Kitchen Grater and Zester Giveaway

Edgeware Products has a clever solution to contain mess-making when you’re grating things.

The V-Etched Container Grater keeps the food contained in a handy little box, rather than flying all over your counter and cutting board, which I’m prone to.

    It comes with 3 styles of stainless steel v-etched blades: fine, coarse and extra coarse and the nonslip base helps with stability.


They also just launched the V-Etched Better Zester

It’s made up of over 300 tiny V- shaped teeth and is covered with a non- stick coating.

The food- approved coating allows the zester to smoothly glide across the surface of all types of citrus, while finely zesting the outer layer of skin and not the bitter pith.

Some of my favorite recipes that involve grating and zesting include:

Carrots for Carrot Cake Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting

Lemon zest for The Best Lemon Bars

Grating sweet potatoes and zucchini for Baked Chipotle Sweet Potato and Zucchini Fritters (vegan, GF)

Grating carrots for Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites (no-bake, vegan, GF)

Grating zucchini for Banana Zucchini Pudding Cake with Vanilla Browned Butter Glaze

Lemon zest for the Blueberry Yogurt Cake with Lemon Vanilla Glaze

One winner will win both the grater and the zester.

 Using Rafflecopter, enter to win the Giveaway by making sure to leave a blog comment below in response to the first question. Then follow the prompts for additional entries. Open to USA only. Sometimes the widget is a bit slow to load, so please be patient.

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  1. Another great kitchen gadget!

  2. Lemon bars, definitely will use it for making lemon bars!

  3. kelly nicholson Reply

    What will you make first using the grater or zester?

    carrot cake baby

  4. I grate cheese all of the time. I use a zester for anything lemon or orange.

  5. I usually grate cheeses. Especially hard cheese. Freshly grated Parmesan is delish. I occasionally zest lemons and limes when the recipe calls for it. :O)

  6. Karen Schroeder Reply

    I’d use the grater first to grate potatoes for potato pancakes!

  7. I would make some type of Zuchinni bread, and those No-bake Carrot Cake Bites look delicious too!

  8. I love to grate cheese!!!

  9. Grater looks fantastic but I cannot get my points recorded. This is not the first time that rafflecopter has no place to hit “enter”

  10. Grated cheese for an omlet followed by grated butter so it gets soft faster to make cookies

  11. I would grate some mozzarella cheese for a pizza.

  12. I love citrus zest and this grater would be perfect for green papaya!

    • btw, just in case you’re verifying – i’m subscribed to your emails and follow you via bloglovin as acluisi at hotmail

  13. I will zest lemon peel for lemon and herb shrimp!

  14. A carrot cake? I zest citrus fruit all the time and I grate veggies pretty often too!

  15. probably quesidillas for my kids

  16. I would make carrot cake..

  17. I usually grate carrots!!

  18. Shabitha Karthikeyan Reply

    I will grate some vegetables for my salad

  19. I will be grate cheese for enchiladas and some zucchini for a casserole…

  20. I grate cheese for quiche or Mexican food and I zest lemons and oranges for quick breads.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  21. I asked my husband what he would make and he said he’d grate cheese for nachos (cheddar) or to go over spaghetti squash (Parmesan) – simple tastes! :)

  22. Carrot cake or zuchinni bread!

  23. lemon bars

  24. I will definitely be making the lemon bars first and foremost, regardless if I win or not because they look amazing. I have yet to find a recipe that is truly a lemon bar. When I try it, would it be alright to quote your blog as my source for the recipe? You have so many wonderful recipes for me to try out, I might just have to adopt your blog :)

  25. I’ll be grating apples and carrots for a salad.

  26. My favorite grate is that big block of Parmesan in the fridge, for the zester, most likely some limes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. I usually zest lemons for lemon bars mmm :)

  28. Blueberry yogurt cake With lemon glaze

  29. Lemon frosted strawberry cupcakes. Love the zester…

  30. I want to make the fritters!

  31. I grate alot of cheeses and veggies for casseroles and homemade pizzas!

  32. I would love the zester for making a lemon poppy seed loaf! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  33. I would probably use if for ginger first. I keep fresh ginger frozen and grate it for Asian or Indian food. I find that easier than mincing. I have never had a zester, so I would be excited about that too!

  34. I make a lot of things that cause for grated lemon- lots of baked goods- my office loves them. :)

  35. Can’t wait to try the Blueberry Yogurt cake!

  36. I can’t wait to make the zucchini and sweet potato fritters!

  37. Grate cheese!

  38. Shannon Michael Reply

    I grate cheese all the time for my 7 yr old son who LOVES quesadillas. I also grate zucchini and carrots for baking, and love to zest lemon and limes. I also grate fresh nutmeg. :)

  39. I would make lemon bars!

  40. I would make my husband a carrot cake. He loves them, but never gets one because I don’t like to try to grate carrots.

  41. Sweet potato fritters!

  42. Zucchini for zucchini-crust pizza!

  43. I would grate lemon zest for the bars.

  44. Love how colorful & functional these are! Hope I win :-)

  45. I grate cheese about all the time. I’ve never tried zesting because I don’t have the right equipment, but I would love to!

  46. Carrot cake

  47. I’m feeling like a lime marinade is in order. With lots of zest! I think usually I grate mostly cheese though. And cucumbers for tzatziki.

  48. I think I would make something involving a lot of fresh ginger, like maybe a teriyaki chicken stir fry.

  49. A big block of cheese I have in the fridge!

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