken and the secret ingredients include red curry paste and coconut milk as a base! I asked for a couple jars for Christmas, and the paste is a staple in my cooking everyday- perfect to throw in the pan with chicken or ontop of pasta with feta and olive oil.

  2. Love your recipe ideas, Averie. Appreciate too that many are gluten-free and vegan. And your frittata is reminiscent of my own Ninja Baker’s childhood cha-han comfort dish; so, it is sure to be a winner =)

    Last and not least, grateful that you are touting coconut milk in this post for those who are dairy sensitive. It does work wonders as a substitute for cow’s milk.

  3. I would make the tofu!!!

  4. I’d try coconut sticky rice at homoe

  5. I would make some pad Thai!

  6. Yum! We use their pad Thai mix and their red curry paste already in my kitchen. I’ve wanted to experiment more with their products and branch out with my taste buds!

  7. I use coconut milk in Popsicles, chili sauce on popcorn, rice noodles in soup, etc. but maybe I’d be more adventurous if I had all these items at once!

  8. I make a curry at least once a week! And I’d love to make some satay appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday :D

  9. I would make a curry rice bowl with brown rice, lots of veggies and the red curry paste and coconut milk! I’m curry obsessed and would pretty much eat anything if put a little curry in it.

  10. I’d make a shrimp curry and a Thai inspired salad dressing

  11. I would make the vegan spring rolls with dipping sauce.

  12. I’d make chicken curry. Yumm!

  13. I adore Pad Thai, so I’ll definitely use the brown rice noodles to make that!

  14. My mouth is watering!

  15. I love Thai food! I especially love things with peanuts and coconut milk… so i’d probably make the peanut noodles first. They idea of Brown Rice Noodles is so intriguing!

    I also love curries- they are never quite as good at home as eaten out, but I’m looking forward to trying this recipe for Panaeng curry anyway!

  16. I use quite a bit of their red curry paste. Our favorite dish is Masaman curry!!!

  17. I’d like to use the brown rice noodles first.

  18. I would make chicken satay or summer rolls! :D yum

  19. Oh my goodness, I have no idea what I’ll make, but I’m so excited! Love Thai food.

  20. I would make the peanut sauce baked tofu because I’m trying to show my partner that tofu *can* be delicious, but since I’m also new to using it, I’m always looking for ways to cook it beyond marinating & stir-frying it.

  21. Oh my goodness I adore coconut milk and would definitely make either coconut curry or coconut whipped cream!

  22. I would love to make the Szechuan shrimp stir fry!

  23. Stir fry or spring rolls!

  24. pad thai!

  25. Anything with brown rice noodles, like brown rice pad thai. I love that Thai Kitchen offers whole-grain varieties of a lot of their noodle products.

  26. I would totally make some Pad See Ew! :)

  27. I would make spaghetti with the brown rice noodles.

  28. I’ve wanted to try my hand at a real vegetarian curry for some time now – I think some of these products would be a big help!

  29. I’d love to make a coconut chicken curry!

  30. I could drink that Peanut Satay Sauce. DEEeeeeelicious!

  31. If I win I’ll make red curry. I’m absolutely obsessed with red curry. The tofu and spring rolls look awesome too.

  32. I love the lemongrass & chili. Being gluten-free limits most quick & easy meals for me, so this one has become my go to favorite!

  33. Thai food is my absolute favorite cuisine!

  34. I’d definitely make a tofu satay. Most restaurants only do chicken, so it would be nice to do at home.

  35. Aloha Averie! My favorite Asian recipes would have to be my KimChi Fried Rice Balls and for an easy meal Kalbi Style Baked Tofu with a side of Scallion Pancake For Lunar New year, we always make Jai

  36. I love Thai Kitchen stuff and I don’t make enough using them. That needs to change.

  37. I would make coconut rice with garbanzo beans. Dang, I dig thai food.

  38. i love to make tofu stir fry with vegis and silver glass noodles.

  39. The beauty of having pre-made sauces is that I don’t really need recipes. I’ll saute whatever veggies I have in the fridge, throw in whatever leftover meat or fish I’ve got, and pour on the sauce. Practically an instant meal.

  40. i’d try to make pad thai!

  41. I would make the vegan veg rolls with peanut sauce…

  42. I’d love to make Pad Thai. Always want to try making it, but never have all of the ingredients.

  43. Yum! I have ALWAYS wanted to try spring rolls on my own. I love the transparent look of the ones in the photo. I’m trying to eat more veggies. :)

  44. I would try making the peanut sauce with noodles. I have yet to be successful with peanut sauce and I think this would help!

  45. Lad nar is one of my spouse’s favorite meals, and I’d love to try to make it at home for him.

  46. I have been craving any sort of stir fry for the last week!

  47. I haven’t had red curry for a long time — and I’ve never tried Thai Kitchen red curry paste before so that would be the first thing I made. Thank you for the giveaway, those products looks wonderful. :)

  48. We make fried rice, stir fry, and occasionally attempt sushi. We usually stick to take out for Thai but love it and with these ingredients it would be motivation to learn to make some ourselves!

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