Weekend Things

Time for an installment of Weekend Things:

1. I held my cookbook in my hands for the very first time this week! Opening the box of author copies that my publisher sent was an extremely proud and happy moment.

Thumbing through the book, seeing my recipes and photography, all glossy, shiny, and new is surreal, wonderful, exciting, and a little bit terrifying. I poured my heart and soul into the book and I hope you love it as much as I do.

The official release date is June 4, although if you’ve pre-ordered on Amazon, I believe they’re shipping out slightly before June 4. Thank you to those who’ve bought my book. Your support and vote of confidence means the world.


Image from my Instagram feed

2. I want to get in this bed and live in this room from CB2. I love fluffy white bedding and love the bright, white, happy light.

I wish my kitchen had this much light because it would be my photography dream come true.

3. If you have an urge to bake cookies this weekend, I suggest Soft and Chewy Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies. They combine my favorite dough base for chocolate chips cookies, with hunks of Snickers baked in. They’re my favorite version of chocolate chip cookies on my site, to date.

4. Apricot and Almond Sauce from Saveur – “This fruity purée is great swirled into ice cream or spooned atop pancakes or toast.”

I love apricots and almond extract is something I wish I could wear as a perfume.

5. The sauce reminds me of the Apricot Cream Cheese Glaze that I stirred together in 6 seconds and spread on top of the French Almond Cookie Cake

It’s a fast and easy cake-cookie to make. It’s dense and chewy like a deep-dish cookie-bar, with the flavor of a rich almond cake. Perfect for an impromptu, easy weekend treat.

6. From Instagram. This is how I party on Friday night.

Like eating sprinkles disguised as chocolate sunflower seeds. Heaven.

7. Ceramic Bowls – For dips, sauces, fruit, sides, or just about anything. On sale for $4.80 – $6.40 at Pier 1. What a steal.

8. My recipe for Hawaiian Banana Bread and Maple Banana Baked French Toast appeared in the AllFreeCasserole’s Breakfast eCookbook.

Here’s a free download of the book with 19 recipes in case you need some breakfast inspiration.

9. Overdyed Terai Folding Chair, $198 from Anthro – Sure beats the wobbly card table and vinyl-covered chairs my parents had and kept in our basement, and would dig out for summer gatherings, parties, and holiday company.

Does anyone else have fond memories of swatting mosquitoes, while sitting on folding chairs in someone’s garage or backyard, and literally getting stuck to the vinyl as the back of your legs pour out sweat in the sweltering humidity? Tell me I’m not alone.

10. Need a quickie recipe for a party this weekend? Try one of these 25 Fast & Easy Dip Recipes . Many are vegan, gluten-free, and all are fast, easy, and fuss-free. Exactly the way they should be on a holiday weekend.

Check back for a giveaway starting tomorrow.

What are your Weekend Things?

If you’ve made anything, done, seen, or bought anything fabulous recently, feel free to link it up in the comments.

Holiday Weekend Plans?

We have none, just the way I want it. My husband has been traveling and comes home this weekend, and I’m happy and content to just be together.  We don’t have to have plans.

We are definitely not going to the beach with the 1 million tourists in San Diego this weekend who will be. Parking would take 2 hours. No thanks. I’ll be at home baking instead.


  1. My week thing has been pumpkin on my blog and lots of random acting work…including finally getting to see something I acted in a year ago that crosses both the food and acting sphere, a short about…bum bum bummmmmmmm….gluten!

  2. yay for getting to actually hold a copy of your cookbook! That is so exciting!!

    I’m thinking I need to make some vanilla and apricot sauce swirled ice cream!

  3. So awesome that you held your cookbook for the first time! I can’t imagine that feeling, but I hope I can one day :) Our weekend is all about buying and planting flowers and baking. I wouldn’t have it any other way either.

  4. Many congratulations on your book! That is so amazing!

    And I so agree with you about wearing almond extract as a fragrance! I love it!

  5. Congrats on your book!! I can not wait to get my own copy!!
    Those bowls from Peri 1 and that chair from anthro are awesome. So cute!
    Hope you have a great long weekend!

    • You too! And I read your comment reply about tons of melting shots in the background, and taking 200 pics. Okay, NOW we are talking and I can relate. I seriously thought you snapped like 8 pics, picked 2, and were done. That is SO not me either. I wish it was. But…no, not at all.

  6. Congrats on receiving your cookbooks–I’m sure that box was your most anticipated and exciting delivery! Amazon sent me an estimated June 7 delivery date –less than 2 weeks to go! We have a 50th b-day party tomorrow (my sister in law), but otherwise, we’re just hanging out and I’m cherishing a 4 day weekend. Thanks for letting me know about TJ’s stevia–that is the lowest price I’ve ever seen. Those bowls from Pier 1 just put me in the mood to do a little shopping there– price is great and who knows what else I might find. Enjoy the time with your family this weekend!

    • I haven’t wandered into Pier 1 in ages (but wandered in virtually) and they have some good stuff and great prices if you hunt for it!

      And thx for LMK about the June 7 est. delivery date! Wow – getting so close! I can’t wait to hear what you think (and make first!). Of all people, I know YOU will make lots of recipes from it!

      Have fun at your SILs Bday party!

  7. Oh I want those chocolatey sunflower seeds!! So *proud* about your book! I’m happy for you…and I’m happy for me! After a long time I spend a weekend with my mama! We went to the farmers market this morning, then we played cards and now She is resting. And I am HUNGRY from just looking at your ever so pretty pictures! Going to fix me some amaranth-pasta. Have a nice day!

  8. Ohhhhh I can’t wait for your cookbook girl!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Enjoy yourself, you’ve worked hard!

  9. Congratulations on your publication! I just love the title. I’m going to put in a request for it asap.

    My weekend thing is trying to organize my cake photos into my gallery on my blog. (Victoria’s Gallery at http://www.twogirlsenteronecakeleaves.wordpress.com) So many to wade through over the years. :)


    • I just did a blog makeover and unveiled it about 2-3 weeks ago, and after 4+ yrs of a hodgepodge of recipes, it was QUITE the undertaking, but so worth it in the end. Good luck with yours getting it just how you want it!

  10. Super congrats on your book, you deserve all the hugs in the world for it! Going to pick it up, very excited to try them all!

    Loving those ceramic bowls.. such great colors!

  11. I’m so so happy for you and your amazing work on your book! I can’t wait to hold it myself :)

    I’m in New Orleans with my husband and a few other couples this weekend, so I’ll be enjoying the amazing food here! Best thing yet- bananas foster french toast! Yum!

  12. Congrats on the arrival of your book! (I cannot wait to get my hands on it!) :D I know it must be scary to put yourself out there, but I also know that your book is going to be loved and cherished by everyone. xo

    The light in that gorgeous white bedroom really is a food photographers dream. When I watch House Hunters or leaf through home deco magazines, I always gauge the lighting in each of the rooms – it’s kind of obsessive. :P

    Love the ceramic bowls too!

    • I do the same thing with lighting on shows like that. It all comes down to lighting for me :) Beautiful light can make up for just about anything else!

      And thanks for what you said – yes, it’s scary to put yourself out there. Have you ever read the reviews on Amazon of books in general? People can be ridiculously harsh! I try not to think about it and know I did everything I could with my book to make it the best it could be! :)

  13. How exciting to hold your cookbook in your hands! Love the cover!

  14. Holding your book for the first time must be so exciting! Congrats! Have a fabulous weekend, Averie!

  15. Oh wow! Such great recipes, and that cookbook I am all over. Peanut butter everything – oh yes! Have a great weekend and congrats on the cookbook! I know I will be getting one!

  16. Congrats on getting your book “in hand” for the first time!!!! It is also my dream to write a cookbook……someday I hope!

  17. Congratulations on finally being able to hold your new book…can’t wait to get it. My weekend plans include planting my vegetable garden and drinking cherry limeades.

  18. Congratulations on finally being able to hold your new book….can’t wait to get mine…My weekend plans include planting my vegetable garden and being lazy

  19. Oh Averie! Congrats so much on your book!:D My weekend plans are doing the dreaded defensive driving course for my speeding ticket:/ Trust me people slow down! Or else you have to spend more than 6 hours of your wonderful Saturday on the computer:( Like I’m doing:p

  20. Congrats on the cookbook! That must be so cool.

  21. Congratulations on the cookbook! That is sooo awesome. I will definitely have to pick up a copy :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  22. I’ve been dropping hints to my boyfriend and parents about that cookbook since my birthday is coming up, but I think I might just need to go out and get a copy myself! Congratulations on the book! I don’t really have plans for the holiday- in fact, I tend to forget about it since my parents wedding anniversary and my birthday are the same week!

    • I hope you’re able to get your hands on it one way or the other. I may be biased but I think it’s a wonderful use of 12 bucks :)

      And HAPPY Bday!!!! Hope it’s a wonderful one!

  23. Averie, your book is just gorgeous. I love the bright blue (is it teal?) color and all the sneak peak photos. I can’t wait to get my copy – I’m truly very, very excited! June 4th is almost here! I can’t wait for this feeling next year. Feels like a world away with all the work ahead. I love that folding chair! It’s so bright, cheery, and colorful. If you can’t tell, I love color! But that all white bedroom is calling my name. I wouldn’t be able to get out of that bed… ever!!! That could be dangerous. :) Love those chocolate sunflower seeds!

    • In person it’s a bright-ish shade of teal! They came to me with 3 colors as mockups; teal, yellow, and pink. The pink/fuchsia (as much as I love the color in general) wasn’t working for a cover. And the teal with yellow accents just popped more and after about 20 up and backs, that’s what we settled on. Thank you for saying that it’s gorgeous. Means the world. I reallllllllly labored over the cover.

      You’ve tried those sunflower seeds? Considering you love sprinkles, they totally remind me of sprinkles and I love them! I polished off that container in a day. Whoops!

  24. Hi Averie,

    Congrats for your cookbook, looks really attractive!

    Ceramic bowls are to die for! Chocolate sunflower seeds is a total new concept for me:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Yasemin from breadpassion.com

  25. Rock Star!! Can’t WAIT to get my copy! Also, my daughter’s 1st birthday is on June 4. :)

    That much light would seriously help me out, too… I have lots of trees in my backyard, and they pretty much block all the light that I could get. BUT, they are beautiful so there’s no way I’m getting rid of them. :)

  26. Congrats on your new book Averie! That must be so exciting :) Have an awesome weekend!

  27. Congrats on your cookbook, Averie! How exciting! It looks great!

  28. I am beyond excited for you! Looks amazing!

  29. I cannot wait to get your book Averie! I’m drooling thinking about it!

  30. Congrats on the book! That is super exciting!

  31. Congratulations on the cookbook, Averie! I can only imagine how important the moment was when you received that box. So much work and finally the result. Enjoy! Well deserved!

  32. Congrats on your book! I can’t wait to get it! Book tour lined up?!

  33. I am SO excited for your cookbook! Yayyy!

  34. Hey girl! I just received my email confirmation from Amazon and my book is expected to be here on Thursday the 6th. I’m seriously so excited to see your book and just to look at what you wrote inside and all see of the photos. How cool is that to hold a snapshot of your blog and recipes in your hand like a book? I’m sure you have looked at it over 1,000 times. How can you not? I really prefer “real” cookbooks or books to e-books or kindle books. I just like being able to open something up and ear mark the pages etc.

    Hope you’re having a great Memorial day! xoxo, Jackie

  35. Wow, what a great moment when that box arrived! Congrats Averie!

  36. Good gosh, girl! It must have been a thrill of a lifetime to open that box of “author’s copies”! Congratulations! You are now a published author, yay! And, of course, I clicked PBC into my Amazon cart promptly (checking out tonight with other good finds). Thanks for sharing your faves…love it all! Adore apricots (and almond extract) and I must try those Chocolate Sunflower Seed Drops by TJs! So up my alley…I eat SunButter by the spoon, like peanut butter! Stayed home this Memorial Day weekend, too. Aaah. Love. It. Cheers! xo

    • The sunflower seed drops are ridic good (and taste more like sprinkles to me than seeds – definitely a nice bonus for me!)

      Thanks for picking up a copy of my book. I appreciate it, as well as all your glowing comments, pins, support, and overall upbeat attitude, always. Thank you!!!!!

  37. Congratulations on the cookbook, my sweet friend. So so beautiful :)

  38. HUGE congrats on the book! I know that has to be one heck of a feeling. I’m sure it’s awesome and I hope tons of success!

    And I have yet to check out Trader Joe’s. There’s one about 2 hours away that a friend raves about and I’m dying to check it out.

    Oh, snickers chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please.

  39. Congratulations on your cookbook! That is so exciting!

  40. That bedroom is gorgeous, I love white on white :)
    Congratulations on your book, that’s wonderful!

  41. Congratulations on the publication of your book, Averie. Such a fun concept, and the photos look great. I wish you all the best with it!

    • Thank you, Gena! Saw a pic on Angela’s site of you at Vida Con and thought of you earlier this week! Thanks for the kind words and many times as I was writing the book, I thought of you, given your former job as an editor!

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