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Hi Friends!  I have an appointment I am almost late for so as soon as I hit Publish, I am out the door!  But first, as I teased you about in yesterday’s post when I asked you if you have anything fun planned?  

The answer for me is, yes, I do because I bought our airline tickets for our Aruba vacation this winter!

We go every year for a month and airfare from the west coast (California) to South America or the very Southern Caribbean is very expensive.  And it only goes up after September 1st, as I have learned the hard way in years past. 

So I played with every possible inbound and outbound flight combination and permutation and feel like I scored the best deal possible.  Only took me a few hundreds combos to get it right, no biggie!  Hah!  But when you’re buying 3 tickets, every $100 bucks or $300 bucks per seat saved really adds up.  Fast.

For Newer Readers who Missed My Trip, Enjoy Pictures Here or Here or Here

Skylar looks so little in This Post!  She was a few months shy of her 3rd birthday here.

And Here too she still looks baby-ish at not quite 3 years old.   This year she’ll be almost 4.  My baby will be almost 4.  What?  When did this happen?!

Here was the first time I drank in four years:  My Peach Pina Colada in Aruba

 Talk about breaking a dry spell, huh!  And it was great.

I am so excited for our trip.  Scott and I both work very hard, and we play hard.  We are blessed to go away and in order to do that, Scott works seven days a week for money and I work 3 days a week for money and 7 days a week for free as the domestic engineer around here which is harder work than any paid job.  We don’t take vacations, sick days, or mental health days during the year. We “save up” all year long for our winter trip and can’t wait!   

And for all the creepers or stalkers, there will be people staying in our house in San Diego and there’s nothing here to rob.  We don’t even own a TV!  And I will likely be bringing my Vita-Mix with me.  That leaves the dehydrator here, but there will be people here in our home enjoying the “winter” in San Diego.  For them, that’s still warm and they’re excited to be here. 

From Yesterday…
I’m glad you liked my Summer Memories and Highlights Post

It was great hearing what your favorite memories from your own summer were.  Most of us are shocked that summer’s over and that it went by so fast!

And on the subject of taking breaks from things.  The most popular things you like to take breaks from with are your gym, certain workouts (i.e. yoga, running, etc.) and then pick it back up again, taking breaks from certain friends and also certain foods made the list.   I like breaks too and my 3 weeks or not going my actual gym and time in my home gym helped recharge my batteries and refuel my tolerance tank for grunting sounds in the free weights area at my actual gym…hah!

Dessert Today: Vegan GF Banana Wraps with TruWhip. Agave, & Blueberries

Vegan GF Banana Wraps with Truwhip, Agave, & Blueberries

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1. Do you take any holiday trips or annual trips?  Or repeat trips?
Growing up my family usually went away for the Christmas holidays somewhere warm.  My parents hated cold weather and I was fortunate enough that they would take us somewhere warm for a week over Christmas break.  And in the summers, we’d go to Wisconsin Dells almost every summer.  Hey, when you’re a kid growing up in Minnesota, Wiskey Dells is big time.  Mini golf, go carts, and waterslides are the stuff summer memories as a kid are made of.  That was our nearly annual, repeating trip.

2. Do you have a dream vacation or dream destination?  What would you like to do there?
A few of mine…shopping in Monaco, yoga in India, a massage in Thailand, staying in an overwater bungalow in Bali, Morea, or French Polynesia.  When Skylar’s a little older and 24+ hour flights and day(s) long travel times are more feasible, we will hopefully be globetrotting.   

Then again, we live in San Diego, there is gorgeous weather, the ocean and beach are here, and in 8 hours by car, we have access to amazing sights and places, so even if we don’t globetrot, we can still car-trot.  haha!

3. Running Late
I never used to be late.  I used to be early.  My poor friends like Madeline can tell you I run late these days.  I think it’s because even though Skylar is 3.5 years, I still under-estimate just how long it will take to do get fully ready to be somewhere.  With kids, you really do need to plan and leave the house wayyyy before you think you need to because something always comes up.  Before Skylar, I was early.  Boy, how life has changed.  And with that, I am almost late for my appointment!  Do you run late, early, or right on time?  And if you’re always running late, what, if anything, have you tried to remedy this?

4. Are you a Planner?  Or a Wing It & Whatever person?
Meaning the moment you know you have something on the calendar, you start planning, formulating, strategizing in your mind everything from what you’ll bring, to who’s going to take care of the dog/cat, to what day you’re going to get your hair done so it’s in prime form to what shoe size your kid is going to be months from now and therefore you better buy those summer sandals now before you can’t find them when they go out of season.  I am totally this way! 

There are many things I like to be “whatever” about, and I wing it, but with trips, or bigger things on my calendar, I’m a plannerHow about you? 

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