Aprons & Messy Cooks

I opened the mail after I came in from a run and found this apron waiting for me

It was from Alexia Foods and I received the apron and the coupon because I am a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher

“I Rewite the Recipe Book”.  Actually, I can’t follow a recipe to a T to save my life or even make my own recipes twice.  So yes, that’s true.

Don’t judge the outfit.  10 year old long sleeve running shirt with shorts that don’t match.

And post workout ponytail hair.   Oh well, I’ve blogged and posted pictures from the hair salon with foils in my hair, so my pride is gone anyway.

I have collected quite a few aprons in my blogging career:

A Flirty Apron

A Cherry Apron

An Apron from Katie for Skylar
From This PostFebruary 10, 2010.  Not even 1 year ago and wow, Skylar looks so little!
And I actually have a few more aprons, too!  Quite the stash. Too bad I almost never think to put an apron on.
It would be good to put an apron on when making Dark Chocolate Coconut Snowballs
It can get kind of messy working with chocolate!  Then again, these are just a bowl and a spoon, and the freezer.  No mixer required.  How messy can things get?
This recipe gets messier because of the powdered sugar: Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, aka “Puppy Chow”
I have a whole post of Chocolate Recipes so if you want to get your mess on, check it out!
Glad you liked my Friday Foods and recipes and thanks for filling me in on whether you like to go out to eat, or not.  Any why. Everyone is so different and it’s fun to read about.
I had tons of comments on that post and I really appreciate all my new readers, my existing readers, my readers that have recently de-lurked and are commenting.  It seems like my move to WordPress is making things easier for everyone.  Amen to that!
1. Do you wear aprons?
No, not usually because….see #2
2. Do you consider yourself a messy, neat, or in the middle, type of cook.
I rarely wear aprons probably because I am a neat freak and just don’t make that much of a mess when I’m cooking.  I am the person who stops to do some dishes in the middle of cooking because it annoys me to see dirty dishes all over the countertop!
And in similar fashion, I don’t make much of a mess all over my clothes, which I guess is good.  But it just means I have lots of aprons that I don’t wear much.  I guess I need to get messier, huh!
3. What’s going on for you this weekend?
I’m working, spending time with Scott and Skylar, trying to plan her birthday party, and I will be enjoy this weather.
Mid 70s and sunny with a breeze that’s just enough to make the tall palms sway.
Enjoy your weekend!

54 comments on “Aprons & Messy Cooks”

  1. Those are the cutest aprons ever!!! And those snacks look great.

    I love the new blog design! It did change right?

  2. I am a neat freak, but tend ot make a mess when I am cooking. I should invest in an apron!

  3. Hello Averie,

    Great article, I LOVE APRONS! Congratulations on writing this, and by the way, great good-looking cookies!

    Now to answer your questions… :
    1. Do you wear aprons?
    Yes, I use them because I like them very much.
    2. Do you consider yourself a messy, neat, or in the middle, type of cook.
    Well… I sure am mess, who isn’t? But I always tidy up after, haha, so I am a middle cook let’s say.
    3. What’s going on for you this weekend?
    I’m going to surf, snowboarding and have fun with my friends.

    Best regards,


  4. I absolutely love what you’ve done with the site!! It’s gorgeous, and giiiiiiirl so are you! Slash that puppy chow looks absolutely delicious, send me a jar?!

  5. I don’t wear aprons either and actually, I stop to do dishes and clean while I cook, too! I just feel so much better and more relaxed in a semi-clean kitchen, ha!
    This weekend, I’m going home to my parent’s house they are having a party so that should be fun. Also going to catch up on some work and hot power yoga tomorrow morning and probably the farmer’s market and whole foods – sounds like it’s shaping up to be a good weekend to me :D!

  6. Very cool, I have that same apron from the Foodbuzz blogger fest tasting pavilion. Hehe, love the running outfit, not quite short weather here. I never put them on either which I should because I always stain tops when I get going in the kitchen like a mad women.

    1. Nope, I need to and have that one hanging right in my pantry where I always have to look at it. :-P
    2. Depends, totally messy when I get going experimenting and creating recipes and neat when I’m following recipes or throwing together simple dishes.
    3. Relaxing, running and a basketball game for starter.

  7. Nice blog makeover Averie. Loving the switch over to wordpress. You are gonna love it.

    So glad you reposted the chocolate snowballs, I was only thinking about making them the other day and thought about trying to find them from your huge list of recipes. Thanks for the reminder.

    I have a gazillion aprons myself and only tend to wear them when I am cooking with good clothes on. The other times I find food covers me anyway, especially now I have a belly in the way.

    Oh and I am the MESSIEST cook ever. We have a rule in our house, if you cook, you clean as it’s unfair on the ‘un’ messy cook if they have to clean up after the messy cook. But I do clean up ok ;)

  8. I got a super cute apron from Etsy. Sure beats those long, white ones you get in culinary school. the problem is, the cute aprons are too cute, you dont want to get them dirty!

  9. hahah i never wear aprons, but i cud sure use it because to answer your second question… i am a VERY messy cook… ingredients spread out all over the place, flour, cinnamon and other powders are spilled everywhere.. and i use like 100 dishes just to make one thing.. haha NAHT GOOD

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  13. Ooh, I envy that blue sky and palm tree! Thanks for that little dose of brightness.

    I was given an apron for Christmas and am so glad to have it: I just need to remember to put it on. Yours looks beautiful and I love the legend. How do you get to be a foodbuzz publisher?

    Have a wonderful day, happy party planning!

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  17. Great apron!

    We have 3 aprons, and there is usually one out so that we can use it if need be. For me that means when I’m doing something messy / squirty like peeling oranges, cutting up pineapple, or mixing up a newly opened jar of nut butter – it seems to get everywhere.

    I’m constantly “cleaning as I go” when I’m in the kitchen. If I’m baking something, then I use the time it is baking for washing up the dishes that were used, wiping down the counter, tidying up and getting the cooling rack(s) ready.

    Hoping to get some snowshoeing in after the furnace repair guy is done. It is snowing now and looks so pretty.

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  19. Hey – I got that same apron at the FB Festival!!!!

  20. LOVE the flirty aprons! I don’t own any, but sometimes wish I did. Like when I’m cooking on Christmas Day, say, and I’m in “good” clothes. I’d have to say I’m a neat cook, though. It all goes back to that “A Type” personality again. I take out what I need and put it away as I use it. Can’t stand the clutter! LOL

  21. I never wear my apron either, I have one that a friend painted for me (with one if my favorite quotes “the only way around is through”) and I hang it in the kitchen as art instead of actually using it

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