Weekend Things

Time for an installment of Weekend Things:

1. Redbook Magazine featured my Homemade White Chocolate and Butterscotch Sunflower Seed Butter (GF).

Thanks for the wonderful feature, Redbook, and I wish I could give you a jar or five. I have more nut and seed butters on hand than I’d like to admit.

2. Bethenny Frankel pinned my Lofthouse Soft Sugar Sprinkles Cookies. This had me more than a little giddy.


She also pinned my Vegan Cookie Dough, one of my most popular recipes every year since 2009.

3. What’s Your Superhero Name?

I’m Captain Marshmallow and my daughter is Mega Marshmallow. Pretty fitting for us, actually.

We love marshmallows

Caramel Corn Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars - 3 Layers of flavor & texture in these fast, easy, no-mixer bars from averiecooks.com

4. Mashable included me (#61) on their list of 75 Tasty Instagram Accounts Every Foodie Should Follow. I’m  delighted to be among such wonderful company, including many fellow foodie friends. Thanks, Mashable!

My instagram account is averiesunshine and if I had more time, I’d be on IG all the time. I love it, it’s such a great way to connect and share real life and real-time stuff, despite being a total timesuck. All of a sudden 20 minutes go by and I’ve been sucked down the rabbit hole of scrolling and clicking, and I love it.

7. A great post comparing butter, oil, shortening, and margarine in cakes.

Baking Science: Which fat makes the best cake?

For me, butter does not equal a better cake. In baked goods I want to stay soft, springy, and moist, I almost always opt for oil, and tend to use oil rather than butter in cakes, muffins, quickbreads, and breads. I loathe dry cake and will gladly give up buttery flavor (which will likely be masked anyway) for the softness and moistness I get with oil (canola or coconut are my oils of choice).

Baking Science: Which fat makes the best cake?

5. Photodoto included me (#13) in their list of 100 Incredibly Tasty Instragram Accounts for Foodies to Follow. Thanks for the nod, Photodoto!

6. This cake stand is only $16.99 What a deal. Another reason I should go into World Market more. Then again, maybe not. It’s cheap and dangerous.

Have you seen my props? I don’t need more. But I want more.

8. These 5 Premium Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans are ridiculously cheap. They’re Beanilla brand beans on Amazon and you get 5 beans for $5.96

If you were to buy beans in the grocery store, they’re usually $5 bucks or more, each. And they’re dried out and hard, wheres Beanilla beans are always soft, squishy, and fresh.  Tip – vanilla beans should be supple, a bit oily and juicy, not dried up like a piece of beef jerky.

9. They’re the beans I use to make Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you start this right away, homemade vanilla will be ready to give as holiday gifts.
Homemade Vanilla Extract - averiecooks.com

10. I recently gave an interview to my friend Heidi at Foodie Crush. I talked about my blog, my book, what inspires me, and other factoids.

She also made Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies that make me want to reach through the screen.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies 07 FoodieCrush.com

What are your Weekend Things

If you’ve made anything, done, seen, or bought anything fabulous recently, feel free to link it up in the comments.

Are you an Instragrammer? Super hero name? Fan of vanilla? Baking with butter vs. oil – what to use, when, why?

Have a great weekend!


  1. all I can say is Averie, you are one VERY cool gal! :) have a good weekend.

  2. WOW! What a month you’ve had Averie, and it’s well-deserved! I’m salivating over that cookie butter too! Have a great weekend. :)

  3. I am Detective Raspberry. I like it! As for my weekend things, I’m getting new headshots. Yayza!

  4. Congrats on all the features and I enjoyed reading your interview!! I remember your early blogging days and still appreciate those recipes. I want to scroll through your archives for salad dressing ideas for the bag of power greens I bought yesterday. Last night was the neighborhood Halloween party–the men on the block definitely had the funniest and most creative costumes. My husband started taking bass guitar lessons this past summer so we have some jamming to do this weekend.

    • Gosh my archives even scare me :) The photography quality and the over-sharing about the most trivial things that I got like a new bodywash or something. Ahh, well, it was all 100% real :) That’s so cool that you and your hubby are able to play guitar together now! I bet the costumes were great at your party, too!

  5. That super hero thing is super cute! Love Instagram too, buy no one ever likes my pics. And though there are some exceptions, I definitely agree that oil is better than butter in cake. Have a good weekend.

  6. I would have been more than a little giddy about the Bethenny Frankel repin as well! One time Heather Dubrow retweeted my blog and I thought I was going to explode from excitement! I couldn’t even get near my computer screen…haha.

    Congrats on all of the well-deserved attention!

    • Aww, thanks for the compliments! And a friend of mine knows Heather fairly well and says she’s a totally normal, cool lady – which makes me dig her even more :) Very cool about the RT!

  7. Wow! Good job! The comparison of butter vs oil vs shortening is helpful. Thanks!

  8. These are such fun post, Averie!! You always accomplish so much in only a couple weeks! I mean wow, all the features are incredible! CONGRATS!!

  9. I’m Mega Marshmallow as well. Quite fitting, indeed :) Hahaha! Congrats on the feature and I want to make your flourless pb cookies right now!!

  10. love that prop stand. You are so busy! I am surprised you have time to give us so many great recipes.

  11. Oh I’m ordering those vanilla beans, thanks for sharing. Congrats on the Redbook feature and Bethenny pin, so exciting!

  12. I am CRACKING up. I’m Mega Pineapple, soon to be Mega Waffle. Both quite fitting for me too! (Kevin is The Powerful Waffle lol)

    So many features for you recently Averie! Everyone is spreading the word about your incredible recipes. I don’t blame Redbook for featuring your sunflower seed butter. I’m nearly salivating just looking at that photo again. I was actually in TJs last night and about to pick up roasted sunflower seeds to make my own butter at home. But then reached for our beloved honey roasted peanuts instead. Next time, I swear!

    • You cannot go wrong with honey roasted homemade PB. It’s beyond good (as you know!). Making SFSB is more of a commitment than making PB…takes a lot longer and it’s a little more finnicky. For quick and easy, PB is the way to go.

      Thanks for the congrats on all my features…I hadn’t done one of these posts in about a month and was sort of ‘saving them’ on this as a draft for the last month and then was like wow I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way – because it was a ‘collection’ I had been collecting for like a month.

      I love you as Mega Pineapple. That’s awesome! Kevin as Powerful Waffle…LOL :)

  13. Great share on the vanilla beans! I’ve got some homemade extract going with those very beans and then 2 more bottles with the grade B beans I bought from Beanilla. I’m curious to see which taste better. I also have a 4th bottle using the grade B beans and rum, because why not try it, right? And, I still have at least 10 more beans in the cabinet!

    Congrats on all the features and pins and likes and share and interviews. I’m not surprised by your popularity at all!

    • I have you to thank for the vanilla beans!! Your rum vanilla sounds great (well okay they all do!) I have a jar that’s been brewing for 14 months now! I haven’t even used the vanilla. Now it’s like a previous resource…lol

      Thanks for the congrats on all my features…I hadn’t done one of these posts in about a month and was sort of ‘saving them’ as a draft for the past month and then was like wow I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way – because it was a ‘collection’ I had been collecting for like a month.

  14. I love your and your daughter’s superhero names! Mine would be Captain Mocha. Totally ironic, seeing as I’m just now starting to drink coffee! And congratulations on all of your recognitions this week — that’s a big deal!!

  15. Major Raspberry does no sound very bad ass : )
    My weekend things…I ran my last race of the year today and have some brown bananas to be bread tomorrow!

  16. The celebrities are just loving your recipes aren’t they (Bethenny and Tori)! It is weird to think even celebrities pin. That is awesome.

  17. Very interesting about the use of butter/oil/margerine/shortening in cakes. My birthday is next week and I’m already debating what cake or cupcake recipe to use. I’m big into moist. I’m thinking yellow cake with white chocolate creme filling and peanut butter frosting…go big or go home, I say! But I’ll probably be undecided right up to the moment I start mixing. :)
    And the vanilla bean info is super helpful as well. I had bought a ginormous quantity from Amazon, but they were NOT supple. Beef jerky is a very apt description! Next time I’ll know what to look for!!
    And I’m totally with you on World Market being dangerous. I can drop so much money in that place…

  18. Congrats on the features! Your superhero name is adorable. Mine is Night Coconut – it’s weird!

  19. I went straight to the cake comparison post, thanks!! So useful to know. Congrats on your post features etc. You deserve every bit of recognition you get… so lovely to be part of the blogging community with you Averie (Marshmallow!) xx

  20. Love the superhero name. I’m Secret Agent Pomegranate.

  21. Lol, I’m Invisible Pineapple. I’m allergic to pineapple!

  22. LOVE all this stuff!!!! I’m The Powerful Strawberry (and Michael’s The Invisible Raspberry :P) and looove instagram!

    Congrats on all the goodness hun, you obv. deserve it!

  23. When I look at all these cookies I feel that I can lose consciousness because they look magnetic. I keep to a diet and all the sweet things are forbidden but I will definitely try one of the recipes in future.

  24. Congrats on the feature and celebrity pin, Averie!

  25. Congrats on the features and the pins! So cool!

  26. I would be giddy if Bethenny pinned my recipe, too!!! Congrats on all of your accomplishments!!! :)

  27. You are so totally fab, my friend!! I’m not surprised one bit with all of your accomplishments!! :) Yay for you!!

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