I’ve seen this 30 Day Photo Challenge from Positively Present floating around Pinterest

30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude. Day 1: Favorite food Day 2: Smile Day 3: Happiness Day 4: leaves Day 5: Morning Sky Day 6: Books Day 7: Something Funny Day 8: favorite color Day 9: Inspiring person Day 10: Nature Day 11: Something Old Day 12: Hands Day 13: Written Words Day 14: Movement Day 15: Technology Day 16: Animals Day 17: Memories Day 18: Something New Day 19: Best Friend Day 20: Seasonal Day 21: Where you sleep Day 22: Clothing Day 23: In your Closet Day 24: Gratitude Day 25: Artwork Day 26: Transportation Day 27: Daily Routine Day 28: Nighttime Day 29: Light Day 30: Self Portrait

Although I’m not going to make it a 30 Day Challenge, I thought I’d post a few days worth of pictures…

Day 1: Favorite Food (not sure if these cookies are my favorite food but they’ve been a favorite this week)

Chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookie Stack

Day 5: Morning Sky (Malmok Beach, Aruba)

Malmok Beach, aruba, with chains hanging off wooden post

Day 10: Nature (Roses in my neighborhood in San Diego this past summer)

Pink flowers in bushes

Day 12: Hands (Diane Yu’s hands at Food & Light)

Diane Yu's Hands on blood orange

Day 16: Animals (Cats in Aruba)

White and black cat underneath bench on tile

Black cat in grass and dirt field

Day 21: Where You Sleep

Bed with yellow patterned sheets, silver and white pillows and one fuzzy throw pillow

Day 24: Gratitude

Being Grateful & Thankful



Day 25: Artwork (Skylar’s present to me on Mother’s Day.  Best gift ever.)

Mother's day circle: I love you, God made the flower and the honeybees and He blessed me with a mother who loves and cares for me. Pictures of Skylar in the middle

And her gift to Scott on Father’s Day

Father's day hand sun, you are my sunshine happy father's day picture of skylar in the middle


Have you taken part in any challenges recently?  Any challenges you want to take part in?

Frequently I see people posting fitness challenges, make-over-your-life type challenges with everything from keeping a cleaner house to working out more consistently to dietary challenges such as no sugar or more protein to challenges having to do with becoming a more zen human being.

There’s definitely no shortages of challenges out there.

One of the challenges I gave myself was doing more self-assigned photography projects like this oneMaybe this one counts.

Thanks for the Coffee Giveaway entries, too!


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